Hospital Reinier de Graaf is leaving the Reinier Haga Group with immediate effect

The request to leave the group quickly was made by Reinier de Graaf himself. After intensive consultation with lawyers, the request was supported by the Reinier Haga Group. That group was founded in 2013, but has been in a confrontational divorce for years now. The internal quarrels had become so intense that the bosses of … Read more

Old trams are going away, this is the new model that will drive through The Hague

THE HAGUE – They have been driving through The Hague since 1981: the well-known GTL8 trams from HTM. But that era seems to be coming to an end, because HTM has ordered fifty new trams from the Swiss manufacturer Stadler. They should replace the well-known red-beige trams from 2026. The new trams are a lot … Read more

FBI Fugitive Crypto Queen Escapes Bringing Nearly Rp 60 Trillion Money, Due to Leaked Police Report

THE HAGUE, – Ruja Ignatova better known as “fugitives” Crypto QueenHe is believed to have received police information regarding an investigation into the embezzlement of nearly IDR 60 trillion before he finally fled. The 42-year-old Bulgarian-born woman is a fugitive on charges of running a cryptocurrency scam known as OneCoin. Viewed documents BBC European … Read more

Drugs, brass knuckles and knives found in raid on Lustig club in The Hague

THE HAGUE – During a raid on club Lustig in the center of The Hague, the police found drugs, brass knuckles, knives and pepper spray in the night from Friday to Saturday. A 39-year-old man from The Hague has been arrested for possession of several pony packs, bags in which drugs are stored.

Another Hague official suspected of issuing false ID documents

RTV Utrecht In cooperation with Broadcasting West NOS News•Tuesday, 11:33•Amended Tuesday, 11:54 In The Hague, an official has probably again managed to issue false passports, driving licenses and ID cards. The desk clerk (32) was fired and was arrested on Wednesday. The man had been working as a temporary worker at the municipality since March, … Read more

Health Council: shift the schedule of vaccinations for children | The Throw

ANP Productions | Bron: ANP Yesterday at 10:21 the Hague Children should get some vaccinations a little earlier and others a little later. Protection will improve if the schedule of the National Vaccination Program is adjusted, the Health Council advises on Wednesday. The council proposes to shift five of the fourteen injections. For example, the … Read more

Well-known window operator in The Hague stops: ‘I was the bridge for all those girls’

Patricia has been a familiar face in Doubletstraat for more than twenty years, which she says is ‘the nicest prostitution street in the Netherlands’. In that time she has assisted and helped many sex workers. “They didn’t trust the police, nobody at all. I was the bridge between all those girls and the doctor, Spot … Read more

Audio version Groen-Geile Boekie included in Biblebelt: ‘Recording pages cursing with diseases’

Decent people in the Veluwe will probably frown every now and then when Sjaak speaks the basics of the Hague language for pages, cursing with illness. The head office of the studios is located in the middle of the Bible Belt in the town of Ermelo. ‘The outsiders there will indeed have to get used … Read more

Baby escapes flying bullet in nursery: ‘My daughter was sleeping peacefully’

It is Thursday morning between 3.45 and 04:00 when the 42-year-old mother wakes up to a ‘retarded loud bang’, as she puts it herself. Chandeliers hang all over the apartment and the woman thinks one has fallen. She walks around the house on the ground floor, but doesn’t see anything striking so quickly. “It was … Read more

RIVM: ‘Large part of monkeypox infections in Haaglanden’

The first indications of an infection include fever, headache, chills and tiredness. A few days later, a rash with blisters follows, usually first on the face and then to the rest of the body. At a certain point, the blisters become scabs, such as on a wound. The moment the blisters appear, you are contagious … Read more