Last Extinction Rebellion activists in The Hague removed

October 11, 11:20 am • 8 minutes reading time Police clear protesters from intersection © Regio15 THE HAGUE – The climate action group Extinction Rebellion is demonstrating daily in The Hague this week. On Monday at noon, the action group started the first blockades in the vicinity of the House of Representatives and the Koningstunnel. … Read more

The Netherlands is introducing mandatory Covid-19 certificates

From Saturday, in order to attend restaurants, sporting events or cultural events, Dutch residents will be required to present a certificate confirming that they have been vaccinated against Covid-19, have contracted the disease or that they have tested negative for a recent Covid-19 test. The requirement enters into force when the state abolishes the 1.5 … Read more

Woman (24) from The Hague died after being hit in France

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) in France does not want to say anything to Omroep West about the collision. La République du Centre, a French newspaper, reports that the 30-year-old suspect from Orleans has admitted that he had ‘a few drinks’ that evening. Furthermore, according to the newspaper, he stated that he felt something at … Read more

North Holland, South Holland and Flevoland turn red on the …

ANP Thursday, August 26, 2021 at 8:08 PM THE HAGUE In total, three Dutch provinces have a red color on the European corona map that was published on Thursday. These are the provinces of North Holland, Flevoland and South Holland. The other provinces have an orange color on the map. The province of Limburg, which … Read more

A lot is still unclear about the fatal fall from The Hague’s balcony: ‘This does have an impact’

The police can’t say much about how the incident could have happened. “That investigation is still in progress.” Clues in the street seem to indicate that the woman fell very badly. Photos show that the balcony fence has broken down. A traffic sign under the balcony is also bent and the sign is partly broken. … Read more

Experts say this is the solution to horror poller accidents ongelukken

The movable poles in the road surface are now known as ‘horror pollers’. In the past few weeks, 24 motorists hit the pole with their vehicles. Despite warning signs, the drivers had entered the dead end road. ‘Ordinary’ road users see the traffic signs, but do not remember them all. Cees Wildervank explains this in … Read more

Thousands of memorials on the beach of Scheveningen for killed refugees

The memorials were created by volunteers from all over the country. It lists the names of deceased refugees and the place where they died, as far as is known. ‘It looks beautiful and impressive,’ says director Roos Ykema of the MiGreat foundation to by NOS. ‘Almost everyone on the beach comes to have a look … Read more

Officer injured in protest in The Hague is doing well under circumstances | NOW

The officer who was injured on Thursday after a harassment by people who demonstrated against corona measures in The Hague, is doing well under the circumstances, the police reported to on Friday. Images showed that several police officers were kicked or beaten and objects such as water bottles were thrown at them. A total … Read more

OM: Majority of Schilderswijk detainees come from another district or city | NOW

Most of the detainees who were arrested during riots in the Schilderswijk in The Hague during the night from Friday to Saturday, did not come from the neighborhood. They came from other neighborhoods in The Hague or even other cities, such as Rotterdam. There were also rioters from Belgium. The Public Prosecution Service confirmed this … Read more

Emergency order in The Hague due to ongoing unrest in Schilderswijk | NOW

In the night from Thursday to Friday, The Hague Municipality has a emergency order announced for a few streets in the Schilderswijk, due to ongoing unrest in the neighborhood. Just like the day before, young people throw eggs, stones and heavy fireworks at police officers. The police reports to that a few people have … Read more