Hokkaido’s snow scene surprises the North Coast? “Pallet Truck Trapped in Snow” Truth Exposes People Shocked-Social-China Times News Network

“Surprised to see the snow scene on the Binhai Highway of the Second Line of Taiwan?” At 1:00 p.m. today, a trailer truck was loaded with white calcium carbonate powder on the 113-kilometer Gongliao section of the Second Line of Taiwan in Gongliao District, New Taipei City. It was suspected that the goods behind were … Read more

〈Taiwan stock news before the market〉December export orders blacked out four times in a row, fair customers resumed coming to Taiwan to visit factories Today must-see financial news |

Pay attention to the pre-market news of Taiwan stocks. The amount of export orders in December last year was 52.17 billion US dollars, showing four blacks in a row, and the end of the year has been growing for two consecutive years; Started to visit the factory. It is expected that the performance of servo … Read more

[A blessing in disguise]Can a high fever kill cancer cells? 82-year-old uncle with a high fever of 41°C miraculously recovered from terminal cancer – Hong Kong Economic Times – TOPick – Health – Doctor’s Consultation Room

▲ Can high fever kill cancer cells? An 82-year-old uncle suffered from terminal cancer. After being infected with the epidemic, the cancer miraculously improved with a high fever of 41°C. Diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia, high fever can kill cancer cells? An 82-year-old man in mainland China is suffering from terminal gallbladder cancer. The doctor … Read more

Angle: “Toyota Times” also sticks to direct transmission | Reuters

TOKYO (Reuters) – The change of president at a listed company usually takes the form of a press conference. An emergency live news program was broadcast on the owned media “Toyota Times”, and President Akio Toyoda said, “We set up such a place in a hurry in order to properly inform our stakeholders as soon … Read more

Eating ‘this’ several times a week reduces the risk of serious illness by 60%

O weekly consumption of three eggs was associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, points out a study, published in the journal Nutrients, which involved 3042 men and women from Athens, Greece. Read too: Stop eating ‘this’ every day. It is one of the reasons of intestinal pain Researchers found that participants who ate … Read more

Human Freedom Index Taiwan Tops Asia, Global Ranks Sea to China- International- Liberty Times Newsletter

In the Human Freedom Index, Taiwan ranks 14th in the world. (Bloomberg) 2023/02/01 05:53 First post 1/31 23:49Update time 2/1 05:53 [Compilation of Wei Guojin/Taipei Report]American think tank “Cato Institute” (Cato Institute) and Canadian think tank “Fraser Institute” (Fraser Institute) recently released the 2022 Human Freedom Index (HFI). Among the 165 countries in the world, … Read more

Battle for a new fortress. Gen. Skrzypczak: Ukrainians are preparing for hard times

– Our units are still advancing, they have entered the eastern part of Wuhledar. It’s too early to talk about taking control of the city because Ukrainian troops have not been ordered to retreat, Denis Pushylin, head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, was quoted by the Russian TASS news agency. He had already announced … Read more

Losing Three Times in a Row, Madura United FC Coach Resigns

BAGAS REZA MURTI/BOLASPORT.COM Madura United coach, Fabio Lefundes admitted that he was afraid when the police entered the stadium in the match against Persis Solo at the Manahan Stadium, Tuesday (23/8/2022). SUPERBALL.ID – Coach Madura UnitedFabio Araju Lefundes, said he would resign because his team had never won in the last three matches. For your … Read more

Dozed off non-stop, actually stopped breathing 129 times in one hour! Improve the 4 conditions, stay away from the crisis of sudden death without heart disease︱Chen Zhijin Sleep Center Physician 【Good Morning Health】

【🔥The most watched health! The latest hot article TOP 5🔥] Drink coffee to lose weight and protect the liver? The effect of coffee on the whole body can be seen once, so it is healthier to choose! https://www.edh.tw/media_article/1194?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=info Beat super jogging for 20 minutes to burn fat and drop three highs!Lose 24kg a year, reverse … Read more

Pastrňák was three seconds away from the winning goal in the NHL. Mrazek conceded seven times

David Pastrňák gave Boston a 3:2 lead in the NHL on the ice of Florida after an assist by David Krejčí at 59:11, but the home hockey players turned the game around and won 4:3 in overtime. Radko Gudas scored one pass in the winners lineup. Of the Czech goalkeepers, only Petr Mrázek caught from … Read more