Escaped prisoner (27) who has been convicted more than twenty times arrested after major manhunt (Antwerp)

Antwerp, Mechelen – The Antwerp police were able to arrest a 27-year-old from Antwerp on Sunday afternoon after a short but extensive manhunt. The man had escaped from the police station in Noorderlaan an hour earlier during a confidential meeting with his lawyer. He has to serve nine years in prison, including for attempted manslaughter. … Read more

Citizen scientists help discover a gigantic planet hidden in plain sight that is 3 times more massive than Jupiter

Published: 16 ene 2022 21:55 GMT It is located at a distance of 379 light years from Earth and has an orbital period of 261 days. A group of citizen scientists, in collaboration with astronomer Paul Dalba of the University of California, Riverside, public in the Astronomical Journal the finding of a giant gaseous planet … Read more

“Sing the New Year and Build a Dream for the Future” Chinese New Year Chorus Concert, Qindao Philharmonic Choir pays tribute to the times with singing – Peninsula Network

Peninsula All Media reporter Wang Liping Sponsored by Shinan District Culture and Tourism Bureau, Shinan District Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and undertaken by Shinan District Cultural Center and Qindao Musicians Association, the Qindao Philharmonic Choir was established and 2022 Chorus Music The concert will be held at Qingdao Concert Hall on January 15th. … Read more

Morocco future world player in hydrogen, according to Financial Times

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has conducted a survey revealing that Morocco is among the countries best placed to become the main producers of hydrogen which will have the power to influence prices, given the support policies and the availability of renewable energies. He made the top 5 alongside Australia, Chile, Saudi Arabia and … Read more

Who will buy Amil? – Money Times

UnitedHealth Group moves to sell control of healthcare operator Amil (Image: Giovana Leal/Money Times) to american UnitedHealth Group (UHG) is negotiating the sale of Amil. For Genial Investimentos, Rede D’Or (RDOR3) e Dasa (DASA3) are identified as potential buyers of the health care provider. Currently, the Amil It has 18 hospitals, 2,700 beds and more … Read more

[US stocks close]Bank stocks are weak, the Dow fell 201 points, and the Nasdaq index is stable (continuously updated) – Hong Kong Economic Times – Instant News Channel – Instant Finance – Stock Market

U.S. stocks ushered in a performance period for bank stocks, and the profits of major banks in the last quarter generally beat expectations, but stock prices were under pressure on Friday. At the same time, the market’s concerns about raising interest rates have increased. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and other Fed officials have become … Read more

Set a new record, the sun made in China is claimed to be 5 times hotter than the original – Sun artificial China again set a new record after heating one round of plasma. The artificial sun is claimed to be able to heat temperatures up to five times hotter than hot Sun us for more than 17 minutes. In fact, the actual core temperature of the sun is only about 15 million … Read more

Covid is 4 times more deadly for babies in late pregnancy

Terrible! Covid is 4 times more deadly for babies at that stage According to the research conducted by Edinburgh University scientists on pregnant women, the time of transmission of the Covid-19 virus plays an important role in the health of babies. Researchers analyzed data from 11-month observations of 87,000 pregnant women in Scotland from December … Read more

[Health Value Added]Has a cough and runny nose been recruited? There is a way to handle the new coronavirus and colds separately! – Hong Kong Economic Times- Financial Management- Personal Value Added

The new coronavirus variant Omicron spreads rapidly around the world. Since the symptoms include cough and runny nose, how to distinguish whether it is infected with Omicron or a common cold? Judging from the current situation, although the new coronavirus variant Omicron has strong infectivity, the condition after infection is not as serious as other … Read more

Those who have had mononucleosis are 32 times more likely to develop MS

Glandular fever is also called kissing disease or kissing disease, the infection often occurs through saliva. — © AP People who had mononucleosis are 32 times more likely to develop MS, research shows. “It is very important to study this further,” says MS specialist Piet Stinissen of Hasselt University. “The exact cause of MS remains … Read more