Abramovich has invited Guardiola to host Chelsea 6 times, but the team culture is not recognized_Guardiola

Original title: Abramovich has invited Guashuai to host Chelsea 6 times and was rejected. Team culture is not recognized Compared with Liu Bei’s three visits to the cottage, Abramovich’s courtesy corporal is even more touching. According to the “Mirror” news, Abramovich has invited Guardiola to be the Chelsea coach six times, but he still received … Read more

It cut off the broadcast 100 times … Image aiding referee anger Tehran

It seems that the Iranian authorities have not yet accepted the presence of female referees in sportswear in international football stadiums. PTehran, which for years has been banning women from entering stadiumsAnd there are still many restrictions imposed on Iranian women participating in international sports competitions. A few days ago, I was disturbed by the … Read more

SIC Notícias | Clot risk up to 10 times higher in covid patients than after AstraZeneca vaccine

An investigation by the University of Oxford, which developed the AstraZeneca vaccine in partnership with the pharmaceutical company, ensures that the risk of blood clots is eight to 10 times higher after covid-19 infection than after the AstraZeneca vaccine is administered. According to the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, the team of scientists explained that adverse … Read more

Lawyer: Kudel’s English is extremely poor, Kamara changed his statement four times

Slavic defender Ondřej Kúdely’s lawyer René Ciencialo described the main pillars of his defense in the DVTV broadcast. In addition to Kudel’s extremely poor English, the lawyer also disputes the different versions that Rangers midfielder Glen Kamara came up with. See why Cienciala is sure that his client did not commit racist insults, in a … Read more

Up to 10 times higher risk of brain thrombosis with Covid-19 than after vaccination

The risk of brain thrombosis is much higher with Covid-19 than with vaccines against the infection, British scientists said, quoted by Reuters. Cases of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis have been reported in association with coronavirus vaccines from AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson. On Wednesday, the United States stopped immunizations with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine … Read more

Silvia Pinal in front of Frida Sofía’s accusation: “I am there for you at all times” MEXICO USA USA UNITED STATES NNDC | SHOWS

Updated on 04/14/2021 03:32 pm Frida Sofía continues to generate different reactions after accusing her grandfather Enrique Guzmán of undue touching when she was a five-year-old girl. One of the last to show up was her grandmother Silvia Pinal. Through a press release issued by Gustavo de Anda, her press coordinator, the iconic actress spoke … Read more

The shortage of GeForce will be all year round, sales from the crypt have increased 3 times

Source: Nvidia Laptops used in China to mine cryptocurrencies Source: BTCer / Weibo Laptops used in China to mine cryptocurrencies 2 Source: BTCer / Weibo Laptops used in China to mine cryptocurrencies 4 Source: BTCer / Weibo Laptops used in China to mine cryptocurrencies 3 Source: BTCer / Weibo Unfortunately, it looks like the availability … Read more

Referee woman and in shorts. Television has interrupted Premier League broadcasts a hundred times

During Sunday’s Premier League match between Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United, the Iranian state channel repeatedly interrupted the game and replaced the match with footage from around Tottenham Stadium and the back streets of North London. The broadcast of the football match was to be interrupted at least a hundred times. According to the human … Read more

A name fit for this league, good times will come for him

Sports Director of Lazio Igli Tarefailing to deliver the desired performance in the team Vedat MuriqiStating that they trust in, “We sincerely believe that he will be able to express himself in the best way possible” said. At the beginning of the season, the club’s sports director Igli Tare made important statements for Vedat Muriqi, … Read more

Central City: Parents who have suspended classes due to enterovirus can ask for family care leave-Life-Free Times Newsletter

According to the Labor Bureau, if children are suspended from school or nursery due to enterovirus infection, parents can take family care leave. (Provided by the Labour Office) 2016/05/11 18:28 [Reporter Su Jinfeng / Taichung Report]The Taichung City Labor Bureau stated that if children are suspended from school or care due to enterovirus, parents can … Read more