The United States talks about “decoupling” with China, but the trade volume with China may reach a new high | Blog post

December 07, 2022 14:28 Last Updated: 15:03 Nearly six years after the U.S. started the trade war, 2022 may be a record year for Sino-U.S. trade volume—not only will U.S. imports from China exceed any year in history, U.S. exports to China will also set a new record historical record. The U.S. releases trade data … Read more

Czechs bought 3.3 billion crowns worth of bitcoins this year. But the volume of business is falling

“The end of the FTX exchange and the investigation of the Xixoio token project in the Czech environment did not help businesses much. However, the low price increased the share of speculative purchases, which, however, did not offset the decrease compared to October in terms of volume,” said founder Martin Stránský. Virtually the entire … Read more

[Sports Column/Li Yishen]The Lakers do not need and will not trade “Turtle” Russell Westbrook

Los Angeles Lakers duo Anthony Davis high fives LeBron James. (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images) The Lakers have won two consecutive away games. They first defeated the Bucks and then slaughtered the Wizards. They have won three consecutive victories recently. In the past 10 games, they have 8 wins and 2 losses. It’s not like … Read more

Confidence in cash revives after the massive crash of banking applications

Davivienda and Bancolombia they have had recurring massive outages in their systems during payroll days that affect transactions and withdrawals from Colombians. Last Thursday, December 1, was no exception, which has made the discontent among users greater and revived interest in cash. For much of Thursday, the entire Davivienda platform was down, the ATMs did … Read more

Most Popular: 172 Syrup Drugs Declared Safe by BPOM, Trade Minister’s Promise on Oil Prices

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The most popular news on the economic and business channel throughout Saturday, December 3, 2022, starting with a complete list of safe syrup medicines from ethylene glycol and diethylene glycol contamination. BPOM announced that there are 172 syrup drugs that can be consumed. Next news about investment in IKN. A number of … Read more

Marcel on Imacec: “The Chilean economy is being more resilient than many have expected” | Economy

The Central Bank published the Monthly Index of Economic Activity (Imacec) corresponding to October, which indicates a fall of 1.2% in 12 months for all sectors and of slightly more than 1.8% for non-mining sectors. Minister Marcel stressed that the figures were above market expectations and mentioned that in the first months of next year … Read more