France calls nineteen regions ‘red zone’, possibly stricter travel advice | NOW

France has designated nineteen new regions as so-called red zones due to the increasing number of corona infections. Previously, Bouches-du-Rhône and the Paris area had already turned red, giving local authorities the freedom to take additional measures. Bordeaux, Toulouse and Lyon are some of the major cities affected. The entire southern coast of the Mediterranean … Read more

Why drifting Spain and five French regions received negative travel advice | NOW

For the second time in nine days, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has tightened up travel advice for France and Spain. Holiday trips to the latter country, which was already largely colored orange, are now completely discouraged. It is now also recommended to avoid more regions in the south and center of France. How serious … Read more

As the “red list” of Covid-19 countries expands, it is called not to travel outside the Baltic States – in Latvia

As the “red list” of Covid-19 countries expands, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) calls on Latvian citizens not to travel outside the Baltic States. As the Ministry’s press secretary Jānis Beķeris informed LETA, there are not many countries where only standard precautionary measures must be observed. After returning from abroad, 14 days of self-isolation … Read more

The situation in Spain is deteriorating. There is a threat of the return of strict quarantine – ČT24 – Czech Television

New cases of coronavirus infection are increasing in the two areas mentioned above, yet Spain is the country with the fastest increase in the number of patients per capita. People fear that the situation will be even worse than in the spring, when the first wave of the epidemic hit the country. In the past … Read more

“The sea took our travel companion away”

Two days of uninterrupted research, but no news of Pallina. The little greyhound of Andrea Bocelli he disappeared in Sardinia, where the tenor is on vacation, most likely swallowed by the sea. Saturday the artist’s social appeal, who invited anyone with news to contact him, but nothing to do. After less than 48 hours the … Read more

This website tells you if you can travel between two places and what restrictions derived from the pandemic affect you

Covid Entry Check is a website that promises to provide us the latest information on entry or exit requirements for a country in the midst of this global pandemic. If we can travel, if we must quarantine … and more.

Because in addition to providing us with the most essential information, this portal developed by it also provides us with relevant risk levels with information such as the new cases of covid-19 detected and the active cases during the last week both at the origin and at the destination.

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They cannot download a travel voucher. Reason? There is no bookmark. More and more complaints

Theoretically, the vouchers are issued by the Social Insurance Institution, in practice the entire operation requires the involvement of other entities. The list of people receiving 500+ benefits was made available to ZUS by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. Our information shows that it is incomplete and contains many errors. As a result, … Read more

When returning from Spain, a test or quarantine will be mandatory, the ministry confirmed – ČT24 – Czech Television

From European countries, the Ministry also continues to assess Romania as risky. Immediately after returning from these countries, tourists must report by telephone to the regional hygienic station appropriate to their place of residence. They must then take a covid-19 test, which they will pay for themselves, and notify the hygienists of the result no … Read more

Coronavirus in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes: beware of travel returns

The number of positive cases for Covid-19 is increasing in the region, while the number of people tested remains stable, which “testifies to a real increase in the transmission of the virus”, according to the Regional Health Agency. The Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region is no exception. As in the rest of the country, there is a … Read more