singer Kizz Daniel arrested in Tanzania – La Nouvelle Tribune

He’s one of the biggest Afrobeat stars in the world. with his compatriots, Davido, Burna Boy, Wizkid to quote only those, Kizz Daniel is a star among stars. In Tanzania for a few days for benefits he has just been arrested at the latest news. The singer and composer Oluwatobiloba Danielalias Kizz Danielwas reportedly arrested … Read more

Tips for not letting your smartphone ruin your vacation

Instagram feed that we scroll for hours, photos that we frame and reframe, notifications of conversations between friends… Sometimes it’s hard to unplug everything during the summer holidays. The advice of a psychologist to unplug the weather of a summer, and not to let your smartphone ruin your holidays. Determine vacation intent “You first have … Read more

Artificial intelligence and tourism, a promising association!

The adoption of artificial intelligence has now become an opportunity for the tourism industry: optimization of brand-consumer exchanges, personalized products and services,… in short, a new era for customer relationship management! Who nowadays hasn’t heard of a magic technology that hasn’t stopped giving good harvests in different industries just for adopting it! Well it is … Read more

Tragic death of Brazilian bodybuilder Valdir Segato, nicknamed “Hulk” at 55 – La Nouvelle Tribune

Valdir Segatothe Brazilian bodybuilder nicknamed “Hulk” is not anymore. He passed away on Tuesday August 02, 2022 at the age of 55. He was a bodybuilding enthusiast who had got into the habit of injecting Synthol to build muscle. A very dangerous act of which he was however aware and with which they seduce his … Read more

JakPro Replaces JIS Tribune Guardrail Construction Collapses Using Full Concrete

Jakarta – PT Jakarta Propertindo (JakPro) explained regarding the repair of the grandstand guardrail in the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) which had collapsed some time ago. JakPro has dismantled and strengthened the construction with concrete materials. “What has been a lesson for us in the field, we have done reinforcements, so all the railings below … Read more

Exhibition: Art through photographic brushes

The gallery of the French Institute of El Jadida (IFJ) lived Friday 22/07/2022 to the rhythm of the opening of a collective exhibition, organized under the theme “A utopian dream by a photographic brush”, artists Abdelkader Baddou and Youssef Belhamdounia. “We are delighted this evening with this whole panoply of magnificent portraits by Abdelkader Baddou … Read more

murder of rapper JayDaYoungan a month after his release from prison – La Nouvelle Tribune

Just weeks after his release from prison, the young rapper JayDaYoungan was shot outside his home in Louisiana. The tragedy would have occurred in the evening of this Wednesday. According to the details provided by the American platform TMZ, he was initially admitted to the hospital before his death. He reportedly lost a lot of … Read more

A patient has been controlling HIV without drugs for 15 years in Spain – La Nouvelle Tribune

A patient from Barcelona has been controlling the HIV without any medication, says a statement released on Wednesday by l’Hospital Clinic from Barcelona. It is, according to the establishment, a “unique case of recovery“. “After stopping antiretroviral therapy […] the virus has been under total control for more than fifteen years and without any treatment.” … Read more

Videos under 15 minutes now shared as Reels

Instagram announced on July 21 that new video posts under 15 minutes will now be shared as reels. Videos posted before this change will remain videos and will not become reels. The company started testing this change a few weeks ago. Instagram explains that the change is part of the company’s effort to provide a … Read more

JIS East Tribune Border Fence Collapses During Inauguration

Jakarta – The audience barrier in the north tribune collapsed during the grand launching of the Jakarta International Stadium on Sunday, July 24, 2022 yesterday. This incident occurred during the performance of the musical group Kotak, at around 17.00 West Indonesia Time. The cause of the guardrail collapsing was because a number of spectators initially … Read more