“Racing Point received wind tunnel model and showcar from Mercedes”

“You can’t build a car from photos”, says Colin Kolles, the former team boss of Jordan and Midland, predecessors of Racing Point, and more. Sport 1. “It’s not just about the brake ducts, but about the whole concept of the car.” Kolles understands that Racing Point has indeed received a push from Mercedes itself, but … Read more

Delays of up to 2 hours at the Kennedy tunnel due to Oosterweel works

Until Monday, two bridges over the E17 will be demolished and diversions have to be followed. Traffic jams were expected and there are. This morning it is already up to two hours in the direction of the Kennedy tunnel. “The first morning with such a yard is always difficult, people literally find their way, but … Read more

The accident that closed the Bolu Mountain Tunnel!

Accident, HAS Highway Bolu occurred in Düzce province border. According to the information received, 16 ACS 504 plate cars under the administration of İdris E. on the way from Ankara to Istanbul and Onur Ç. 34 DDA 194 cars under his administration, 58 FZ 152 plate cars under the direction of Güven D. and 34 … Read more

In video | Massive commercial reopening in downtown Barranquilla

Since this Thursday, the non-essential commerce of the North Historical Center of Barranquilla opened its doors to its clients who had been without this service for more than two months. “This is like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel,” said Dora Reyes, manager of the Outlet Store Al 50%, after expressing her … Read more

Tunnel: Six kilometers of traffic jams in front of the Gotthard!

Woke up early and still in a traffic jam! Those who wanted to go south needed patience on Saturday morning. In front of the north portal of Gotthard-Strassen, the vehicles were temporarily up to six kilometers on Saturday morning. This meant a wait of up to an hour, as the TCS reported traffic information on … Read more

Las Vegas gets an underground tunnel network for Teslas

(Image: The Boring Company) Elon Musk has the subway reinvented. In Las Vegas, his company The Boring Company is building an underground tunnel network that offers public transport by Tesla. The plan for the tunnels had been in place for some time, now the details are also known. The Boring Company writes on its website … Read more

Tunnel network for autonomous vehicles in Las Vegas uses Tesla S, 3 and X – Image and sound – News

The Loop tunnel network for underground transportation, which The Boring Company in Las Vegas is working on, will use existing Tesla cars. The company states on its website that the Tesla Model S, 3 and X are used and that they will reach up to 240 km / h. The Boring Company writes on his … Read more

Hours of nuisance expected in Kennedy tunnel after accident with truck …

In the Antwerp Kennedy tunnel, two of the three lanes towards the Netherlands were blocked by an accident with trucks on Tuesday afternoon. That says the Flemish Traffic Center. There would be no injuries, but two trucks have to be towed and that will be a long-term job given the conditions in the tunnel. The … Read more