I believe that “Kunlun Shrine” will rekindle your enthusiasm for “Insect Valley of Yunnan”_TOM Entertainment

After “Yunnan Insect Valley” (hereinafter referred to as “Insect Valley”), “Insect Valley”Kunlun Shrine“finally come. Some people were disappointed with last year’s “Insect Valley”, believe me, after watching “Kunlun Shrine”, I guess you still want to brush up on “Insect Valley” to sort out the character lines and some missed clues and details. This year, the … Read more

The 2nd Ao Laiwu International TV Festival Jin Xuan Award announced that “Meritorious” won the best Chinese drama_TV_Tan Zhuo_Zheng Xiaolong

Original title: The 2nd Macao Laiwu International TV Festival Jin Xuan Award announced that “Meritorious” won the best Chinese drama series Sohu Entertainment News (Zhuang Zixiu/Text) On August 28, the winners of the Golden Xuan Awards of the 2nd Macao Laiwu International TV Festival were released in Macao. Due to the epidemic, the award-winning guests … Read more

Wang Yuwen’s new drama “The Coward” was launched, and the highly restored characters were well received jqknews

On August 8, produced by Ningmeng Pictures, co-produced by Youku, written by Zheng Zhi, directed by Zhang Xiaobo, starring Ou Hao and Wang Yanhui, and starring Wang Yuwen and others.coward“Officially aired.The play is adapted from Zheng Zhi’s original work.novel《Swallow raw“, once it was broadcast, it caused a heated discussion among the audience, among which Huang … Read more

Digging and Inheriting the Excellent Tradition “Agarwood Like Crumbs” Shows the Beauty of Chinese Culture_TOM Entertainment

The emergence of “phenomenal” TV dramas will definitely set off a nationwide carnival storm on social media. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the aesthetic level of film and television, the audience’s definition and understanding of “phenomenal” has also emerged. The obvious change, in addition to continuing the high requirements for the brilliance … Read more

“Happiness to Ten Thousand Homes” Zhao Liying “has a temper” is “more radiant”-Hong Kong Bauhinia Net

Original title: In “Happiness to Ten Thousand Homes”, the “tempered” Zhao Liying is “more radiant” The reality-themed TV series “Happiness to Ten Thousand Homes” released the trailer of “He Happily Ever After” and the poster of “Welcome to the Dawn with a Smile”, and officially announced that it will be released on platforms such as … Read more