Leicester plays with the promotion to the Champions League, losing at home to the troubled Newcastle

The Leicester footballers lost in the English league at home to the rescuing Newcastle 2: 4 and their promotion to the Champions League may be in jeopardy. They have a five-point lead over the fifth West Ham, but the London team is still waiting for the match of the 35th round. In the 22nd minute, … Read more

The Premier League Civil War!UEFA Champions League final match against Manchester City VS Chelsea

Original title: Premier League Civil War!UEFA Champions League final match against Manchester City VS Chelsea In the early morning of May 6, Beijing time, Chelsea defeated Real Madrid 2-0 at home with Werner and Mount goals, eliminated the Galaxy 3-1 and advanced to the final. In the previous Champions League semi-final between Manchester City and … Read more

Clumsy, evaluates Souček’s foul in England. Coufala praises the excellent pace for the pace

West Ham takes three important points from the dreaded Turf Moor Stadium. “The boys have shown that we will not let ourselves be pushed by force. The opponent did not ‘burn’ us. Our football was great, as was our character,” said coach David Moyes, referring to Burnley’s unpleasant style. The Hammers won 2: 1 and … Read more

Many fans flocked to Manchester United’s home stadium to protest the double red club or delay kick-off.

Original title: Many fans flocked to Manchester United’s home stadium to protest the Double Reds or delay kick-off At 23:30 on May 2nd, Beijing time, Manchester United will play Liverpool at home. Before the game, many fans poured into Old Trafford to protest. It is reported that it is estimated that about 10,000 fans gathered … Read more

FC Barcelona offers Messi … life after life | Football

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The head of the Real Super League still believes. Either we do something or we go bankrupt, he admitted problems

Following pressure from fans and players, the English and Italian teams announced their departure from the planned super league, which they were also founding a week ago. But the Spanish big clubs Barcelona and Real Madrid still have hopes for the project. They both hang over the financial gap. “The Super League project is not … Read more

No one has left the superliga, according to President Real. Barcelona supported him

Real Madrid President Florentino Pérez has said that the football super league is not canceled, but only postponed. According to him, the representatives of the competition are ready to negotiate the necessary changes after overwhelming criticism. The project is also supported by the head of Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta. “No one has left. We are still … Read more

Piqué pissed the tennis players off again. Football is for fans, says the man who killed the Davis Cup

He may have thought that everything had been forgotten, but a single sentence reminded him of how “popular” he was with the tennis community. Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué opposed the football super league project, while himself behind a similarly controversial revolution in the traditional Davis Cup. Although his club was part of a planned project, … Read more

Liverpool fight for four hands and hold two major advantages, and the remaining 6 rounds still need to win 4 games

Original title: Liverpool fight for four hands and hold two advantages At the end of the season, the Premier League champions are no longer in suspense. It is only a matter of time before Manchester City is crowned, while Manchester United, which ranks second, basically locks a seat in the Champions League. This season, the … Read more

The UEFA Champions League collapsed within two days of its creation, how did they anger everyone | Champions League_sina news

Original title: The UEFA Champions League collapsed two days after its creation. How did they anger everyone? In just one night, the top 12 of the European Super League fell apart… After the six Premier League teams have announced their withdrawal, the Milan duo of Serie A and La Liga Barcelona and Atletico are also … Read more