The forerunner of the plane shot down over eastern Ukraine was restored from the wreckage

In 2014, a forefront that crashed over a passenger liner crashed over eastern Ukraine was restored on a metal skeleton at the Gilze-Reien Air Force Base in the Netherlands. The crash that killed all 298 aircraft “Boeing 777“Three Russian citizens and a Ukrainian are being tried. The lawsuit over legal disputes, which began last March, … Read more

An explosion thundered at the Odessa oil refinery: Ukraine: Former USSR:

An explosion thundered at the Odessa oil refinery, after which electricity was lost in the Shkodova Gora microdistrict. Video recording of the incident was published in YouTube. According to, local residents heard an explosion at midnight. After that, in the area of ​​the electrical substation, which is located on the territory of the plant, … Read more

Iranian missile horror hits Ukrainian plane revealed from black box

Ukraine – Ukraine International Airlines plane black box shot down by Iran reveals the horror of the incident. Analysis black box it shows that the two missiles hit the passenger plane in a time difference of 25 seconds. It also stated that there were indications that the passengers were still alive after the first missile … Read more

After a divorce from his missing wife, Pavel Paur claims: “He lives in Ukraine!”

“I want them to find her. Whether alive or dead. I want them to find her and it’s all over. Just so everyone knows what happened and the uncertainty and slander ends. Some people look at me like a murderer. But here “They didn’t find anything. Because he’s not here,” Paur told the aforementioned website. … Read more

European Union does not want to convert country into a “second Ukraine” – Jornal Económico

In an interview published today in the Spanish daily El País, the European Union (EU) High Representative for Foreign Policy said that Brussels “has no intention of converting Belarus into a second Ukraine”, referring to the conflict with Russia after the annexation of Crimea in 2014. The EU rejected the result of the August 9 … Read more

The European Union did not want the fate of Ukraine for Belarus: Politics: World:

French President Emmanuel Macron said that the European Union does not want the fate of Ukraine in Belarus in terms of resolving the political crisis. Reported by TASS. According to Macron, the European Union is interested in a democratic transition period in Belarus. The French leader also said that the Russian president reacted positively to … Read more

Will Putin militarily support Lukashenko? – Opinions – News

Instability in Belarus continues and the people continue to protest against the Lukashenko regime. What does this mean for the country and what could be the reaction of neighboring Russia? About it in the show “The world in your pocket” We discussed with Artūrs Bikovs, a researcher at the Latvian Institute of Foreign Policy, and … Read more

Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine call on Belarus not to force protesters against force and offer mediation in dialogue / Day

The three countries, which agreed to form a “Lublin triangle” for closer cooperation at the end of July, have expressed concern about the escalation of the situation in Belarus after Sunday’s presidential election and called on the country’s authorities “to stop using force and release all those detained yesterday”. Ministers emphasized the importance of human … Read more

Coronavirus in Ukraine. Quarantine for people coming from Poland to Ukraine

Quarantine will not cover, inter alia, people who transit Ukraine for no more than 48 hours, drivers and crew members of trucks, air and sea crews, river ships, members of train and locomotive crews and bus drivers with regular connections, and children under 12 years of age. >>> Check the latest data on the range … Read more