Ukraine latest news. Sources, the EU will train 30,000 Ukrainian soldiers, including tank crews

ServiceEuropa Media: US prepares more than 2 billion dollars in military aid for Ukraine, including long-range rockets for the first time. But Ukraine insists on getting at least 200 Western fighter jets to protect its skies. Moscow: this is how the escalation worsens. Kiev denounces: “The Russians are razing Bakhmut to the ground, he is … Read more

They offer two combat drones to Ukraine for $1

The American arms manufacturer “General Atomics” (General Atomics Aeronautical Systems) offers the Ukrainian government to purchased two MQ-9 Reaper combat drones for the symbolic sum of one dollar. This was reported in the “Wall Street Journal” (WSJ). In this way, the concern intends to help the Ukrainian military repel a new major Russian offensive. The … Read more

Prime Minister of Ukraine: The EU-Ukraine summit will take place in Kyiv on Friday

“The Ukraine-EU summit will take place in Kyiv on February 3,” Denys Shmyhalis said at the government meeting, calling this meeting “extremely important” for Kyiv’s aspiration to join the European bloc. “The fact that this summit will take place in Kyiv is a powerful signal to both partners and enemies,” said the official, whose country … Read more

Ukrainian refugees mainly working in trade, transport and catering | Economy

Door onze economieredactie 01 feb 2023 om 00:00 Almost half of the 65,000 Ukrainian refugees between the ages of 15 and 65 who stayed in the Netherlands on November 1 last year had paid work. On July 1, that was still 35 percent, Statistics Netherlands reports Wednesday. Ukrainian refugees who came to the Netherlands after … Read more

China Learns from Putin’s War in Ukraine

loading… NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Photo/Japan Times TOKYO – Secretary General (Secretary General) NATO Jens Stoltenberg said China closely watched the war Russia in Ukraine and learn lessons that may influence his future decisions. He emphasized warnings about China’s behavior including its threats against Taiwan. “If President Putin wins in Ukraine, it will send … Read more

Lavrov: Ukraine poses a threat to Russia

The Russian armed forces in Ukraine are doing everything to prevent Western plans from burning in this country, he said on Tuesday. S. Lavrov criticized the discussions about the ever-increasing amount and heavier weapons for Ukraine. “We are taking the necessary measures to prevent Ukraine from becoming an even greater threat to our security,” S. … Read more

Putin’s journalist was raped in Ukraine. Kadyrov’s nephew was supposed to be among the attackers

Chechen fighters were supposed to have raped Russian pro-regime journalist Olga Zenkova in Ukraine, who was filming a propaganda report in occupied Melitopol. Allegedly, among them was the nephew of their leader Ramzan Kadyrov, a great ally of Vladimir Putin. A letter from the management of the Russian television NTV addressed to the authorities, in … Read more

Ukraine Says Iran’s Missiles Can’t Fight Russia

Jakarta – Ukraine said its troops would not be able to counter Russian attacks using Iranian-made ballistic missiles. This was conveyed directly by the air force Ukraine. Reported by CNN, Tuesday (31/1/2023) the warning comes as Moscow is expected to receive supplies of ballistic missiles made by Tehran. “Russia is still willing to accept UAVs … Read more

War in Ukraine. US auditors are in Kiev due to reports of corruption

The Americans sent their experts to Kiev, to check how American military and financial aid is being implemented. This information was confirmed a few days ago by the Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland, according to the OSW analysis. Analysts point out that this is another US step of this type. Earlier, an … Read more

Ukraine confirms it will receive up to 140 tanks that can revolutionize and end the war – News

A Ukraine will receive “between 120 and 140” heavy tanks, said this Tuesday (31) the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dmytro Kuleba, a few days after the Western allies agreed to transfer these vehicles. They are mainly Leopard 2 tanks, manufactured by Germany and widely used by European countries, and other models. These vehicles are more … Read more