Tonga: tsunami after the eruption of a volcano, the United States, Chile and Japan on alert | TV5MONDE

An underwater volcano has woken up in Tonga. The eruption lasted eight minutes and was heard from hundreds of miles away. The eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano has put the United States, Chile and Japan on tsunami alert. The volcano is on one of the uninhabited islands of Tonga, about 65 km from … Read more

Surprise … Ronaldo is considering leaving Manchester United!

The English newspaper “Daily Star” reported that Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo is considering leaving Manchester United during the summer transfer market, due to the recent Brentford match. Ronaldo was angry at his team Manchester United’s match against its host Brentford (3-1), which brought them together last Wednesday evening, and was postponed from the 17th round … Read more

Premier League Manchester United 1:0 Westham Manchester City 1:1 Southampton Sports·6 hours ago Shaka’s yellow card is under investigation for gambling [Now Sports]”Foul King” Galeshaka’s yellow card in the game is not surprising at all, but unexpectedly, his yellow card seems abnormal due to the peripheral bet. What attracted the attention of the English Football Association was Arsenal’s 4-1 victory over Leeds United on … Read more

Rashford’s lore to help Manchester United take a three-pointer and tweeted:Ferguson time_match_Cavani_Chaler

Original title: Rashford lore to help Manchester United take the three-point game and tweeted: Ferguson time Lore! United beat West Ham 1-0 in the final countdown thanks to a Rashford goal. This season, Rashford has not played many times due to injuries and has only scored 4 goals, but this goal against West Ham can … Read more

East Java Entrepreneur Who Had Recorded MURI Becomes Madura United Manager

Madura United Zainal Hudha Purnama appointed as manager of Madura United BOLASPORT.COM – Madura United officially appointed Zainal Hudha Purnama to be the team manager replacing Rahmad Darmawan. Zainal Hudha Purnama will be the manager Madura United from League 1 2021/2022 on Wednesday (19/1/2022). Zainal Hudha Purnama is a young entrepreneur from East Java who … Read more

The United States has accused four Belarusians of air piracy

US prosecutors have accused four Belarusian government officials of air piracy over the forced landing of a Ryanair plane last year to arrest opposition journalist Roman Protasevic, Politico reports. Officials lied that there was a bomb on board the plane. “The defendants violated safety standards by diverting a plane to suppress dissent and freedom of … Read more

Is the United States ready to recognize Russia’s right to influence?

If so, NATO’s unrest over Putin’s alleged invasion of Ukraine could only be a smokescreen There has been a dramatic de-escalation of Washington’s reactions to “Russian aggression” from Crimea in 2014 to Kazakhstan in 2022. My optimistic assessment of the Biden-Putin meeting in Geneva in June seemed, at first glance, refuted by the events of … Read more

Madura United Announces New Manager

The Madura United manager’s seat is no longer vacant. The management of Laskar Sape Kerrab appointed a young entrepreneur Zainal Hudha Purnama to occupy the position. Previously, this position was held by Rahmad Darmawan, who was also the coach of Madura United. However, the 55-year-old man decided to resign. Editor’s Choice Zainal, who has also … Read more

Ronaldo threatened to leave Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo may leave Manchester United this summer, less than a year after his dramatic return to Old Trafford. According to the British media, the representatives of the Portuguese star have already expressed their concerns about the decline in the form of the club to the incoming CEO of the United Richard Arnold. Ronaldo has … Read more