GUNKUL draws 4 partners from the United States to support the penetration into the cannabis processed product market : InfoQuest

stock news6 Dec. 22 9:50 a.m.2022-12-06 Mr. Pongsakorn Damnoen Chief Operating Officer Power and Hemp Business Division Gunkul Engineering Public Company Limited (GUNKUL) as a partner of THCG Group Co., Ltd. (THCG) revealed that THCG has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) ) with four US companies: Sunderstorm Incorporated (Kanha), a company known for its … Read more

The United States’ Most Advanced Bomber Jet

loading… The B-21 Raider is the latest generation of digital bomber jets. Photo/usaf WASHINGTON – The United States (US) is a country with the strongest military. Launching Global Firepower, the United States ranks first in the 2022 Military Strength Ranking with a score of 0.0453. One of the strengths of its defense equipment is the … Read more

Shortly before order: United spurns Airbus A350 and buys more Boeing 787

The American airline wants to replace old jets. The Airbus A350 and the Boeing 787 were in the running. Now United is apparently choosing the Dreamliner. The planes are already of a respectable age. The average age of United’s Boeing 767-300 ER is 25.9 years. The Boeing 777-200 is 24.5 years old, the Boeing 767-400 … Read more

Prime Video leads OTT video services in the United States

Parks Associates has released its updated list of the top 10 subscription-based OTT video services in the United States, with Prime Video taking the top spot, displacing Netflix for the first time in the history of this annual report. The Top 10 US Subscription OTT Video Services is led by Prime Video, with Netflix in … Read more

How united is Ukraine really? The argument between two heroes shows challenges in the elite.

KYIV, UKRAINE (Aftenposten): Winter has come to Ukraine. The measures for the population to survive through the winter are creating complete discord. The sign says “coffee, tea, biscuits”. At this school in Kyiv, residents can provide themselves with it while using the premises’ most important resource: Electricity. Power outages continue to hit the capital. So-called … Read more

Transfer Rumors Recap: AC Milan Signs New Ozil, Man United Brings in a Striker of IDR 1.6 Trillion

Recap of rumors of the transfer market for European teams until Sunday (04/12/22), starting from AC Milan signing The Next Mesut Ozil to Man United getting a striker with fantastic prices. INDOSPORT.COM – The following is a series of recaps of rumors about the transfer market for European teams until Sunday (04/12/22), starting from AC … Read more

The United States is facing the worst wave of bird flu in its history

Since February this year, the H5N1 virus has caused a real disaster in American farms: 52.7 million birds have died. Experts note that even during the summer, when the contagion is lower, it did not lead to the exit from the epidemic, reports Courrier international. The US is going through an unprecedented avian crisis, due … Read more

World Cup round of 16 results: Argentina beats Australia-Netherlands defeats the United States!

updatefootball resultsworld 2022 Saturday night December 3, 2022 Round of 16, which team is boiling? Which pair got hit? resultworld cupLast night, Saturday, all 2 pairs Netherlands 3-1 USA Argentina 2-1 Australia Summarize the situation of the two couples. Argentina secured victory and progressed to the quarter-finals against the Netherlands on Friday night, December 9. … Read more

666. Audi with “satanic” numbers smashed cars, the chase of the suspects united the whole yard

Criminal events strengthen and harden communities. This seemingly paradoxical principle has proven itself once again in Vilnius, in the Baltupiai district, where dozens of residents of one yard had to exchange a peaceful rest after a working day, one Wednesday evening, for a communal investigation of a dangerous crime. One neighbor saw the Audi speeding … Read more