BTS x Coldplay “My Universe” enters YouTube HOT 100 for 17 consecutive weeks jqknews

  China Entertainment Network News On January 26, according to Korean media sources, the song “My Universe” by the men’s group BTS has entered YouTube HOT 100 for 17 consecutive weeks, which once again confirmed the group’s high popularity and strength. According to the report, BTS xColdplay “My Universe” has entered YouTube HOT 100 for … Read more

They recreated the first moments of the universe after the Big Bang and detected 100 rare “X particles”

The Large Hadron Collider at CERN managed to replicate what particles were like in the first moments of the formation of the universe In the first millionths of a second after the Big Bang, the universe was a turbulent plasma of trillion degree quarks and gluons, elementary particles that briefly came together in countless combinations … Read more

Blizzard is working on a survival video game set in a new universe

The title is focused on the PC and console ecosystems, although it has not given more details. Of course, 2022 is being a roller coaster for Blizzard. Just a week ago we knew one of the most notorious purchases in the industry by Microsoft, something that has left many unknowns and theories in the air. … Read more

Physicists recreate the matter of the first moments of the universe and detect 100 rare ‘X particles’

Published: 25 ene 2022 12:06 GMT The test was carried out at the Large Hadron Collider while it was in operation. Physicists continue to process data from experiments carried out at the Large Hadron Collider (on the border between Switzerland and France) while I was in operation and this January they report have obtained evidence … Read more

Haifa Wehbe’s sister (Rola Yamout) does it for the first time and allows her meat on the bed in the most seductive scene on the face of the universe!!

The last two pictures I posted, she appeared in a bikini. The first appeared showing her backside, lying on her bed, as if she permitted her flesh to all God’s creation. The second shows her completely bare feet Rola, who has a high culture, we don’t see anything from her. Can’t you just publish these … Read more

Counting the Number of Black Holes in the Universe

FOR scientists have always believed that the number of black hole there are innumerable in this universe. However, a new study has pinpointed the number. Black hole continues to fascinate astrophysicists everywhere, but researchers have never tried to calculate how many there are in the entire universe. Now researchers believe that once they know how … Read more

Physics can’t explain it! These particles travel through the universe at the speed of light

NewsBulukumba – Physics modern has known existence neutrino However physicist unable to understand it. Neutrinos wade through universe and glide with speed of light even penetrate the human body. This is one particle the most difficult to understand in universe, number two after Theory ultra darkmysterious. Also Read: New study: There are 40 trillion stellar-mass … Read more

The Smallest Star in the Universe, Some the Size of a Planet and Moon!

The smallest stars in the universe that have ever been discovered are very diverse. There are millions of stars in this universe. Every galaxy has its own star. Consisting of various types, the stars also have various sizes. These are some of the smallest types of stars. Know the 3 Smallest Stars in the Universe … Read more

AI essential to explore universe –

Advances in telescopes and cameras result in enormous amounts of data in cosmological research. Classic algorithms are not sufficient to process this flood of data – new approaches are required here. AI can help analyze the data collected and open up new insights into the laws of nature and the universe. A press release from … Read more

Over 40 Trillion Black Holes Are In The Observable Universe, New Estimate Found – The savanna biome is meadows scattered with bushes and trees. Typically, a savanna biome can be found between a tropical rain forest and a desert biome. This makes the savanna also known as the tropical prairie. The savanna biome has warm temperatures all year round. Actually, the savanna has two seasons, namely a … Read more