Universal tarot for everyone – Know the universe with the stars

One of the most recommended esoteric services is that of universal tarot, since, through this, people manage to connect with the universe and the stars, and thus obtain great wonders. Luna Vila and Elena seer: Esmeralda Llanos and Omitie: But, Who provides this service? This medium is offered by the most powerful clairvoyants and tarot … Read more

Consuelo Hidalgo Roca: A world without art | Columnists | Opinion

Imagine a world where there are no bookstores, much less publishers. Automated cities without movie theaters, or museums, or libraries. Streets without posters inviting the theater, squares without urban art. Apartments without pictures or paintings, without crafts or sculptures; weekends without concerts or the opportunity to see movies. Imagine a world without illustrations or literary … Read more

Bungie has some unannounced projects outside of the Destiny 2 universe and they are promising CEO announces

Bungie it is a study that needs little presentation. They made a name for themselves by showing work that no one could do better in their day. Your work with Microsoft was the key to its success, launching the first three Halo installments which until now remain both cult games and best sellers. After their … Read more

Leonardo Valencia: The nightmare of postal companies | Columnists | Opinion

Postal service is a basic need of society. The closure of Correos del Ecuador due to poor management has left the citizen in the hands of international postal service companies. I have been a user of their services during the years that I have lived abroad and I never had problems. But since I returned … Read more

Laura Olascuaga, from Bolívar, new Miss Universe Colombia | THE UNIVERSAL

Laura Olascuaga Pinto, from Bolívar, is the new Miss Universe Colombia and the one in charge of representing the country in Miss Universe 2021. Among the final bouquet was Miss Santander, Laura Lemus; who was first Princess; while Norte de Santander, Jennifer Pulgarín; she was left with the title of Virreina. The young woman from … Read more

Film about dance, art and the female universe will be released

Mexico City. Tandem Dance Company and the production company Fungifilms will premiere the cinematographic work virtually on November 20 Sea is inside, which reveals the chronicle of a female universe in constant transformation. © Provided by La Jornada Cora Flores, choreographer and teacher of the piece Mar es inside. Photo. Tandem Dance Company The work … Read more

When Trump owned Miss Universe

Not everyone remembers when before the triumph of Donald J. Trump as president of the United States he was the holder of the beauty pageant Miss Universe. The contest of more than six decades of longevity was led by the now president since 1996 to 2015. Under his mandate the competition shone for its productions … Read more

Luis Fernando Oramas Velasco: Trump and his parallel world | Columnists | Opinion

On the occasion of the recent presidential election in the United States, it is urgent to question the reasons why some of the right-wing thinking in the region actively turned, especially on social media, to support the re-election of Donald Trump, regardless of the authoritarian parallelism It is easy to see between Trump’s little democratic … Read more

The Potosina Ana Karen Bustos for the title “Universal Mexican” and from there to Miss Universe

The 23-year-old Ana Karen Bustos González from Potosi, model and businesswoman is participating in the most important national beauty contest “Universal Mexicana”, with an enviable beauty with 1.82 meters tall, the young woman has stood out for her great personality, intelligence and charisma. Karen Bustos is in the eighth semester in the Bachelor of Commerce … Read more

“Gundala” starts a universe of superheroes in Indonesian cinema

In search of an alternative to the US superhero franchises, Indonesian fantasy filmmaker Joko Anwar brought his country’s leading superhero, Gundala, to the big screen. The film is funded by Indonesian entertainment studio Bumilangit, which manages more than 500 Indonesian comics and aims to create, Marvel-style, the country’s Bumilangit Cinematic Universe (BCU). Gundala means “thunder” … Read more