Israeli scientists discover the first stars in the universe

Only 200 million years after the Big Bang created the universe, the first galaxies were relatively small and dim – fainter than galaxies today – and probably only processed 5% or less of their gas into stars. These early galaxies also did not emit radio waves much more intensely than modern galaxies. This discovery was … Read more

Index – In the meantime – Axl Rose will no longer throw his microphone into the audience

Photo: Mark Horton / Getty Images Hungary Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose has vowed to end the 30-year tradition of throwing his microphone into the crowd after hitting an Australian woman in the face on Tuesday. In a statement released Friday, Rose acknowledged the incident and said he never intended to injure anyone during … Read more

The 3 Laziest Shios in the Universe! Sustenance Drag and Dim Aura

Sonora.ID – Here’s a row zodiac the laziest in the universe, needing sustenance drag and dim aura. Everyone must be born with a different character. There are those who have a diligent character and always do a lot of positive activities, but there are also those who are lazy. Like the three zodiacs below, they … Read more

Toyota Prius new model, acceleration performance improved by more than 20% … US specification[detailed image]| Response (

toyota motoron November 17, the U.S. division of thePrius](Toyota Prius) was unveiled for the first time at the Los Angeles Motor Show 2022. The new Prius will be equipped with a fifth-generation hybrid system. The 2.0-liter in-line 4-cylinder gasoline engine produces a maximum output of 194hp in the case of a US-spec vehicle with a … Read more

3 Stephen Hawking’s Predictions Come True, There’s Still Something Mysterious

Saturday, December 3 2022 – 06:03 WIB LIVE Techno – Stephen Hawking is one of the greatest theoretical physicists of modern times. The deceased is best known for his appearances in the media and his lifelong battle with a debilitating illness. Beginning with his doctoral thesis in 1966, his groundbreaking work continued relentlessly until his … Read more

A new source of gold has been discovered in the least expected place in the universe – Enseñame de Ciencia

Gold is one of the most coveted metals in the world, but its creation from heavy metals such as gold, thorium and uranium requires energetic conditions, such as stellar explosions or a collision between neutron stars. This means that all the heavy elements on Earth formed under extreme conditions in astrophysical environments. Today, astrophysicists have … Read more

Webb found clouds on Saturn’s moon

Because Titan has a thick atmosphere that prevents light from reflecting off the surface, its surface is hidden when viewed in visible light. Observations using the NIRCam instrument on the Webb telescope in the infrared spectrum, however, allow a glimpse into the moon’s atmosphere. The telescope, which was created in cooperation between the American space … Read more

Orion is slowly returning, having left lunar orbit

On Monday, December 5, the next maneuver will guide the spacecraft on its way back to Earth. Yesterday at 22:53 CET, the Orion spacecraft completed a 105-second motor maneuver (Δv = 138 m/s) to leave the DRO orbit. Today around 04:53 CET, a corrective maneuver followed, and on December 5, the next maneuver will guide … Read more

Six Chinese orbit the Earth for the first time

The cosmonauts subsequently boarded the station and met three members of the Shenzhou 14 mission. Reuters wrote that “six Chinese astronauts on two missions will have a historic meeting in space.” “The station is now staffed by Chen Tung, Liu Jung, Chai Su-che, Fei Yunlung, Deng Qingming and Zhang Lu. They will spend at least … Read more

Super Mario Bros the Movie: Peach ready to fight, Luigi still scared… An adaptation full of references to the universe!

News culture Super Mario Bros the Movie: Peach ready to fight, Luigi still scared… An adaptation full of references to the universe! Published on 30/11/2022 at 08:19 The second trailer for Super Mario Bros. : the Film was broadcast yesterday during a special Nintendo Direct. It’s a two-minute trailer that was released, highlighting new characters … Read more