Gen. Georgi Ivanov: Our conversations from space were heard in both the USSR and the USA

He didn’t belong to the gloves, although the load either 6 units – Mr. Ivanov, you are 21 years old when Gagarin took off into space. Do you remember the moment you first heard the news? How did you react? – 60 years have passed since the epoch-making flight of Yuri Gagarin, who proved that … Read more

Austria may have a million doses of Sputnik V, FDA does not see connection between blood clots and J&J vaccine – ČT24 – Czech Television

Pro Austria The vaccination campaign will mean the acquisition of the Russian vaccine “additional acceleration”, the APA quoted Chancellor Kurze as saying. The initiative to find a Russian vaccine was also defended by the chairman of the parliamentary faction of the Chancellor of the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP), August Wöginger. There should be no “blindfolds” … Read more

USA: Cities attract tourists by promising them money in return for their visit

Pandemic restrictions have paralyzed the tourism industry. According to the US Travel Association travel expenses in the US fell by 42 percent last year. compared to 2019 Hotel occupancy decreased by 33 percent respectively. “Po lockdownach and quarantines that have decimated the tourism industry, some tourist towns have found a unique but a simple way … Read more

Covid-19. USA finds no link between clots and Johnson & Johnson vaccine

“The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is aware of information in the United States about severe thromboembolic events, sometimes associated with thrombocytopenia (low level of platelets in the blood), which occurred in some individuals after receiving Janssen’s covid-19 vaccine, ”wrote the US regulator in a statement sent to the French agency AFP. “Right now we … Read more

Microsoft Exchange Server Hack: Unprecedented wave of attacks on unpatched servers

Page 1 of 2 Microsoft closed four vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Exchange server versions 2010 to 2019 with an unscheduled security update on March 3, 2021. Initially, Microsoft presented the threat as relatively minor. Meanwhile, there is an unprecedented wave of attacks on unpatched Exchange instances. The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has the … Read more

Lithuanian cyber intelligence takes place using the infrastructure of Seychelles, Russia, the USA and China

According to the report, taking advantage of known vulnerabilities in the systems, two-thirds of all cyber intelligence activities come from the African island state of Seychelles, as well as Russia and JAV – operations using the infrastructure or hosting services of each of these countries accounted for 22% of all identified intelligence cases. At that … Read more

USA. The baby was born weighing almost 7 kg. This is what it looks like after many years

It started with an innocent video on TikTok – a platform for sharing short, fun content. Through this application, one of the users named @ tawnee117 asked other Internet users to share photos of their big children with her. The 22-year-old did not think she would receive such an answer. An internet user with the … Read more

Usa, no proven link between Johnson & Johnson vaccine and thrombosis

No proven link has been found between Janssen’s Covid vaccine Johnson & Johnson and thrombosis. The US authorities say this, as reported by the US media. Yesterday, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) launched a review to evaluate reports of thromboembolic events in those who received the vaccine from the US pharmaceutical company. Four serious cases … Read more

“Did they miss the match?” … a scandalous goal for Mouloudia in the home of Esperance. “Video”

/ 626588 / Fouto-the-match – a goal-scandal-for Mouloudia-in-the-box-Esperance-video Abdel Nour Belkheir, the player of Mouloudia Algeria, scored the first goal against Esperance, Tunisia, to score the equalizer for the Algerian team, in the match that is held over the Rades match, and with this result, Zamalek is eliminated from the African Champions League, where Zamalek … Read more

Vaccinations with Johnson stopped in the USA Health News from Bulgaria and the World

Vaccination centers in the US state of North Carolina have said they have stopped using Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine after at least 26 people developed side effects, including fainting, the Associated Press reported. Four vaccinated were taken to hospital for further testing. State and federal health authorities are investigating the case. The U.S. Centers … Read more