“March for Life” | On the road with opponents of abortion – from Donald Trump’s ranks

They’ve been marching through Washington for nearly 50 years. But this year the abortion opponents of the “March for Life” could achieve their goal. Tens of thousands have come to Washington. Just a few hundred meters from the White House, a man admonishes his tens of thousands of listeners: “Observe the rules of the Commander-in-Chief!” … Read more

USA for Norwegian Taliban talks with clear agenda

The delegation from the US Treasury Department and the US State Aid Organization (USAID) is Tom West’s Special Representative for Afghanistan and Rana Amiri’s Special Envoy for Afghan Women, Girls and Human Rights. A spokesman for the US State Department told NTB on Saturday that the United States was grateful that the Norwegian government was … Read more

Malíková won the 600-meter run at the first indoor start in the USA

“I am satisfied with the time that it was the first race and that it was run quite tactically, when we almost stopped in the second lap and then overtook in the third,” Malíková said on Twitter. In the world tables, the junior world champion in the 400 m run and the participant in last … Read more

Live now… The date of the Al-Fayhaa and Al-Taie match today, Saturday 22/01/2022 in the Saudi Professional League

We show you our most important and recent visitors news details Live now … the date of the Al-Fayha and Al-Taee match today, Saturday 22/01/2022 in the Saudi Professional League in the following article Omar Shuwail – Jeddah live now… The date of the Al-Fayhaa and Al-Taie match today, Saturday 22/01/2022 in the Saudi Professional … Read more

The first military aid from the USA arrived in Ukraine

The first shipment of recently approved US military aid arrived in Kiev on Saturday night. It contains, among other things, ammunition for soldiers on the Ukrainian border. The US Embassy in Ukraine said on Twitter that the imported material was “a strong commitment to Ukraine’s sovereign right to self-defense,” it said. British BBC. This is … Read more

Intel will build two new chip plants in Ohio. He invests $ 20 billion in them

According to Reuters, Intel chief Pat Gelsinger also said today that the company continues to develop its chip production capacities in Europe. He hoped that Intel would announce where it would build new European plants in the coming months. The company said in September that it could invest up to $ 95 billion in Europe … Read more

The US State Department has published five main disinformation narratives of Russian propaganda

The document noted that the Russian military and intelligence structures use social networks, television, radio and conferences to form the erroneous opinion that Ukraine, and not Russia, is to blame for the increase in tension in the region. The State Department listed the main disinformation narratives used today by Russian propaganda: Russia is an innocent … Read more

Love, Glory and Beauty – Top Models, episode broadcast on January 21, 2022 on cbs in the USA

At the Logan Residence, Hope asks her mother if she knows what it means when Douglas says he saw her kissing Santa Claus… She knows very well that it’s not her style to lie! Brooke knows it, and says to Hope that Douglas not lying: Something happened on New Year’s Eve, and Hope must be … Read more

Usa, from the Hillary Clinton idea to the Biden / Cheney ticket for 2024: the boutade of the newspapers are the mirror of the chaos that reigns among the Dems

Hillary Clinton candidate for the 2024 presidential elections? It might seem like a joke, and in part it is. The proposal started from an editorial of Wall Street Journal, has been discussed, ridiculed, rejected or considered. In all likelihood, this will not materialize. But the mere fact that some may come to mind demonstrates the … Read more

Huawei Watch GTRunner | Technical sheet | Features | Full specs | Specifications | Launch | Peru | Price | nnda | nnni | SPORT-PLAY

If you are an athlete or you run every day, Huawei has launched a new smartwatch aimed at those who get active in the week: it’s your Huawei Watch GT Runner, the same one that offers a range of up to 14 days so you don’t have to worry about charging it. The wrist device … Read more