Apple removed the vocals from the iPhone 14 ad two months later – users wrote that they heard the “n” word in the video

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Li Bin: Weilai mobile phone development is smooth and Android users can sit and wait for the new phone release

According to news on November 27, Weilai held a face-to-face event with Li Bin today. At the scene, regarding the topic of NIO making mobile phones, NIO CEO Li Bin revealed: The mobile phone team has teams in Shanghai and Shenzhen, and the progress is relatively smooth. Regarding when it will be released, Li Bin … Read more

Win11 new version 22H2 update released, previously affected NVIDIA users can also receive new updates within 48 hours

At the beginning of this month, there were a lot of reports that after installing the Windows 11 22H2 update, the game performance will drop significantly and the frame rate will be unstable when using the NVIDIA graphics card. Some players also found that the CPU usage is abnormally low, even less than 5%. Microsoft … Read more

iCloud for Windows degrades videos and can show photos of other users – ICT news

The iCloud for Windows app degrades videos in some cases. In addition, users also see photos that most likely belong to other iCloud users. The website MacRumors receives on his forum different user reports about this issue. Owners of an iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro who sync a video with iCloud for Windows … Read more

Dorota Gardias presents herself in alluring poses, and Internet users hit …

Like many other famous people Dorota Gardias is an active social media user and uses them to maintain constant contact with his fans. Her Instagram profile is followed by over 220,000 people, which makes the weather girl an object of interest for advertisers. From time to time, posts of this nature appear on her account. … Read more

Private security robs AICM users; they open suitcases and search bags

The theft of belongings from the luggage of the passengers of the Mexico City International Airport It’s an everyday thing, that’s how the Mexican Navy found it, since it took security control of the airport in February of this year. Videos from airport security cameras to which he had access Image News with Ciro Gómez … Read more

Unnoticed! How to Quit a WhatsApp Group Secretly, iPhone or Android HP Users Must Know – Generally users Android until iPhone using the app WhatsApp or Wa as a means of online communication. In application WhatsApp there is a feature called group as a means or more online communication. Too many groups sometimes make users feel uncomfortable especially when there is no important information in them. For fear of … Read more

Crashes in Windows 11: users report interruptions when using Remote Desktop | Microsoft | Spain | United States | Mexico | TECHNOLOGY

Microsoft has logged a new bug in version 22H2 of Windows 11 that drops Remote Desktop or Remote Desktop connections when users try to access this service. The technology company implemented the first major update to Windows 11 (22H2) at the end of last September, which introduces new features that improve safety, accessibility and productivity. … Read more

Users claim that Nintendo has returned the money for Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple is on the lips of the vast majority of users of Nintendo Switch and the world of video games in general. Players are reporting more and more technical problems, such as fps drops to incomprehensible figures or various bugs. These damage the immersion in the video game. Nintendo, faced with the … Read more

“I don’t feel safe in iCloud.” A technical problem that allows users’ data to be leaked to others

A technical issue has caused iCloud the cloud storage app for Applein the leakage of many user data to others on the application, its content is pictures and videos of people. They lost all their files on the iCloud application, in return, they found the data of different people on their account in the two … Read more