Victoria Kapitonova ruined a favorite thing with her fingers

© It is not easy for the winner in “The Bachelor” Victoria Kapitonova. The reality star once again fell victim to online harassment and was again left without an Instagram account. But, as the saying goes, trouble never comes alone. Victoria Kapitonova shared that she has a wound on her heart. What happened? Well … … Read more

Nightmare for Victoria, by Nandrin, after a day at Disneyland Paris: her TGV delayed by a deer, she is offered a “dormitory train”

The last train journey of Victoria, a resident of Nandrin, did not go as planned. After several adventures, his train got stuck, in the middle of the night, at the station in Lille. The young woman therefore opted for a taxi, the bill of which amounts to 270€. Today, she denounces the “absence” of the … Read more

Queen Victoria: They assassinated the pregnant queen, she escaped by a hair

Elizabeth I, for example. She came from the second marriage of Henry VIII, who longed so desperately for his son that he had her mother executed and then replaced four more wives. He ascended the throne only after the death of his half-siblings. Or Elizabeth II, whose crown landed on her head after her uncle … Read more

Boy George foams. Victoria Beckham orders a limousine from the jet to the gate.

Because she didn’t want to go to the terminal with the other passengers, Victoria Beckham quickly ordered a soda – much to the dismay of singer Boy George. GC Images Singer Boy George is once again at odds with Victoria Beckham. This time because Posh Spice ordered a limousine straight to the plane. George was … Read more

Remake of System Shock, Victoria 3, Nivalis, The Alters – what was shown at the PC Gaming Show

Just came to an end PC Gaming Showwhich showed small and medium-budget games from developers around the world. Collected all the most interesting in this article: showed Victoria 3the creators new game This War of Mine i Frostpunkfantastic The Invincible, remake System Shockdetective Immortalitya simulation of life in a cyberpunk city Nivalis and much more! … Read more

According to Jhonny Rivera, Aída Victoria Merlano told him to kiss her, not on the mouth

Jhonny Rivera uncovered in ‘Day to day’ the heated moment he lived with Aida Victoria Merlano during the recording of the video of the song ‘How he explained’, starring the woman. The artist said that Merlano was the one who initially contacted him after seeing him dance on social networks: “He wrote to me: ‘You … Read more

Master Pilsen reports further reinforcement. The national team striker is heading to Victoria

In recent months, Pilsen has been interested in the services of Václav Jurečka, who eventually preferred Prague’s Slavia. Tomáš Pekhart was also in Viktoria’s search engine, where the player’s requirements differed greatly for a change, with the conditions that the West Bohemian club could offer him. During his career, the 28-year-old Kliment wore the jerseys … Read more

The expectant Victoria Siegel left for Turkey with her family: she chose a luxury hotel not just for herself

Delphi Before leaving for Turkey, Viktorija Siegel said that she visits this favorite country of Lithuanian tourists almost every year. According to a well-known woman, when you want to relax – this is the best direction for your whole family. “You want to rest, lie down, and Turkey is not a country like Italy, France … Read more

The return of Jurassic World: dinosaurs show with Chris Pratt and Jeff Goldblum, the double life of Virginie Efira, the directorial debut of Jasmine Trinca, the oenological tale of Victoria Justice: a guide to movies in cinemas, on Sky, Netflix, Prime Video and other platforms

There will come a day when the dinosaurs are no longer confined to Isla Nublar, destroyed in the previous episode, will regain possession of the Earth and the pterodactyls will nest on the skyscrapers of Manhattan. Monsters create cinematic nightmares. But they are not the greatest danger. The real threat comes from the world’s bad … Read more

Victoria Ruffo is not measured; she publishes a tremendous photo with her husband and children

The actor Mane de la Parra also appears in the emotional image By: Valeria ContrerasN. MAY. 30. 2022 Instagram Victoria Ruffo showed her beautiful family in a peculiar photo Add us to your home screen to visit us easier and faster Add Victoria Ruffo is preparing his return to soap operas with the second part … Read more