Basma Bousil is criticized after appearing in the movie “Mesh Anna” party because of this behavior – in the video

The Moroccan artist, retired, was exposedBasma Bousil​, the wife of the Egyptian artist ​Tamer HosnyTo criticism after appearing at a party on the North Coast, to celebrate the success of his new movie “I am not​”, due to her embracing him and repeating the movements she makes every time she appears with him.The pioneers of … Read more

With this song, Beyoncé wins the title of the greatest music video in history

Rolling Stone magazine named Beyoncé’s “Formation” video at the top of its list of the “100 Greatest Music Videos of All Time”. The filmmaker used vivid images relating to the history and culture of black Americans, a girl lying on the roof of a car, and a wall with “Stop shooting at us” spray-painted. Beyoncé … Read more

The Left Bank releases an exhilarating and motivating video for the song “Raise Your Hands”

The song “Raise Your Hands” is currently the most listened to song, which has already reached 100,000 listeners on YouTube without a video. The performers of the song are Left Bank rappers – Kaiser, Elf and Dennis. The music was accompanied by Kaiser and Pēteris Upelnieks, but the song was recorded and post-processed by “Punkts … Read more

This English referee gives fans a yellow card after a humorous song (video)

Kevin Friend is not lacking in humor. The English referee was on post this weekend during the match between Bristol and Aston Villa, as part of the preparation of the two clubs. A friendly match from A to Z, during which Kevin Friend was talked about for his sense of humor. As he whistled for … Read more

Parents gave them sarmale and meat soup (Video)

Dr. Mihaela Balgradean from the “Marie Curie” Children’s Hospital says that the babies with hemolytic uremic syndrome hospitalized on Friday ate soup with meat and sarmale, respectively, foods forbidden for their age. One of the children is in serious condition, on dialysis and has had blood transfusions, and the other is evolving favorably.The two babies … Read more

“I’m upset, I can’t hear… ” BJ Yangpang reported a shocking health condition (video)

Afreeca TV BJ Yangfang, while announcing the plan for uterine fibroids, once again delivered the news of worsening health. BJ Yangpang uploaded a video titled ‘Sudden hearing loss’ on his YouTube channel on the 1st. YouTube, YangPang On this day, BJ Yangpang edited and uploaded a live video from Afreeca TV on the 28th of … Read more

Safinar breaks her silence and comments on the news of her engagement… Video Arabic – News, Opinions & Radio Sputnik Sputnik The pioneers of social networking sites circulated news of the engagement of the Armenian dancer Safinar, after publishing a video clip of her accompanied by the rising singer Ramy Diab, offering her a ring. Intervals SafinarIn a video, model Ramy Diab posted on … Read more

Olympics, Jacobs burns everyone on 100 meters and Caressa goes crazy with joy: the viral video

No, Sky this time he didn’t make it to win the rights to the Olympics. Tokyo 2020 others are following it (Rai, Eurosport, Discovery+ e Dazn) but when you are a commentator in your soul it does not matter if you are narrating a sporting enterprise for work, from a television studio or from the … Read more