Astronomers protest internet satellites – obscuring the view

Internet satellites from companies like Spacex and Oneweb have contributed to an increased amount of light pollution and now want to astronomer that the authorities should do something about it, reports The Verge. Among other things, light pollution makes it more difficult for astronomers to carry out research that involves studying space and the universe. … Read more

An illusion paid for in blood. On the changing view of the invasion of Iraq

Shock and awe. Hearts and minds. Pairs of terms that were supposed to describe the war in Iraq, which began twenty years ago. After the US-led coalition puts on a stunning display of military power and sends the population of the occupied country into a state of terror, it will also wage a successful battle … Read more

RNF Aprilia Satellite Team Officially Launched, Here’s the View of the Motorbike

Jakarta – Starting from the 2023 MotoGP season, Aprilia Racing will have a satellite team. This satellite team was officially launched under the name CryptoDATA RNF MotoGP. How does a MotoGP motorbike look like? If you look at it at a glance, the color design and livery of the Aprilia RS-GP version of the CryptoDATA … Read more

An exhibition of portraits by the well-known photographer Uldas Briež will be on view in Īipsala

The portraits of Latvian cultural figures by the photographer Uldas Brieža, which can be seen in the exhibition, were made as photographic records of the signs, events and spirit of their time. They have a documentary and at the same time timeless character. The faces of those characters – captured in the most diverse moments … Read more

Possible landing site of Artemis 3 captured in stunning view from Lunar Orbiter – My Gardening Blog

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter captured a stunning image of a potential landing site for Artemis 3. Artemis 3 is the future NASA mission to bring humans to the lunar surface. One of the possible landing sites that NASA has narrowed down is the Malapert Massif region. The region of the Malapert massif is near the … Read more

View the election results here, this is how you voted in your municipality

Curious about how people voted in your municipality? Here you will find all results as soon as they are known. The BoerBurgerBeweging (BBB) ​​has also become the largest in our province, followed by the VVD. This is evident from the preliminary results. A total of 55 percent of Brabant people went to the polls. In … Read more

Read deleted WhatsApp messages 2023 in simple steps View conversations and photos

Many of us are looking for a guaranteed way to read deleted WhatsApp messages, including text messages and pictures. One of your friends may send you a message, whether it is text, pictures or video, and then delete it to show you a message that the person has removed the message. You can now know … Read more

«Coming to Italy by plane would cost us much less: that’s why having a visa is impossible and we get on the boats»

Ablaye Fall left the Senegal because he was in Senegal male. Rampant poverty, an uncertain future, sick parents, lack of work. Ablaye would have liked to take a airplane to come to Europe. It would cost less. It would have cost a few hundred euros. Certainly not 2 thousand euros like the big one voyagego … Read more

What is the Curiosity rover that captured the first clear view of…

the date 3/8/2023 11:30:27 PM (MENAFN- Youm7) NASA’s Perseverance rover may have been on Mars since 2021, collecting rock samples and finding hints of water, but that doesn’t mean its predecessor has already retired from its explorations. In fact, the Curiosity rover has been observing Martian clouds during dusk to build on previous surveys of … Read more

Chrome 111 starts to support single-page application view switching | iThome

Google willChrome 111 support View Transition APIThis experimental technology, View Transition API, will allow developers to easily update the DOM, generate animation transitions between different DOM states, and further change the content of the DOM, simplifying the development of single-page application switching screens. View Transition is a popular design method. By retaining the context of … Read more