Timelapse shows a view of Earth during Orion’s flight past the moon

The Nasa rocket Orion, a US spacecraft launched last week, made its first dive past the moon on Monday. The rocket flew 130 kilometers along an arc around the lunar surface on Monday, at a speed of 7,700 kilometers per hour. The US space agency has been working on the mission for years. A new … Read more

World Cup 2022 God’s perspective new view! Evaluation of the AR World Cup experience app Watching Bojin is fun-ePrice.HK

The 2022 World Cup is about to start, and the game will be held in Doha, the Middle East. From the previous summer, it will be in autumn. In addition to the change of the opening season, nowTV has won the broadcasting rights this time. They use new technology to broadcast live, so that everyone … Read more

RARE VIEW: Adam Sztaba poses with his wife, celebrating her birthday! (PICTURES)

Few people remember that in 2013, after 11 years of an informal relationship, Adam Staff married Dorota Szelągowska. It seems that getting married badly affected their relationship, because two years later they were already divorced. After some time, the former spouses decided to additionally annulment of a church wedding taken almost a decade ago. As … Read more

Hundreds of millions of dollars in annual salary, father Jo Se-ho, Han River View apartment, luxury watches lined up public Hong Kim Dong-jeon

KBS ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’ Jo Se-ho unveils an apartment with a view of the Han River. The members’ mouths open wide at the reveal of a dressing room reminiscent of a luxury store. KBS 2TV’s ‘Hong Kim Dong Jeon’ (directed by Park In-seok and Lee Myung-seop), which is a viral show with unique material and … Read more

Microsoft launches sign language view for Teams meetings

Microsoft introduces its new Teams tool that enhances the sign language user experience towards building efficiency and community. Microsoft is pleased to announce Sign Language View, a new meeting experience in Microsoft Teams that helps sign language communicators—those who are deaf or hard of hearing, interpreters, and others—put themselves center stage, always in the same … Read more

A website to view a virtual map of the universe

Map of the visible universe (map/capture of the universe) And plan Johns Hopkins University Created an interactive map of part of the visible universe starting from Earth’s current location in the solar system and moving from the planet to the visible region. The observable universe consists of all elements universe Visible with special tools such … Read more

PROBABLE WINTER OLYMPIC CANDIDATES: – We in the West can help change their view of the world

It was at the beginning of October that Saudi Arabia presented itself as the organizer of the Asian Winter Games in 2029. The event will be held in a futuristic mega city. The first phase of the city, which has not yet been built, is to be completed in 2025. According to the AFP news … Read more

Michelle Obama reveals her suffering from a negative view of herself and her appearance

November 17, 2022 Michelle Obama admitted that for long periods she had a negative view of herself related to her appearance as well as suffering from “obsessions of fear”, stressing at the same time the importance of having self-satisfaction, especially for women, saying that “we have to learn to love ourselves as we are.” In … Read more

New view on human brain functioning

Until now it has always been assumed that the right hemisphere of the brain serves for creativity and that the left half is our ratio, the neuroscientists Stephanie Forkel of Radboud University and Michel Thiebaut de Scots of the University of Bordeaux are after research came to a completely different view. According to them, brain … Read more