“Ryanair” cancels two routes and reduces some flights from Vilnius: it will respond to ticket prices

Ryanair: this unjustified price increase is already harming Vilnius tourism January 27 European airline “Ryanair” reported that in response to the decision of Vilnius Airport from January 1 of this year. 28 percent increase taxes in Vilnius by 30 percent. cropped in 2023 the summer flight schedule – eliminates two routes and reduces the number … Read more

Ryanair will change its route number and fly to Denmark after the Vilnius airport pays taxes

Photo by Linas Butkaus (V). The Irish low-cost airline Ryanair announced on Friday that it will cancel two routes in Vilnius during the upcoming summer season, and 11 more routes will fly less frequently. Completed with a detailed commentary of the Lithuanian airport She claims that such a step is oppressed in response to the … Read more

G.Staniulis: about playing in France, the beginning of his career in Vilnius and decisions he regrets

In the Betsafe-LKL TV interview section – a conversation with the leader of “Gargžda”. Clear Stanyuli. An interesting fact is in the interviewer’s CV – apart from Lithuanian clubs, only the teams of one other country, France, can be seen in it. The tall man compared the game in his native country and in Western … Read more

Worries about the NATO summit in Vilnius: we have already seen how it ended

He said that from an organizational point of view, preparations for this event are underway, but from a political point of view, according to the politician, further, serious dialogue is needed internally – between institutions. “That’s why this event is for discussion and conversation, as I say, among ourselves. These are the politicians of the … Read more

M. Geben’s club, which welcomes Vilnius, lost in Spain in overtime

In the Spanish Championship, he suffered a defeat in overtime Martin Gebeno represented by Manresa’s BAXI (3/14) team, which 94:98 (31:20, 15:31, 21:18, 19:17, 8:12) lost to Malaga “Unicaja” (12/5). The basketball players of Vilnius “Ryto” will play the “Top 16” match of the FIBA ​​Champions League away from the Manresa club next week. In … Read more

Theft in Vilnius: suitcases were stolen from a car, one of them contained jewelry

On Friday, around 11 a.m., it was noticed that a suitcase with jewelry, spoons and other items, a box with porcelain antique figurines, two suitcases with various alcoholic beverages. The police informed that the loss is about 1,900 euros. A pre-trial investigation has been started in accordance with Article 178 of the Criminal Code of … Read more

TV3 News. Ukraine bids farewell to helicopter crash victims; A drunk driver had an accident in Vilnius

In Vilnius, a drunk driver was handed over to the police by his car: a middle-aged man who was very drunk at night got into an accident, which was reported to the special services by the car’s automatic emergency call system. More current news from Lithuania and the world – on TV3 News or broadcast.

A century project will be developed in Vilnius: as many as 9 ministries are awaiting changes

The project of the century and the construction of the century – this is what you can call the idea of ​​establishing a ministry campus. „The government today, in the minutes of the meeting, he approved the concept of the reconstruction of the complex of buildings at A. Goštautos and Lukiškės streets. This is a … Read more

Where the ancient meets the modern: Seven recommendations to visit in the year of Vilnius’ 700th anniversary

Here are seven suggestions for what to visit in Vilnius to celebrate its 700th birthday. On the other hand, with all the extensive program of events you can get acquainted here. Jubilee light festival in the city Vilnius Light Festival 2022 PHOTO: Saulius Ziura The annual Vilnius Light Festival, as “Go Vilnius” notes, stands out … Read more

A middle-aged woman from Vilnius gave the fraudsters a record amount – almost 165 thousand. euros

Fraudsters defrauded a resident of the Vilnius district of a record amount – 164.4 thousand. EUR, this is one of the largest sums appropriated from Lithuanian residents in recent years. According to the Police Department, the money was embezzled over a seven-month period. On Wednesday, around 2:50 p.m., a 49-year-old woman applied to the Vilnius … Read more