Biden wants to introduce ban on assault weapons: ‘US gun violence is epidemic’

He said that during a speech at the White House. He called gun violence in the United States an epidemic and an international shame. First step The measures are a first step against mass shootings, bloodshed and suicides, the White House said. Biden: “Today we are taking measures to curb not only the arms crisis, … Read more

Violence in Northern Ireland spoils Johnson’s party

For the UK today should have been a joyful day after yesterday Boris Johnson announced that the plan for the reopening of the country starting from next Monday is confirmed, given that the number of infections and deaths from the coronavirus is continuously decreasing and that the vaccination campaign is proceeding at a rapid pace. … Read more

The Violence of the Wife in Bed Shocked the Husband, Being Able to Serve 4 Men to Play More than 75 Times

TRIBUN-TIMUR.COM – A husband was shocked when he opened his laptop. He did not expect what he saw when he was looking for a film. The husband was shocked when he found evidence of his wife’s affair on the laptop. According to Ettoday, a husband who lives in Taipei City, Taiwan, has to go out … Read more

Violence and police attacks in Northern Ireland again – Abroad – News

In loyalist-controlled neighborhoods in Newtownebeu and Carrickferguas, police officers are strewn with fuel bottles and bricks. However, the clashes did not last as long as the night to Sunday. Disorder in loyal neighborhoods in Northern Ireland has continued throughout the week. 27 police officers were injured in clashes in Belfast and Londonderry on Saturday night. … Read more

Obstetric violence affects almost half of mothers in the SUS, but it is normalized – 03/30/2021 – Balance and Health

Almost half of Brazilian women who have their children through the public health system are targets of a type of invisible aggression, obstetric violence. Despite this, this violence has no penal classification, is not recognized by the Ministry of Health and continues to be seen as a cultural aspect of childbirth, with a low rate … Read more

Alcohol, drugs, violence. Soccer player Guarín rioted, ended up in handcuffs

Colombian football midfielder Fredy Guarín was detained by police after physically assaulting his family members in a state of considerable intoxication and under the influence of addictive substances. The incident took place on Thursday morning in the town of Envigado, southeast of Meddelín, the local media reported. Colombian footballer Fredy Guarín in a Shanghai jersey. … Read more

Biden Takes Hands Over Anti-Asian Violence in the US

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – President United States of America, Joe Biden, finally open the related voice violence against the recently increasing population of Asian races in Uncle Sam’s State. Biden said the US government and citizens could not stand by the surge in violence against the Asian community in the country. “We cannot stand by … Read more