Omicron can spoil the holiday again? New variants of the virus are spreading in Europe

With the arrival of summer, a new wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading across Europe. Rising numbers of omicron infections in many countries are ruining the prospect of a carefree holiday season. According to the statistics portal Our World in Data, incidence rates are increasing significantly in Portugal, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Denmark … Read more

What is polio and how is it spread?

Getty Images Health ministry officials in England announced that an alarming rate of the virus causing polio was detected in samples taken from the sewerage network in the capital, London. There are no recorded cases due to the polio virus. However, health officials went into a state of alert. What is polio and how is … Read more

Bird flu virus host range appears to be broadening

Avian flu is now also causing massive deaths among shorebirds. Complete breeding colonies of the Sandwich Tern, a Red List species, have already been wiped out. Epidemiologist Armin Elbers of Wageningen Bioveterinary Research sees the situation as not very rosy. According to Elbers, no specific mutation is known, but the host range of the virus … Read more

Polio virus found in London sewage | News

LONDON (AP) — British health officials urged parents Wednesday to ensure their children are vaccinated against polio after the virus that causes the disease was found in London sewage in recent months. Britain’s Health Security Agency said it believes the virus was “vaccine derived”, meaning it came from someone who received a live virus vaccine … Read more

Coming out of the sewer created panic! Polio virus detected in samples taken in London

The UK Health Safety Agency (UKHSA) said in a statement that the virus was probably brought to London by someone who was recently vaccinated abroad with a live virus. The statement warned that the risk is low but that parents should make sure their child is fully vaccinated against the disease. “NATIONAL SITUATION” ANNOUNCED British … Read more

Preventing and Treating Rubella, the German Measles which is Very Dangerous for the Fetus

North Sulawesi portal – Rubella or commonly known as Measles Germany is disease contagious caused by virus which usually strikes children and adolescents. German measles is a mild infection that can be cured within one week, even without treatment and usually only attacks once in a lifetime. However, this health disorder can become serious if … Read more

Covid: Parisi, ‘it’s not all over’, masks are important – Biotech

“It is said that it is all over, but it is not”, only the acute phase is over and the masks are still important, the “new wave of Covid-19 underway will carry its load, starting from the emergency room”: Nobel laureate Giorgio Parisi, vice president of the Accademia dei Lincei, told ANSA. “We are going … Read more

Monkeypox virus claimed 1 life in Nigeria

Release: 21.06.2022– 22:21 / Last update: 21.06.2022 – 22:21 monkeypox viruscontinues to spread and take lives around the world. Extending its measures against the virus NigeriaA death came from. Director of the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC), Dr. In a statement, Ifedayo Perakendeifa stated that the virus spread to 17 states, as well as … Read more