Covid-like virus discovered in bats

Covid-like virus discovered in bats Scientists in the US have warned that the disease may be resistant to existing vaccines. According to the new development, there is growing evidence that sarbecoviruses, members of the coronavirus family, are common in Asia and Eastern Europe. Lead author of the study, Dr. “Our research also shows that sarbecoviruses … Read more

Attention, this winter the flu is very strong! When should we be vaccinated? ‘We see the virus behaving strangely’

class=”medianet-inline-adv”> Grip; It is a seasonal disease that occurs with symptoms such as 39 degrees fever, severe muscle-joint pains, weakness, exhaustion, chills, headache and dry cough. It is effective for about 8-10 weeks during the winter months and directly affects almost 40 percent of our society. Influenza is a great danger, especially for people over … Read more

Another small virus… | BPD Moms

Runny noses, little coughs… Little viruses are on the way this fall, even though we didn’t invite them! Since last week, I have had to juggle telecommuting and children at home in addition to my extreme fatigue due to the situation and my own cold. Yes, the children gave me this lovely virus. Rest assured, … Read more

Should children be vaccinated against human papillomavirus?

Four communities include the HPV vaccine for men in their benefits, but in the rest of Spain only girls are immunized Pediatricians have been asking for years that all adolescents be inoculated with the serum Universal vaccination would protect the entire population more, and it is a matter of equity Galicia has been the first … Read more

A life-saving remedy for the RS virus has been discovered for babies

Every year, 150 to 200 babies with the RS virus (respiratory syncytial virus) end up in the ICU in the Netherlands. The RS virus is the second leading cause of death in infants worldwide. Researchers from Amsterdam UMC discovered an antibody that protects against this life-threatening virus for newborns. Today the EMA issued a positive … Read more

Mydoom, the worst computer virus, cost the world $59 billion

Photo File Steal personal information, reduce computer performance, or create all sorts of problems – a computer virus do all that and more. When the doors to the Internet are opened, the way is also opened for millions of Software malicious hackers who only have one goal, to cause harm. With the advent of the … Read more

The virus does not enter the body where this food enters! Only one of them meets the body’s need for vitamin C – Gallery

Roza Gallery Roza Health The virus does not enter the body where this food enters! Only one of them meets the body’s need for vitamin C. Vitamin C is one of the food sources that we often hear about, but actually do not realize why it is so important. Scurvy, which occurs especially in case … Read more