Russia Saves ‘Zombie Virus’, Scientists Worry About Leaking

Jakarta – The ‘zombie virus’, a virus frozen from the remains of woolly mammoths and other prehistoric animals, is feared by other scientists could leak from a Russian laboratory. A looming threat, comparatively compared to scenes like in movies about plagues and pandemics that involve potential outbreaks of viruses that humans and animals in modern … Read more

Single Partners are also at risk of infection with the HPV virus

JAKARTA – Chairman of the Indonesian Obstetrics and Gynecology Association (POGI) Prof. Yudi Mulyana Hidayat said, someone who has one sexual partner (single partner) are also at risk for infection with the HPV virus (human papillomavirus) which is the cause of cervical cancer. “There used to be a stigma that servical cancer that’s the result … Read more

iOS 16: how to quickly protect your iPhone if it has a virus | DEPOR-PLAY

Apple added many features in the iPhone con iOS 16such as the display of the battery percentage, more widgets, customization of the lock screen, but something that drew a lot of attention is the Isolation Mode, an alternative that allows users to avoid some viruses, such as the Pegasus spyware steal important information. However, if … Read more

The idea that Pharaoh Ramses V contracted the smallpox virus seems to be gaining ground

New research shows that the smallpox virus is older than previously thought and was probably already around in the time of Ramses V. It is perhaps the most famous virus on earth: Smallpox, or the smallpox virus. The virus sowed death and destruction quite recently and is said to have single-handedly caused the death of … Read more

UZ Gent tests vaccine against CMV: “The virus is common and can cause abnormalities in unborn children”

That is why scientists have been looking for a way to protect women against CMV before they become pregnant for 50 years. So far without success, but the American pharmaceutical company Moderna is now testing a new vaccine against the virus in 7,000 women worldwide. UZ Gent is also participating in the study. “In our … Read more

Moderna: effective vaccine against syncytial virus

The scientific revolution triggered by anti-covid vaccines will soon lead to new allies for respiratory health. The Modern Pharmaceutical Company indeed announced that one of its experimental mRNA vaccines in late-stage testing is 83.7% effective in preventing respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection with at least two symptoms (for example, cough and fever) in the over … Read more

“Virus cornered”

Giessen General Pour Created: 01/29/2023 1:24 p.m Von: Kays Al-Khanak Split The fourth year of the corona pandemic has begun. Giessen infectiologist Susanne Herold talks about the virus in an interview. Gießen – The fourth Corona year has begun. The number of infections is declining, experts see us on the way to endemics. Also Giessen … Read more

Be alert to the sequelae of “long new crown”!One-tenth of it will be difficult to recover for more than a year | CCP virus | Mainland epidemic | sequelae of new crown

[New Tang Dynasty News, Beijing time, January 28, 2023]The epidemic not only caused a large number of deaths, but also triggeredSequelaeIt is also not to be underestimated. “long crown“It means that after more than one month of infection, the symptoms of the epidemic continue or worsen. Japanese studies have found that the proportion of “new … Read more

Corona virus in Hesse ➤ Charges against two ex-employees of a corona test center |

Wastewater monitoring projects in sewage treatment plants are stagnating Although the federal government wants to expand the system, projects to monitor corona in wastewater are stalling in Hesse. At the turn of the year, sampling was stopped at most locations. According to the Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs, it is not yet clear what will … Read more

Scientists discover how the measles virus can cause a deadly neurological disorder

Japanese researchers have discovered the mechanism behind the development of subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE), a fatal neurological disorder that can occur years after a measles infection. Measles Virus “Cooperates” With Itself To Cause Fatal Encephalitis Scientists discover a new mechanism for how the measles virus can cause a rare but fatal neurological disorder, subacute sclerosing … Read more