Zamrazilová: If the CNB predicts a 10 percent increase in wages, there is a risk of a tightening of monetary policy

In the estimate of key indicators published on February 3, the Czech National Bank stated that it expects this year’s nominal wage growth of 8.5 percent, which would mean a real decrease of 0.4 percent. According to recent data from the Czech Statistical Office, the average wage in the Czech Republic rose nominally by 6.5 … Read more

According to pilots: American cabin crew also want massively more wages

In the future, pilots will receive up to 40 percent more wages. The cabin crew wants that too. American Airlines flight attendants are charging up to $110 an hour. American Airlines pilots rejoice. The management wants to raise their wages massively – by up to 40 percent. In times of staff shortages, it hopes not … Read more

Rates and values ​​for pensions, taxes, wages, benefits,… – a new application on that saves time when searching for information.

Are you also looking for up-to-date figures for your tax return or figures from other financial areas every year? Whether it is the amount of taxes, pensions, various benefits, average wages, discounts for children and more, you don’t have to search anymore… We have created a new application for you, where you can find everything … Read more

Ukraine wages “painful” battle in Donbas

Zelensky: Ukraine is fighting a “painful” battle in Donbas PRESENT Policy 05.03.2023 The city of Bakhmut, located in the troubled region, was destroyed in the Russian invasion. Donbass is made up of Donetsk and Lugansk, illegally annexed by Russia. Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky said this Sunday (03.05.2023) that kyiv’s forces are waging a “painful and … Read more

Historic drop in wages in Slovakia: people in three state sectors fared the worst

At the end of last year, there was a fierce fight between the government and trade unions for salary increases in the health sector. Over the years, the state of the Slovak healthcare system reached a situation where thousands of doctors decided to put pressure on the government by radically submitting mass resignations. In the … Read more

10 college graduates earn the worst wages 5 years after graduation

Expressive image of vacancies Careers Top 3 salary certifications will grow double by 2031 Dubai – Al Published in: Feb 26, 2023: 08:57 AM GST Last updated: Feb 26, 2023: 09:17 AM GST A new study revealed that university graduates with a “liberal arts” or “teaching” degree are likely not to make much money … Read more

Safinaz refuses to raise her wages because of the high cost of living. Here is how much she gets paid per minute

The dancer, Safinaz, commented on the issue of raising wages after the deterioration of the economic situation, and indicated that she would not raise her wages like her colleagues, because of the living situation and the high cost. “. It is noteworthy that Safinaz is considered one of the highest-paid foreign dancers in Egypt, as … Read more

Khloé Kardashian sued by ex-housekeeper for unpaid wages

Khloé Kardashian has been slapped with a lawsuit by her former housekeeper who claims she was fired after taking leave following a leg injury. Matthew Manhard, who started working for the Good American co-founder in 2019, claims he was fired from his role in November 2022 upon his return, according to a lawsuit obtained by … Read more

Minimum wage 2023: How much is it currently in the Czech Republic and abroad?

What does minimum wage mean? The minimum wage is the lowest permissible amount of remuneration for work in an employment relationship. The minimum wage should protect employees from poverty and at the same time enable them to live at a level of modest material consumption and social contacts. Its basic legal regulation is determined by … Read more