How many minimum wages will I need to buy the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 or Z Fold4?

Samsung surprised the whole world with the realization of the Samsung Unpacked 2022. And it is that during this event that took place in the city of New York, the new generation of its folding phones was presented. It is there that we were able to meet two teams in particular the Samsung Galaxy Z … Read more

Russian car workers are offered a severance package of six months’ wages

The Russian car industry has been hit hard by sanctions following the invasion of Ukraine. The giant AvtoVAZ that produces the Lada had to close after just a few weeks. The reason was a sudden stop in the supply of parts. Now part of the production has started up again, but AvtoVAZ has major challenges … Read more

The Netherlands has the highest gas price in the EU, FNV wants a price ceiling and higher wages

ANP Last month, the Netherlands had the highest gas price of all countries in the European Union. This is evident from figures that news hour requested at price comparison site Energie Compare. Dutch households paid 283 euros per megawatt hour (MWh) of gas in July, more than twice as much as the average EU household. … Read more

In detail.. Barcelona players’ wages for the 2022-2023 season

Despite the huge debts that haunt Barcelona, ​​which amounted to about 1.173 million euros, the Catalan club concluded several special deals this summer. And Barca brought stars that would add a lot to the team, led by Polish stars Robert Lewandowski from Bayern Munich, and Brazilian Rafinha from Leeds United. With these contracts, the Spanish … Read more

Unsatisfied with wages, Lufthansa pilots threaten to strike Business

“This is a signal that cannot be ignored,” the union said in a statement to Cockpit. The results of the vote mean that the risk of Lufthansa planes not taking off has increased, but the outcome of the consultation “does not automatically mean that a strike will take place”, the statement added. The union said … Read more

How much does a nurse and a doctor earn in Latvia? The protest is not only about wages…

Protesters went to the campaign with various posters with inscriptions such as “I want to see a doctor today, but not after death!”, “The government does not hear us!”, “Government, love doctors, because you will not be healthy forever!”. Photo: Timur Subhankulov LETA, “Latvijas Avīze”, JSC “Latvijas Mediji” Most read Russia has prepared Putin’s evacuation … Read more

Vladimir Putin Wages War Against European Union

loading… German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier says Russian President Vladimir Putin has waged a war against European unity. Photo/REUTERS BERLIN – President German Frank-Walter Steinmeier says President of Russia Vladimir Putin has waged a war against European unity. According to him, the war that Putin fought against Ukraine is also a war against European unity. “We … Read more

The premier cages the 5 stars on minimum wages and taxes. Landini’s CGIL is displaced

No olive branches or indulgent concessions. No hand outstretched to get out of the manhole in which you are stuck: Prime Minister Mario Draghi speaks at a press conference, after the meeting with the trade unions, with the whole political world hanging on the video from Palazzo Chigi, he puts on the plate a “full-bodied” … Read more

Rdc, lower paycheck for 23% of workers: INPS data

Of just over 2 million citizenship income earners of working age, only 20% of the beneficiaries are employed. 23% of workers earn less than 780 euros a month. Employees who earn less than 9 euros gross per hour in Italy are 3.3 million. These are the data contained in the annual report of the president … Read more