Sicily weather, yellow thunderstorm alert for Friday 12 August

The yellow alert for possible thunderstorms in Sicily does not cease. The notice released by the regional civil protection concerns the whole island, but it is clear that the rains will probably only touch some areas, as has already happened in recent days. The alert is valid from 4pm today to 12am tomorrow, August 12, … Read more

instability on the way, warning for severe thunderstorms issued

The decentralized functional center of the Civil Protection of Veneto has issued a new bulletin based on which, given the high temperatures in the lower layers and the presence of slightly colder air at high altitude close to the Alps today, Friday 5 August, instability is expected in the mountain areas, in particular in the … Read more

New yellow weather alert for thunderstorms

Yellow alert for thunderstorms in Emilia-Romagna, including the province of Bologna. Favorable conditions for the development of severe thunderstorms, with possible effects and associated damage, are expected for Friday 29 July. The phenomena will begin to develop from the late afternoon / evening, starting from the western sector in extension to the rest of the … Read more

In Como and province issued a weather warning for strong thunderstorms

Possible heavy storms on the way. The civil protection of the Lombardy Region has issued a critical warning for severe storms which is also valid in the territory of how and province for today Saturday 23 July (starting at 2 pm) until midnight on the 24th. Precipitation is expected which could give rise to intense … Read more

Severe thunderstorms expected: the weather alert is triggered

One is coming to Friuli Venezia Giulia disturbance characterized by very strong thunderstorms. The region is already beginning to flow south-western currents at times unstable. Forecasts A front coming from the west and the arrival of cooler air at high altitude tomorrow will increase instability. But the evolution remains very uncertain. On mountain areas, showers … Read more

In Como and province issued a weather warning for strong thunderstorms

The warning for possible strong thunderstorms of the civil protection for today 22 June also concerns the territory of Como and its province. The alert (in yellow code) as reported by the natural hazards monitoring center will end at 9pm. The rainfall, albeit abundant, will provide relief on the drought front but will not rebalance … Read more

After the heat, wind and rain. Fallen trees in Bergamo: 50 calls to the fire brigade – Photo

There were about fifty telephone calls to the Bergamo fire brigade center due to the wave of bad weather which, in the early afternoon of Sunday 5 June, also affected the Bergamo area . No situation of particular gravity, the firefighters themselves know. The interventions following the calls mainly concerned the removal of branches from … Read more

heavy showers and local hailstorms are expected over the weekend

The Decentralized Functional Center of the Civil Protection of the Veneto Region has issued a notice in which it declares that tomorrow, Saturday 28 May, unstable weather is expected with probable showers and scattered thunderstorms, already from the early morning on the plain and, from the central hours, on mountain / foothills areas. Furthermore, local … Read more