Introduction of appearance customization for the first time in the series, ‘Pikmin 4’

The prologue trailer for ‘Pikmin 4’, the latest in the Pikmin series that has returned after 10 years, has been released. The newly released prologue trailer contains the introductory story of the new Pikmin 4 and an introduction to the customization system that directly decorates the playable character. Pikmin 4 deals with the story of … Read more

Returning ‘gwork’ wins Eternal Return Masters Open #16

On the 4th, the Eternal Return Masters Open #16 Day 3 final match was held online. In this tournament, nine players who advanced to the finals through the group stage and nine players who advanced through the wild card match decided to win the individual championship. Initially, the competition was expected to be a championship … Read more

Roguelike Running, ‘Run Slash Run’ pre-registration starts on the 7th

Data provided – Levitt Game company Levit announced that it will start pre-registration for its mobile running action game ‘Run Slash Run’ on the 7th at Naver Lounge and Google Play Store. ‘Run Slash Run’ is a running game in which you become a warrior in a fantasy world and defeat wild monsters while running. … Read more

Successive 4:0, overwhelming skills Infernal-Hangzhou heading for mid-season

On the 4th, at WDG eSports Studio in Chungmuro, Seoul, a match was held to determine the representatives of Groups A and B on the 2nd week of the 3rd week of the Overwatch League 2023 Eastern Spring Stage Knockout. In the first match, the Hangzhou Spark defeated Contenders Dreamers 4-0 thanks to the performance … Read more

Warm ‘Coffee Talk Episode 2’, perfect for dawn sensibility

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly (hereinafter referred to as Coffee Talk 2) is a game that warms you up on a sleepless night by expressing a cup of hot coffee and a heart that is relaxed in that warmth. As in the previous work, unrealistic characters continue their realistic concerns, and we, who … Read more

Tower of Fantasy, New Replica ‘Rubelia’ Appears on June 3rd

Data provided – Perfect World A new replica Rubelia from Mirror City appears on June 3 in the sci-fi open world RPG ‘Tower of Fantasy’, developed by Hotta Studio under Perfect World Games and published by Perfect World Games. Rubelia, who stays up all night almost every night to study endlessly, is a reticent scholar … Read more

The classic gaming monitor, LG UltraGear 27GR75Q

▲ Among the LG Electronics booths at the 2023 World IT Show In 2023, when the restrictions on COVID-19 were relaxed, the reporter’s activity radius became very wide. Various exhibitions were held all over the world, including Korea, and it regained its former vitality. Thanks to that, I ended the past of tediously typing on … Read more

Studio Like a Dragon to hold a new work presentation on June 16

Sega Publishing Korea (CEO Saito Go) announced today that the studio’s new release, ‘RGG SUMMIT SUMMER 2023’, will be broadcast live on YouTube from 12:00 on Friday, June 16. RGG SUMMIT is a presentation that shares in-depth information about new works being developed by studios such as dragons. In 2022, three new works were presented … Read more

Logitech G Unveils New High-Performance Wireless Headset, PRO X 2

▲ Logitech G’s new wireless gaming headset, ‘Logitech G PRO X 2 LIGHTSPEED’ Logitech G, a gaming brand of Logitech, a global PC peripherals company, unveiled its wireless gaming headset ‘Logitech G PRO X 2 LIGHTSPEED (hereinafter referred to as Logitech G PRO X 2)’ for e-sports pro gamers. Logitech G PRO X 2is the … Read more

The root of all 3D horror comes from ‘Alone in the Dark’

A classic that is always mentioned when considering the origins of adventure-oriented survival horror games and furthermore, 3D horror games. Alone in the Dark (Alone in the Dark)is resurrected THQ Nordic conducted Spotlight alone in the dark on the 26th Korean time and released a new work, ‘Alone in the Dark’. As the title suggests, … Read more