Crysis Remastered Trilogy, PS4 Package Released on 26th

Materials provided – H2 Interactive H2 Interactive (hereafter H2 INTERACTIVE, CEO Jun-ha Huh) is a first-person shooter game developed in collaboration with Crytek and Saber Interactive, called ‘Crysis Remastered Trilogy (Crysis). emastered Trilogy)’ PS4 package was officially released to consumers today (November 26) at 59,800 won. Crysis Remastered Trilogy is a single-player only, remastered trilogy … Read more

The Return of the King of Open World Racing, Forza Horizon 5

The Mexican Race Will Be Called A Masterpiece Again It’s a short story that lasts about 90 minutes, including a few early missions and a showcase to announce the start of the series. All kinds of fuss with the trial versionIt’s been less than a month since I was all shaken up. However, what I … Read more

Bring all extreme sports together, ‘Riders Republic’ launched

Data provided – Ubisoft Ubisoft Entertainment announced on the 28th that it has officially released its outdoor sports game ‘Riders Republic’. Riders Republic, developed by Ubisoft Annecy Studios, is a battle royale extreme sports multiplayer game in which 50 or more players gather at the same time to race while riding wingsuits, skis, snowboards, and … Read more

A delightful space opera, Guardians of the Galaxy

The concept is a space opera that is used to perfection. ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, a vigilante group for cosmic peace, is a group of socially misfits with a dirty personality that I personally like quite a bit in the Marvel universe. It feels a little different in the comics, but in the MCU universe, … Read more

‘Just Dance 2022’, package pre-order sales start on the 27th

Data provided – Ubisoft Ubisoft Entertainment, a leader in game development, distribution and publishing, Ubisoft (Korea Representative Hong Soo-jung), in cooperation with Intra Games (CEO Bae Bae-chan), will start pre-order sales of the rhythm action game ‘JUST DANCE® 2022’ from the 27th. It was announced today (25th) that it will start. ‘Just Dance 2022’ is … Read more

Overwatch hero McCree’s new name, Cole Cassidy

On the 23rd, Blizzard Entertainment announced through its SNS that the new name of ‘McCree’, one of Overwatch’s heroes, has been decided as Cole Cassidy. Blizzard announced in August that it would change the name of the Overwatch hero now known as McCree. At the time, Blizzard announced that McCree would no longer be named … Read more

Steelseries launches ‘Prime Mini’ gaming mouse for pros

Data provided – Steel series The world’s first gaming gear brand SteelSeries (CEO: Etisham Lavani) announced that it has launched new esports gaming mice, ‘Prime Mini’ and ‘Prime Mini Wireless’. This product is a new ‘Prime Series’ developed based on the success of the ‘Prime Series’ of gaming mice equipped with an optical magnetic switch … Read more

Xbox 20th Anniversary Translucent Wireless Controller Revealed

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Xbox, Microsoft has released a product with a translucent wireless controller concept, and is currently taking pre-orders from Microsoft stores overseas. ▲ Xbox 20th Anniversary Controller(Source: Domestic Xbox official website) The 20th Anniversary controller features the Xbox’s signature green color on a translucent black background, around the Xbox … Read more

Can ‘Melty Blood’ quench the fans’ long thirst?

▲ 2021 was the year that surprised subculture users from the first day. Hopefully this will become a reality… After all, 2021 will be quite a monumental year for subculture users from a long time ago. Even jokingly, all the hopes and tortures of the earth would be destroyed if at least one of the … Read more