Anna Stropnická got married secretly. Was dad at the wedding too?

The daughter of Martin Stropnický (65) secretly got married at the weekend. Actress Anna Stropnická (33) married a colleague from the industry and long-time partner Jan Grundman (41). But whether the father also flew from Israel is a question. On Saturday, August 6, according to the newspaper Blesk z osměvavé actress Anna Stropnicka became a … Read more

Pierce Brosnan, Keeley Smith, wedding and how the actor celebrated the anniversary of the big day

The great love, the real one, which does not fade with time. Which overcomes all difficulties and stands above all. Who doesn’t dream of her… This is exactly the story of Pierce Brosnan and Keely Smith. Is Pierce Brosnan a happy husband and father? Family holidays and memories When we are in love, time flies … Read more

Shameless Bride Viral, Asks for Donations for Wedding Fees to Bridesmaid

Malaysia – The presence of bridesmaids or bridesmaids is now a common thing in a wedding. Bridesmaid is usually a friend or relative of the bride whose job it is to help the bride on the wedding day. But what happens if the bridesmaid is asked for money by the bride for the wedding costs? … Read more

The Story of a Semarang Woman’s Haru Losing a German Lover Before the Wedding… Page all

BERN, – OLD love doesn’t rust, it dries up. The classic German proverb which means true love never rusts, only withers has been believed to be true by many people. But, that didn’t apply to Diana. “The fire of my love for Raphael never goes out, let alone withers. It will continue to burn, … Read more

Recalled by his club, this player cannot attend his own wedding… and sends his brother in his place (photos)

Mohammed Buya Turay has priorities in life. And obviously, football comes before his own marriage. Having just transferred to the Swedish club Malmö, this Sierra Leonean player found himself faced with a good dilemma. While he was supposed to get married, his new club reminded him of his leave earlier, as he explains to the … Read more

Did not participate in own wedding

Mohamed Buya Turay (27) made his debut for Malmö in the home match against F91 Dudelange in the Europa League qualifiers, almost two weeks after he signed for the Swedish club. The 27-year-old from Sierra Leone has enjoyed a busy summer after leaving Chinese club Henan Songshan Longmen. The transition to Malmö was so busy … Read more

Abhaya Hiranmayi | Singer ‘Abhaya Hiranmayi To New Life’; Don’t be shocked if you see the groom, this is not a wedding

Singer Abhaya Hiranmayi is a presence on social media. All the pictures, videos, Instagram stories etc. posted by Abhaya are carefully watched by the fans. Most of Abhay’s posts are proof of diversity in life. The singer recently shared a video

Signs of the hour appear in Saudi Arabia… A groom tied his super beautiful bride to the bed on the night of the wedding and asks his friend to break her virginity and the shock of her reaction that does not occur to Satan.! !

In an incident described as shocking, especially after social networking sites in Saudi Arabia buzzed with a shocking story of a bride-to-be from Tabuk, her life turned into hell two weeks after her marriage. In the details, the bride, named Nada (24 years), suffered from memory loss and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital two … Read more

Far in the Dream, India Expects Indonesia to Buy BrahMos Missiles, KASAL Gives Shocking Answers – System missile supersonic BrahMos from India now captivating country–country from Southeast Asia. Indonesia be one country from Southeast Asia planning to acquire missile BrahMos. After successfully luring Filipina to buy missile BrahMos, India target some country Southeast Asia. A number of country from Southeast Asia including Indonesia and Malaysia to follow suit Filipina … Read more