A new feature in “WhatsApp” on “Android” .. Coming soon | technology | Saraya News Agency

Saraya – The WhatsApp instant communication application is developing a special feature that allows the ability to listen to voice messages while leaving the conversation. According to the “WABetaInfo” website, which specializes in “WhatsApp” news, when you start listening to an audio message, and return to your chat list, “WhatsApp” appears a new user interface … Read more

So you can see WhatsApp statuses without anyone knowing

The need to share moments of daily life, feelings and reflections led to WhatsApp to add the option to upload “state“, similar to Instagram stories. This feature allows users to upload images that are visible to all of their contacts. And also see what the others uploaded. As many want to “gossip” but without leaving … Read more

WhatsApp: How to turn off the app without disconnecting the Internet on the cell phone?

WhatsApp being the most used messaging application by users because it is essential to be connected all the time, whether for work or family issues where the number of calls, text messages and voice messages is constant; but surely this situation can exhaust you and not give you that peace of mind you are looking … Read more

How to turn off WhatsApp without disconnecting the internet on your phone?

Do you want to avoid WhatsApp calls or messages from reaching you? Then you must know the trick that will help you to do it without having to uninstall the app. Thousands of WhatsApp users have been surprised by a simple trick that has gone viral on social networks. Although it is the favorite app … Read more

The seven new functions that WhatsApp brings for this year

A very useful function that this application would have is to transcribe the audio messages. The Whastapp instant messaging application will have seven new functions for its users in the coming months that will allow it to facilitate and encourage the use of the app. WABetaInfo, one of the leading websites to report on WhatsApp … Read more

WhatsApp: trick to know the location of a contact

Mediotiempo Mexico City / 14.01.2022 00:17:54 The Technological tools They no longer only work to help us in professional tasks, but even in our day to day. And, in this sense, WhatsApp is more than a messaging applicationa, so much so that until could help us in an emergency. How? Beyond the posts Y calls, … Read more

WhatsApp and Instagram may even stop being part of the Facebook group

The news is not exactly a novelty. For the competition authority of the United States of America, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the company Meta has too many relevant services in the communications and social networks segment and, therefore, wants to force the company to abdicate some power. Now, a US court has given the … Read more

WhatsApp is developing a new feature that allows you to play voice messages without opening the application

We show you our visitors the most important and latest news in the following article: WhatsApp is developing a new feature that allows you to play voice messages without opening the application, today, Thursday, January 13, 2022 04:22 AM WhatsApp is working on a feature that allows users to play voice messages in the background … Read more