Task Force: Monkeypox Reinfection Can Occur When Body Immunity Decreases

Merdeka.com – Head of the Monkeypox Task Force, the Executive Board of the Indonesian Doctors Association (PB IDI) Hanny Nilasari said reinfection with monkeypox or Monkeypox may occur when the body’s immunity decreases. “Monkeypox is almost the same as other viral infections. If you are infected with a virus, at that time there are symptoms … Read more

NASA’s James Webb Telescope Reveals 10 Times More Galaxies Than Expected

Merdeka.com – In the early universe, the number of galaxies in the Milky Way or Milky Way was 10 times more than previously thought. This knowledge of the cosmos emerged from one of the first studies of images captured by NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. One of the authors involved in the study, Professor Christopher … Read more

Šafářová and Plekanec: Moving due to illness

“My mom got sick and we would like to be close to her with the whole family. I know our presence will help her a lot. Titles and a sports career are not everything,” he wrote Tomas Plekanec on Instagram. Together with Lucia Šafářová (35) therefore did not regret the expenses and bought the mentioned … Read more

Not the same impact, make sure to diet according to health conditions

Merdeka.com – There are many ways of diet in circulation and we can try to do. Unfortunately, the application of this diet can differ from one person to another depending on their health conditions. Clinical Nutrition Specialist dr. Cindiawaty Josito Pudjiadi, MARS, MS, Sp GK said that everyone has a different diet because the diet … Read more

To control hypertension, these are the rules for consuming high blood pressure

Merdeka.com – A number of health problems experienced by a person can be controlled with the consumption of drugs. One of the health problems that can be overcome with this condition is hypertension or high blood pressure. Consumption of drugs regularly and accompanied by a healthy lifestyle can be the right way to overcome this … Read more

Why do 1006 km racers put firewood or coal in their car tanks?

You can find the entire course of the race with a video here. Special race section: photos, articles, video. None of us knows the rules of language perfectly. That’s why we communicate without difficulty even using not-quite-exact phrases – we still understand each other. Therefore, Palanga race named the Palanga rally, not everyone smiles. Although … Read more

why more and more people use them and which are the best in 2022

Year after year, “123456” is consecrated as the most used password in the world. Cases of cyber attacks like the ones that happened this year Free marketwith hundreds of thousands of users affected, made more than one think about their online safety practices. In this context, password managers They can be great allies. It is … Read more

PYFA Presents AI-Based Cervix Cancer Screening Tool, Cerviray AI

Merdeka.com – Pyridam Farma (PYFA) together with AIDOT Inc. will present the product soon healthcare innovative for the Indonesian people, namely Cerviray AI, a cervical cancer detection tool portable which can help women in early detection of cervical cancer with a sensitivity level of 93% and a specificity level of 89%. Software Artificial Intelligence Cerviray … Read more

which ones will stay and why

The pandemic left several misunderstood curious people who from time to time frown and launch: “Che, do they still give Sinopharm? And Sputnik?”. seek to understand what vaccines against Covid they will remain standingin particular, thinking about the versatile Ómicron and any new variant that may arise. Although it is said that “the last will … Read more

Allergies can come at any time, self-medication is the best treatment

Merdeka.com – An allergic condition that is owned by a person is one of the health conditions that many people have. These health problems can be triggered by a variety of different things. Allergy is a chronic disease. That is, this disease will continue to exist because it is a disorder or abnormality in the … Read more