Five reasons to keep your software and devices updated – Barquisimeto News

Digital activity has become an indispensable part of personal and work life. Smartphones, computers, and other smart devices allow access to social networks, bank accounts, streaming platforms, instant messaging apps, or even health monitoring. Depending on the circumstances, they can also be an essential tool for the job. But all of these apps are based … Read more

3 Mysteries of Life on Earth That Are Hard to Explain in Science

Earth illustration. ©Pixabay/Joshart3d Reporter: Merdeka – Many mysteries of the universe are still unsolved by scientists, one of which is related to life in this vast galaxy. We believe that Earth is the only planet that has life, so how did life on Earth actually begin? What series of events led to the presence … Read more

Experts Call the Universe Shaped Like a Donut

Cosmic microwave background image taken by the Planck satellite. ©ESA/HFI/LFI Consortia Reporter: Merdeka – According to recent research, the universe may be shaped like a donut instead of flat like a pancake. This research stems from a strange pattern found in the echoes of the Big Bang. The new research also says astronomers haven’t … Read more

Five Planets Will Be Visible From Earth Simultaneously, Save The Dates

stars or planets. ©2015 Reporter: Hari Ariyanti – This year is a very good time to see the planets in our solar system. Five planets will be visible in the sky at the end of March. This is a rare phenomenon and should not be missed. Quoted from the Indy100 page, Wednesday (22/3), … Read more

Crab Facts about the Myriad Benefits of This Expensive Marine Animal

LINK UMKM – Indonesia is known as a maritime country, not without reason. Indonesia is given this nickname because its ocean area is larger than its land area. The area of ​​the ocean is an advantage to be proud of because the marine products are abundant and abundant. Indonesia’s many marine products include fish, shrimp, … Read more

What are the Sizes of the Largest and Smallest Asteroids in the Solar System? This Says Astronomers

Asteroid Apophis. ©2019 NASA Reporter: Hari Ariyanti – The asteroid caused the extinction of the dinosaurs millions of years ago, when a giant space rock hit Earth. But not all asteroids are Earth destroyers. Asteroids come in a variety of sizes, some small and some very large. So, what are the largest and smallest … Read more

in withdrawal for a few months, Jean-Marie Bigard confides in his addictions (video)

Drugs, alcohol, etc. While on the set of “TPMP People”, the comedian evokes everything, without filter. C8 screenshot It is with the aim of doing prevention that Jean Marie Bigard decided to speak openly about his addictions, this Saturday, March 11, when he was invited on the set of “TPMP People”, on C8. Asked by … Read more

Not the Same as Now, What did the Egyptian pyramids look like when they were built?

According to the National Museum of Scotland, workers used around 6.1 tons of limestone during the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The Great Pyramid, also called the Khufu Pyramid because it was built during the reign of the pharaoh Khufu (2551 BC to 2528 BC), is the largest and oldest pyramid in Giza. … Read more

Dimpled Roman Emperor Sphinx Statue Buried Thousands of Years in Egypt

Ancient Roman sphinx found in Egypt. ©Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities Reporter: Hari Ariyanti – Egyptian archaeologists discovered a sphinx statue in a limestone cabin excavated in southern Egypt. This artifact was found in the Dendera temple, Qena Province, 450 kilometers south of the capital Cairo. The discovery was announced by the Egyptian … Read more