“I’m in the worst shape of my life”: Will Smith and the belly everyone talks about

“I’ll be honest with you – I’m in the worst shape of my life.” With this confession, the actor Will Smith shared his photo on Instagram, in which he showed his stomach, which he acquired during the pandemic months, without a drop of shame and even with a cheerful face. A belly that can only … Read more

He’s never been in such bad shape

Let’s call that a snapshot: Will Smith is standing on his latest Instagram picture at a beautiful lake in nature and gesticulating wildly with one hand. But it is his “outfit” that immediately catches the eye: The actor only wears slippers, boxer shorts or swimming trunks and an open sports jacket. Underneath – bare skin. … Read more

Will Smith presents docuseries on equality on Netflix

As part of the February premieres, Netflix has launched a new documentary series for its subscribers, it is about ‘Amend: The Fight For America‘, an interesting production directed by Will Smith, which focuses on the issue of equality in the United States. ‘Amend: The Fight For America‘has come to Netflix with 6 episodes of approximately … Read more

Will Smith only earned 30% of his salary on the Prince of Rap

Currently Will Smith He is recognized as one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, in addition, he is one of the actors who has a huge fortune, however, just before he agreed to work in ‘The Prince of Rap’, the actor was in a difficult economic situation , which caused him to lose a large … Read more

Pablo Motos speaks of Will Smith as ‘the stroke of luck that changed his life’

After ten years at the helm of The Hormiguero, Pablo Motos He has many anecdotes behind him that occurred on the set, as well as a huge list of renowned guests from both our country and internationally. Actors, musicians, athletes, singers, politicians, television stars or journalists have sat in front of Trancas and Barrancas, just … Read more

‘Bright’, the science fiction movie of Will Smith and Netflix

Will Smith turns in 2021, 31 years since he debuted in ‘The Prince of Rap’, and in his long career he has starred in dozens of films with different studios, but the actor has only worked once in the world of streaming and did it with Netflix, in a sci-fi story called ‘Bright’. It is … Read more

Find out how cool you are with this quiz on Will Smith

Will Smith is considered one of the most profitable and beloved actors in the entire industry thanks to his personable and comical personality. Since his first big screen success, The Prince of rap, to his most recent film hits including Aladdin, Will Smith has definitely made his mark in the entertainment world. Show how much … Read more

Will Smith and the best performances of his career

In Hollywood there are several actors, who according to the fans, should have won an Oscar for their performances, one of them is Will Smith, who despite having been nominated twice has not managed to get the statuette, therefore, here we review the best performances of his career. But For many, the best performance that … Read more