Winner wants to form government coalition: election victory for conservatives in parliamentary elections in Lithuania – politics

Lithuania is facing a change of power. In the second round of the parliamentary elections, the opposition Patriotic Union became the strongest political force. The conservative party is expected to hold 50 of the 141 seats in parliament after the second round of elections. This was announced by the election commission in Vilnius on Monday … Read more

The amazing postcards of the Weather Photo Contest 2020: Find out which was the winner

Every day on Earth, meteorological phenomena take place that astonish and demonstrate the power of Mother Nature. Many of those spectacular moments go unnoticed or are only seen by a few people. But others, on the other hand, are captured by geniuses of photography who leave collectible postcards as a result. In this framework, lThe … Read more

Coronavirus vaccine: A Nobel Prize winner in Medicine, optimistic with the arrival of the coronavirus vaccine: “If it is not in spring, it must be before July”

Coronavirus vaccine Jules Hoffman is an expert in the field of immunology A Nobel Prize winner in Medicine, optimistic with the arrival of the coronavirus vaccine: “If it is not in spring, it must be before July” Uon vaccine against him coronavirus It is what the planet expects as May water. A lot there has … Read more

River leads the Conmebol ranking in the Copa Libertadores

Conmebol released its ranking with the countries that accumulated the most victories in the Copa Libertadores, from 1960 to the present, and River occupies the first place in Argentina and America, with 174 triumphs, among which it obtained four titles (1986, 1996 , 2015 and 2018) and three runners-up (1966, 1976 and 2019). Beyond adding … Read more

The Conmebol ranking that puts River as the most winner in the history of the Libertadores

The most winner, far. River enjoy a glorious present from the hand of Marcelo gallardo, who in just six years and coins in office has already become the coach who won the most titles in the club’s 119 years: 11 conquests, with two Libertadores Cups and one of them unrepeatable. And this present time undoubtedly … Read more

An Argentine film was the winner in Biarritz

He who Nacional has just scored two goals and two assists. On Friday, the 36th Chicago Latino Film Festival (the first of its specialty in the US and one of the few where the awards are decided by the public), announced its winners: the romantic comedy “The story of the weasels”, by Juan José Campanella, … Read more

“The sleepwalkers” the big winner at the Las Alturas Film Festival

The film “The Sleepwalkers”, by Paula Hernández, was consecrated yesterday as the big winner at the 6th edition of the Las Alturas Film Festival, which rewards productions from the entire Andean region, by winning the awards for best film and best director. In the online edition, which lasted nine days and could be seen for … Read more

High Score: The Incredible Life of Rebecca Heineman, the First Winner of a Video Game Championship

She is 56 years old and was the first winner of an eSports competition: in 1980 she became the champion of Space Invaders in a contest organized by Atari Rebecca Heineman (56) was gamer before the term itself existed. “Hopefully you knew a person or two who were in the same place as you, but … Read more