Austria urges Russia to withdraw not only from the Donbass

The minister set out his position on Thursday at the Austrian National Council (lower house of parliament). “In fact, Russia turns the spiral of escalation with exercises with Belarus, threats to deploy forces in Venezuela and Cuba, or cyber attacks against Ukraine. Yes, it is not easy to determine who is responsible for cyber attacks, … Read more

Ismaily threatens to withdraw from the League Cup

Cairo: «The Gulf» The Ismaili club’s board of directors issued a statement declaring its “categorically rejecting what the referee of the arena Mohamed Al-Sabahi and his assistant staff committed in the team’s match against Al-Ahly, the most important of which is calculating a penalty kick whose validity is questionable according to the testimony of arbitration … Read more

NATO will not withdraw its troops from Bulgaria in favor of Russia

Jens Stoltenberg rejected Moscow’s request for the Alliance to return to its positions before 1997. NATO will not withdraw troops from Bulgaria or any other Eastern European country, as Russia insists. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg explained to the Canadian television channel SVS key positions of the alliance in relation to Moscow. “NATO will never … Read more

Did Egypt really threaten to withdraw from the African Nations?

A Moroccan report revealed a high-caliber surprise about Egypt’s withdrawal from the African Nations Championship, following the events of the Tunisia-Mali match, which witnessed huge refereeing errors. To this, the Moroccan newspaper reported, following the strange and unfortunate event that took place in the match between Tunisia and Mali, whose hero was the Zambian referee … Read more

Stoltenberg: NATO will not agree to withdraw forces from long-standing member states

“We cannot accept the absence of NATO forces in the countries that have joined since 1997. After all, half of our members would be left unprotected, “he told the Canadian broadcaster CBC. “In that case, we would have second-class NATO members, and we cannot allow that,” Stoltenberg added. Speaking about the tense situation near the … Read more

It was not possible to withdraw the Opportunity Passport due to a disruption in the provision of services to the Registry Center

The opportunity passport cannot be downloaded either through the website or from Spokesperson for the Center of Registers Mindaugas Samkus Delphi confirmed that a potentially poor quality Microsoft Software Update has disrupted Registry Center services. “A potentially poor software update code recently installed by US software vendor Microsoft also disrupted Registry Center services … Read more

Foreign troops withdraw from Kazakhstan

The foreign soldiers who arrived in Kazakhstan last week are leaving the country again. Forces of the Russian-led regional military alliance CSTO had traveled to the country at the request of Kazakh President Tokayev to restore stability during last week’s large-scale protests. During the violent outbreaks of violence in several cities, the national security forces … Read more

A contingent of the Russian military alliance is preparing to withdraw troops from Kazakhstan

A contingent of Russia and its allied military alliance deployed in protest-hit Kazakhstan last week has begun preparing to withdraw troops from the Central Asian state, Russia’s defense ministry said. “Collective peacekeeping forces in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which have carried out their tasks, are beginning to prepare equipment and material for loading into Russian … Read more

Russian-led forces withdraw from Kazakhstan: tasks completed

Kazakhstan asked the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) to send forces as peaceful protests over fuel prices in the country escalated into an unprecedented wave of violence that claimed dozens of lives. The decision to send such a contingent was the first in the history of this bloc. Russia often presents the CSTO as a … Read more

Kazakh leader says ‘coup d’état’ and promises to withdraw Russian troops

During a video conference of the leaders of the military alliance that sent troops from several former Soviet states, Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed that the forces would be withdrawn as soon as their mission ended. Kazakhstan in Central Asia has experienced its worst wave of violence since independence since last week, but life in … Read more