Woman dies of covid-19 during flight to Dallas

A woman died during a flight from Las Vegas to Dallas in July, but now health authorities have determined that she died of covid-19. A Spirit Airlines employee performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the woman when she fell unconscious, and the plane was diverted to make an emergency landing in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where the woman […]

Texas woman died on a plane from covid-19 in July | Video

Posted at 22:57 ET (02:57 GMT) Tuesday, October 20, 2020 Playing 0:38 Posted at 22:57 ET (02:57 GMT) Tuesday, October 20, 2020 6:22 Posted at 20:56 ET (00:56 GMT) Tuesday, October 20, 2020 3:09 Posted at 17:32 ET (21:32 GMT) Tuesday, October 20, 2020 1:02 Posted at 16:17 ET (20:17 GMT) Tuesday, October 20, 2020 […]

Lorenzo Méndez, in the middle of the scandal, says: “I will never speak ill of a woman”

Your browser does not support iframes. Although Lorenzo Méndez surprised friends and strangers by deleting all the photos from his Instagram in an unexpected way, it seems that the still husband of Chiquis Rivera he is very active in other social networks and even commenting on other profiles to see what Mr. Tempo said about […]

A 30-year-old woman died of coronavirus on a plane in the United States

A woman wearing a mask prepares to board a plane amid the COVID-109 pandemic A woman in the United States in her thirties died of COVID-19 while on a plane going from Arizona to Texas, reported the authorities of that country. The woman’s identity is still withheld and she was only identified as a Garland, […]

Ángela del Pilar, a young woman attacked with an ax by Camilo Parra in Usaquén, fights for her life – Bogotá

On the night of October 16, Ángela del Pilar Ferro Gaitán, 30, was the victim of a massive attack on the part of his sentimental partner, Miguel Camilo Parra, in his own home, an apartment located in the El Redil neighborhood of the town of Usaquén, in Bogotá. (Read also: Boyfriend mourned the death of […]

Superman, Wonder Woman and Flash exist in the universe of the movie The Batman

When Warner Bros announced The Batman, one of the most frequent doubts among fans was how she would be connected to the DCEU. But we already know that this movie exists in a different universe, which could imply that Batman is the only hero in that universe. But recent photographs of the shoot confirm the […]

Ángela del Pilar Ferro Gaitán, the woman attacked with an ax by her partner in Bogotá | Femicide – Bogotá

For six months, Ángela del Pilar Ferro Gaitán and Miguel Camilo Parra lived together in a house located at Calle 174, 8-31, in the El Redil neighborhood. He had a job in a bilingual call center and sold pet products through Instagram, and she traded through the internet. They had already been having serious coexistence […]

Envigado mourns a woman who was apparently killed by her ex-partner

He alleged femicide of a young mother in Envigado , south of the Aburrá Valley, causes consternation among the community and the Municipal Administration. The victim is a 35-year-old woman, who was attacked with a knife in her home, located in the glove box sector. Although the mother of the family was transferred to the […]

The Batman. Superman and Wonder Woman will be on film; filter photos

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 18.10.2020 22:03:47 Everyone attentive that there is very important information about The Batman! The next movie of the famous Bat Man will have Superman Y Wonder Woman within the setting and with this it could be confirmed that the filming would be inspired by the comic The Long Halloween. Through […]

‘The Batman’: What do the images of the filming with Superman and Wonder Woman mean?

The most ardent fans of the comic book world hadn’t needed something so seemingly explicit to connect the dots, but without a doubt the last leaked images that come to us from the filming of ‘The Batman‘have become a pretty solid proof that your suspicions are on the right track. We talk about the theory […]