Tragic! Woman Dies After Being Thrown from a Wheel Chair When Going to Board a Plane

Florida – A woman in United States of America (US) died last week, or almost a year after the incident was thrown from a wheelchair while trying to board a plane through garbarata at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, FLbetween. The woman’s family blamed the airline Southwest Airlines over the incident. As reported The Independent, Wednesday … Read more

Spain, couple found dead at home. The woman is Italian –

The bodies found in a house near Cadiz. The man of Swiss nationality. Hypothesis murder-suicide but the police do not confirm A man and a woman were found dead, shot dead, in a house in the locality of La Linea de la Concepcion (Cádiz). The Spanish police investigate and the first investigations show that one … Read more

Woman (19) invents cancer, starts donation page and puts everything in her own pocket | Abroad

American media report this on Tuesday based on police sources. The woman, named Madison Russo, was arrested on January 23 and charged with theft by deception, a crime that carries a 10-year prison sentence in Iowa. Russo pretended to be battling leukemia and pancreatic cancer. She posted several videos of her “sick bed” on TikTok. … Read more

Ariadne Díaz and the soap opera character who was denied for looking like a “strong woman”

Actress Ariadne Diaz discussed her career in a space on Instagram (Photo by John Parra/Getty Images) In show business things are constantly changing. Who yesterday was a rival in the competition to get a role, tomorrow may be another coworker. The Mexican actress Ariadne Díaz was talking about this and many things with Chema Cortés … Read more

The husband of the woman who killed their children: “Forgive Lindsay, as I did”

He has forgiven her and asks others to do so too. The story is tragic and devastating. Patrick Clancy is the husband of Lindsay, the woman who killed their children by strangling them. The woman then attempted to commit suicide. The family lived in Massachusetts. Lindsay is now in custody amid charges of murder, strangulation, … Read more

“He called my work and said I had been in bed with a toddler”: woman is stalked for three years after meeting via dating site | Popular in HLN+ REGION

Pelt/Hasselt“She dreamed of a little house-garden-child. Now she never wants another man.” A young woman’s lawyer left no doubt in court about the impact of three years of extreme stalking. The perpetrator was a 30-year-old man who met the victim through a dating site. And who clearly could not accept that no relationship resulted from … Read more

SJL: a man and a woman were shot by four hitmen

A man and a woman were shot by up to four hitmenon Rotterdam avenue, in the Arriba Perú human settlement, in the Lima district of Saint John of Lurigancho (SJL). The couple was traveling in a car, when they were intercepted by four unknown persons aboard two motorcycles who, without saying a word, opened fire. … Read more

“Return to Seoul”, the birth of a woman –

Retracing the quest of a young Frenchwoman of Korean origin who seeks to find her biological parents, the filmmaker Davy Chou goes beyond the subject of adoption to draw the fascinating portrait of a chameleon woman defying any identity assignment. Frédérique Benoît (Park Ji-min, staggering revelation of the film), known as “Freddie”, is 25 years … Read more

Viral story, Bangladeshi woman crosses a river full of crocodiles to marry a boyfriend who is known via Facebook – Social media is enlivened with the story of a woman who is willing to cross a crocodile-infested river to marry her boyfriend. The upload has even been viewed 613,000 times, liked by 15,400 citizens, and shared 933 times. “For the sake of my love for you I will cross the ocean of crocodiles,” … Read more

Couple arrested in Russian restaurant after customer overhears them talking critically about war: images show smiling woman in handcuffs

A couple has been arrested in a Russian restaurant and charged with disorderly conduct. Another customer of the restaurant is said to have called the police because the couple spoke critically about the war in Ukraine. This is reported by various local media. adbBron: Novaya Gazeta, Radio Svoboda, Bloknot Krasnodar, Ghest Krasnodar Tuesday, January 31, … Read more