“What were you doing?”.. The prosecution is interrogating a woman who jumped from her neighbor’s balcony

03:21 PM Thursday, September 22, 2022 Books – Muhammad Shaban: A force from the Osim Police Department escorted a housewife to the Public Prosecution Brigades after she jumped from the balcony of her neighbor’s house. The beginning dates back to Brigadier Hani Shaarawy, head of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Northern Sector, receiving a … Read more

Antwerp zoo denies woman access: ‘She keeps seeking contact, that is not healthy for the chimpanzee’ Abroad

The Antwerp Zoo has denied a regular visitor access. The woman was already there repeatedly pointed out that her behavior towards one of the chimpanzees, Chita, was not good for the animal’s well-being. She regularly interacted with the animal for several hours a day, which prevented the monkey from bonding properly with the other chimpanzees. … Read more

Pregnant woman dies after woman with knife angry in Sumedang public transportation

Sumedang – Residents of Sumedang, West Java, were shocked by the action of a woman who attack passengers in a city transportation (angkot). A pregnant woman died in the incident. The incident occurred when angkot 05 on the Tanjungsari-Cicalengka route passed on Jalan Raya Sumedang-Cirebon or precisely around SMAN 1 Tanjungsari, Thursday (22/9/2022). Tanjungsari Police … Read more

Woman protested for too big chest, asked to sit alone on plane

Jakarta – A model named Leia Parker who is said to have the biggest breasts in the UK has shared her recent unpleasant experience. He admitted to being treated badly by an airline. The passengers protested because of his body shape, he admitted that he was asked to sit alone on the plane. Leia Parker, … Read more

Giorgia Meloni on the cover of Stern is “the most dangerous woman in Europe”

The cover of the new issue of the German weekly Stern is dedicated to Giorgia Meloni, defined as “The most dangerous woman in Europe”. In the subtitle of the first it is written: “The post-fascist Giorgia Meloni can win the elections in Italy with the help of Putin’s friends – This would have extreme consequences … Read more

Engage in Ojol Food in 5 Applications, 22-Year-Old Woman Earns IDR 17 Million a Week

loading… Atlanta Martin is a food ojol driver on 5 apps in the UK. Foto/timesnownews.com LONDON – The profession as a food delivery person or food vendor turns out to be promising a lucrative income. The proof, this 22-year-old woman is able to generate income of up to IDR 17 million per week with this … Read more

Women are more susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease, apparently this is the reason

Parapuan.co – Did you know that out of 6.2 million people with the disease alzheimer those aged 65 and over, nearly two-thirds are woman? This means that alzheimer’s disease almost twice as common in women as in men. Why is Alzheimer’s disease more common in women? Women Live Longer Quote from Harvard Health Publishingthe first … Read more

Emirates News Agency – Arab Sports Stars: Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Award for Women’s Sports is an incentive to reach global podiums

ABU DHABI, September 21 / WAM / The search for individual awards remains a major goal in the career of every male and female athlete in an atmosphere of self-affirmation and striving for the podium of crowning titles. But few awards get so much attention and can be an essential motivator and motivator for athletes … Read more

A young Saudi woman could not control herself in front of a young man working in a perfume shop.. She acted with him in a very bold way and asked him for a shocking request.. (Watch the video)

2022/09/21 It’s 02:20 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite Tweeters on social media have re-circulated a bold video of a Saudi girl harassing a worker in a perfume shop. The Saudi girl could not control herself in front of Wassama, a handsome young man who works in a perfume shop. Angry activists circulated on social … Read more