go viral! Video of a Young Woman in Bogor Becomes a Victim of Her Friend’s Violence, Netizens: Legal Process!

Bogor – Recently circulated a video showing an unscrupulous act of a group teenagers Princess the one doing the action violence a teenager Princess other. The video is the talk of the town social media after account instagram named @bogordailynews uploaded it on social media. In the action, footage of a cellphone is seen showing … Read more

Learn the truth about the marriage of Sherine Reda and Ahmed El-Fishawy.. Amr Diab’s divorced woman admitted this shocking matter to the public!!

2022/06/27 It’s 06:10 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite The artist, Ahmed El-Fishawy, recently flirted with Sherine Reda by publishing a photo of them together during their attendance at the five session of the El Gouna Film Festival, through his official account on “Instagram”, attached to it: “Here I will keep quiet a lot.” The … Read more

Viral Woman Invites 9 Exes to Wedding to Bring Banners to the Aisle

Jakarta – This Chinese bride caused a stir at her wedding after nine of her former boyfriends came to her sacred event. Not without reason, the men were deliberately invited by the woman surnamed Ting. From the video that has spread on social media, Ting looks like he is on the aisle wearing a white … Read more

The signs of the hour will inevitably appear.. A beautiful young woman brought her friend to study with her at home in the absence of her brother.. And when he came back and saw what she was doing, the shock that paralyzed him immediately.!!

We must be careful in choosing a friend, because his bad choice will cause us to face many obstacles and problems. In detail, today’s story takes place in one of the apartments where a father and two of his sons live. His eldest son worked in a major company, while his youngest daughter was in … Read more

Summer shirt? Absolutely yes! We will show you 10 models that meet the demands of TOP styling – Beauty and Fashion – Woman

It is not one of the most frequently used parts of a women’s wardrobe. We will try to convince you that you should give her a chance. The shirt has an exemplary place in the summer wardrobe and surprising variability. Photo: brand archive Women’s patterned shirt H&M, sold for 39.99 euros. Women usually reach for … Read more

The Story of a Woman Living with 2 Husbands, Tragic Ending Reveals Shocking Facts

Jakarta – A case of marriage in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, China, had become the spotlight. The case occurred in 2015 when a woman reported to the police that her first husband had killed her current husband. Knowing this, the police immediately launched an investigation and visited the scene. There the police found the body of … Read more

Coronavirus, 317 new cases and three deaths in the Ravenna area. A 56-year-old woman dies

317 new cases of Coronavirus and three deaths in the Ravenna area, including that of a woman of just 56 years. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 1,554,149 positive cases have been recorded in Emilia-Romagna, 2,961 more than on Sunday, out of a total of 7,793 swabs performed in the last 24 hours, of which … Read more

Belgian lover shoots woman (32) in the head and drives her to his sister in critical condition | Abroad

The murder took place on Saturday evening around 10.45 pm in Overmere, near Ghent. The suspected SD shot his mistress Sandra in his car along the highway, after which he drove in great panic to his sister in Berlare, a drive of ten kilometers. The woman was then lying in the back seat of the … Read more

Han So-hee and Lee Sun-bin look alike… Dol Singles 3 with the appearance of an all-time greatest visual woman

Enter 2022.06.26 13:08 Edited 2022.06.26 13:08 ‘Dol Singles 3’./Photo courtesy of MBN, ENA 4MCs Lee Hye-young, Yoo Se-yoon, Lee Ji-hye, and Jung Gyeo-woon of ENA and MBN’s variety show ‘Dol Singles 3’ burst into laughter at the successive appearances of ‘celebrity resemblance’. In ‘Dol Singles 3’, which will be aired for the first time on … Read more