Earthquake to Men and Women. Tina Cipollari, the farewell is final, Maria has chosen another: here is who will replace the columnist

The presence of Teresanna Pugliese as a guest of Men and women, is alarming fans of the popular dating show who fear that the former tronist and later suitor may replace Tina Cipollari. Cyclically the rumors of a possible farewell of the historic columnist at the court of Maria De Filippi chase each other, as … Read more

6 Types of Sports that are Suitable for Women

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Sport is the best way to keep the body active to avoid a number of health problems, including woman. The following types of sports are suitable for women. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of life. One of the major lifestyle changes is reduced physical activity. Even though the new … Read more

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Permits Sexy Awratic Umbar Women, Citizens: I Feel Happy – Crown Prince Saudi Arabia let the woman umbar aurat sexy, residents feel happy will be discussed in this article. Crown Prince Saudi Arabia, Muhammad bin Salman indeed often create a lot of controversy since obtaining the right to power. Crown Prince Saudi Arabia explained that this was done so that the country he … Read more

Stoltenberg calls on NATO allies and Russia to renegotiate

The proposed series of discussions at the NATO-Russia Council could take place “in the near future,” the leader of the alliance said after talks with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. The aim is to “address our concerns, but also to talk about Russia’s concerns and try to find a way forward to prevent any military attack … Read more

Studies confirm: corona vaccines safe for pregnant women | The Throw

ANP Productions | Source: ANP Yesterday at 13:07 Utrecht Corona vaccines are safe to use by pregnant women. This has been clearly confirmed by studies of about 65,000 pregnant women, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the Dutch medicine authority MEB report. “These are very nice and reassuring results,” says MEB chairman Ton de Boer. … Read more

Metsola, von der Leyen, Lagarde. Three women lead Europe, yet it is not enough

It is a historical fact, which will probably be discussed at length: with theelection from Roberta Metsola at the helm of the European Parliament, the EU becomes the first supranational organization to see women in virtually all key roles, with the exception of the European Council led by Charles Michel. The first was Christine Lagarde, … Read more

Concerned over new Covid-19 outbreak, China disinfects all international mail

China, where the new coronavirus first appeared in late 2019, is pursuing a strict Covid-19 zero-case policy at a time when the rest of the world is reopening a closed society during a pandemic. China is now battling many small outbreaks, including one in the capital, Beijing, two weeks before the Winter Olympics in Beijing. … Read more

In the “Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week”… a global summit for energy and the role of youth and women

The activities of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week continue within the activities of Expo 2020 Dubai, with a focus on the role of youth and women towards innovation and sustainability. The activities of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week will continue until next Wednesday, and the activities were launched with the holding of the General Assembly of the … Read more

Antwerp women testify about intimidation on the street: “Sometimes in the evening I am chased to my front door” (Antwerp)

Antwerp-North. — © Victoriano Moreno Antwerp – Deodorant, keys, even sugar cubes… These are little things women carry around to defend themselves should the need arise. Although the number of reports of street harassment in Antwerp has fallen in recent years, the problem remains serious in Antwerp-North. Several women testify about catcalling, being yelled at … Read more