Money blog: Safe investments – It usually doesn’t work without price fluctuations

As soon as you want a return on your money, you are exposed to a more or less high risk – security also has a price. Martin player Published: 01/18/2021, 5:30 am Because of the record-low interest rates, it is hardly possible to generate decent returns on bonds. Illustration: Christina Baeriswyl Some time ago it … Read more

Barcelona, ​​Liga and Emelec started with preseason work

Barcelona SC had its first training session of the season, this Monday, January 18, in the alternate fields of the Monumental Stadium in Guayaquil. In addition, Liga de Quito and Emelec also worked on their complexes. Barcelona preseason started with physical and medical tests on campus. Subsequently, the team completed its first training on the … Read more

Noelia’s Daring Way To Work Out With Just One Thread

Noelia’s Daring Way To Work Out With Just One Thread | Instagram Being a successful singer, businesswoman, model, and social media personality Noelia he manages to conquer more Internet users every day thanks to his peculiar way of attracting attention, this time he managed to do it thanks to video in which when exercising you … Read more

IKEA offers work to former Best Buy employees in Mexico (+ photos)

IKEA, the Swedish furniture and appliance store, opened its doors to former employees of Best Buy, who just a few weeks ago announced that he was retiring from Mexico. Through its official Twitter account, Best Buy, the chain specialized in the sale of electronics, thanked IKEA for the support of its former collaborators who would … Read more

DeFi Special: Loans anonymous and for everyone? – This is how coin lending platforms work

display from, January 17th, 2021, 6:23 pm In today’s part of our weekly DeFi Special, we’ll be delving into one of the fastest growing areas of DeFi and even the entire crypto ecosystem: what is known as coin lending. Here you can find out how you too can benefit from it … One of … Read more

Smart glasses: what do they do? How do they work?

At the beginning of the last decade the technology companies they began to see a new market in which to compete: wearables. This English term refers to all those day-to-day garments or accessories that, thanks to technology, acquire new functions or extra functions. For example: smart clothes, smart bracelets and music headphones with more functions … Read more

UK, hoping its shutdown will work

UK returns to lockdown on day of first Oxford vaccination The United Kingdom has been shielded from today and indefinitely. Its air corridors are closed until at least February 15, which means that passengers must present a recent negative diagnostic test and undergo a ten-day quarantine. He fears the importation of new strains of covid-19. … Read more

How does the Microsoft Teams digital app work?

With the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people made the decision to use technological mechanisms, in order to stay connected through digital applications to make video calls. Microsoft Teams it is one of them and has become very popular in the times of confinement. The advantage of Microsoft Teams is that it has many … Read more

The weather helped firefighters have less work

The interventions of firefighters from Bahia in natural grass fires during the last month and a half were less than expected, due to the abundant rains recorded and the few days with high temperatures that occurred. However, the barracks chiefs consulted La Nueva. They agreed that the decrease in the number of igneous foci on … Read more

The work of the first gay activist is free of copyright 70 years after his death

The poet, writer and criminologist George Cecil Ives (1867-1950) had to bite the bullet so that the group he founded in 1897 was not noticed in Victorian England. Created the first organization in defense of gay rightsbut he clothed it with a society of scholars with the name of Order of Queronea. Five years earlier, … Read more