AMD is working on a solution similar to DLSS 2.0 that will work on consoles and PC

If you are a regular fan of graphics technology and new features, surely you have read or heard about DLSS 2.0, the impressive feature of nvidia cards that allows you to simulate an image at a target resolution much higher than what is being used natively. The result is such that it allows many graphics … Read more

Work environment: What to do to be recognized as the best companies to work for in the world by Great Place To Work? | DHL Express | ECONOMY

In difficult times like these, take care of the working environment It turns out to be a plus for a company. Providing a good physical and human climate brings satisfaction to employees and with it greater productivity. Great Place to Work 2020 and the Fortune company evaluated 10,000 companies in the midst of the pandemic … Read more

Social work: Social worker about starting a career at the youth welfare office

The start into working life is exciting, exhausting – and often different than planned. In the series “My first year in the job” young professionals tell how they experienced this time. This time: Franca *, 23. She works for the general social service of the youth welfare office. “I started my professional life with almost … Read more

COVID-19 in CDMX: how to process your proof of absence from work if you have the virus or live with someone infected

If you tested positive for COVID-19 or live with someone who tested positive, process your proof of absence from work and stay home (Photo: Gustavo Graf / REUTERS)If you contracted COVID-19 or you live with someone who suffers from it and you have the obligation to go out to work, don’t worry, you can process … Read more

Frechen-Buschbell: Center for work through education and sport: ZABS combines work and competitive sport

Cheeky Bushbell – (lk) Team spirit, fairness, self-discipline and a sense of responsibility – qualities that play a role in sport as well as in professional life and everyday life. With this basic idea, the Center for Work through Education and Sport (ZABS), on the premises of the Gold Kraemer Foundation in Frechen, pursues the … Read more

With this amazing NFT of a work of art two children will be able to fulfill their dreams

A former baseball player has created a non-fungible token (NFT) for a time-sensitive artwork while allowing cryptocurrency holders to donate some Bitcoin to help two African-American children fulfill their dreams. According to a representative of the artist, former Tampa Bay Rays player Micah Johnson, the market Async Art will make this artwork available on an … Read more

Government regulated the reverse mortgage: this is how it will work

The Government regulated the real estate life annuity, a mechanism with which adults over 65, who own a home, can have an income until their death. The operation, also known as a reverse mortgage, will allow Colombian households to use their real estate assets to increase the usual income of the elderly, which represents great … Read more

Hearthstone designer Dave Kosak leaves Blizzard after 12 years of work

In a new internal move deep in the guts of Blizzard, Hearthstone designer Dave Kosak is leaving the company after a 12-year career. One of the most prominent members of the California company’s card game development team, especially following Ben Brode’s departure in 2018, today announced his departure from this team. Through his personal Twitter … Read more

Microsoft Power Platform Helps Businesses Safely Return to Work

Microsoft Power Platform – Microsoft helps companies return safely to their workplace – One of the main challenges that companies have faced in recent months is adopting their operation to remote models. Although, prior to the health situation, only 2.9% of the workforce performed their duties from home, this figure increased to oscillate the 23% … Read more

Jonathan Isaac continues to work to return after his injury: “I still have hope” | Spain

The Orlando Magic player suffered a relapse on his return to the courts during the restart of the competition in his left knee, which has meant a regression in his potential and a serious blow to his expectations as an NBA player. Still, the Florida State-trained forward aims to come back when he’s ready. … Read more