“Prayut” is in a good mood, talks with Kranueng, “Pee Pom” asks the Minister to help each other work together for a long time. do good and keep going

Cabinet meeting. The Prime Minister is in a good mood, talks about “Prawit” without conflict. As for New Year’s gifts, it is expected to be discussed next week. Ask the ministers to help each other work together for a long time. Do good things and keep doing it. Today (December 6), reporters reported that At … Read more

Parcoursup: how does it work for students living abroad?

Posted on Tuesday, December 6, 2022 • Reading time: 4 minutes Parcoursup is the national platform for the pre-registration of wishes for access to the first year of higher education in France. Students studying in a French high school abroad or in a foreign educational establishment can register on the Parcoursup platform and express their … Read more

Maintenance work » inside digital

Greetings from IT! We’re sorry, but there’s really nothing to see here at the moment. Because inside digital is in maintenance mode. Admittedly, cat hair probably didn’t really set the server on fire. But even if it’s just a routine check or simply temporarily no database connection possible: Please give us a few moments to … Read more

Interview with the producer of “Dragon Quest Treasure Hunting Expedition”, a new work with the bloodline of “Monster Ragnarok” | 4Gamers

The latest extension of the “Dragon Quest” series developed by Square Enix “Dragon Quest Treasure Hunting Expedition Team Blue Eyes and Sky Compass” will be released this week. Before the launch, Asian media interviewed the producer of this work Inuzuka Taiichi, he was also the producer of the “Dragon Quest Monster Wonderland” (hereinafter referred to … Read more

Much different pay for equal work, new research shows – NRK Trøndelag

The colleagues have different genders – and different amounts on their payslips. That we have a pay gap between women and men in Norway is a well-known fact. We know that more women work in professions that are traditionally lower paid. But this is not the whole picture. A new and comprehensive study shows that … Read more

how will the points system work

The Colombian Minister of Transportation, Guillermo Reyes González, announced that there will be changes in driving licences, where now it will be a points system to punish offenders. The head of this Portfolio did not provide details about the operation, regulation or validity of the new system, but affirms that it will be announced before … Read more

Technology: Start of construction work on the largest telescope in the world

Article information Author, Jonathan Amos Role, BBC science correspondent December 6, 2022 Photo credit, WILL image caption, Satellite dish prototype: The South African site will see the installation of satellite dishes One of the greatest scientific projects of the 21st century began its construction phase on Monday. It is the biggest telescope in the world. … Read more

Virtual Reality Is Called A Post-Stroke Therapy Solution

Merdeka.com – Immersive technology startup, Aruvana, announced a partnership to develop a post-stroke therapy product, VINERA (Virtual Neuro Engineering and Restoration) with PT Medika Brain Sejahtera. The presence of this product is intended to accelerate the expansion of post-stroke therapy solutions using Virtual Reality (VR) technology. VINERA is the first VR technology-based application in Indonesia … Read more

Kaliningrad is hit by Putin’s war. The economy suffers, instead of work allotments

Kaliningrad Oblast is an exclave, there is no direct connection to the rest of Russia. This put him in a particularly difficult position in the face of Western sanctions. The biggest challenge was the transport of goods. “The European Union has limited (one of the sanctions) the possibility of transporting any goods to Kaliningrad. This … Read more

They develop a vaccine against fentanyl, how would this anti-drug dose work? – The Sun of Tampico

The University of Houstonin association with other organizations, works actively in the development of a vaccine to avoid the effects of fentanyla synthetic opioid with a high degree of addiction. the urgency of vaccine is a consequence of the figures reported by the United States National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), which registered, in 2017, … Read more