One year after the Lebanese explosion, the economic crisis is raging. There is no electricity, petrol or medicine

The huge explosion resembled an atomic explosion. Just a year ago, in the early evening of August 4, footage began to spread from Lebanon, reminiscent of the making of a film about the end of the world. 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate exploded in the port of Beirut. A few months later, British experts concluded … Read more

Dropping class, Indonesia is getting more and more difficult to become a developed country

There are several consequences of this downgrade of Indonesia’s ranking. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID,JAKARTA — Indonesia has dropped its rank to a lower middle class or low middle income country, according to the World Bank’s assessment. This decline in the Indonesian class will have major consequences for the country’s economic development. Citing a World Bank report, the latest … Read more

Huf! Indonesian Economy Below Malaysia & Parallel to Timor Leste

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Indonesia must accept its fate in the midst of the many bad news that hit. The economy, which has slumped since last year, has led to a class decline to the lowest level of a middle-income country. As quoted by CNBC Indonesia based on a World Bank report, Friday (9/7/2021), Indonesia … Read more

The covidpas began to apply. WHO warns against delta, Poland attracts to vaccinate lotteries – ČT24 – Czech Television

Free certificates of vaccination, negative testing or past illnesses have been issued and recognized by all EU countries, as well as Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. The only exception is Ireland, which justified its delay in launching the system with technical problems. Most countries, including the Czech Republic, joined the system as part of a trial … Read more

RI Pockets New Debt of IDR 11.36 Trillion from World Bank

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Indonesia bagged debt only US$800 million or equivalent to Rp11.36 trillion (exchange rate of Rp14,200 per US dollar) from World Bank. This debt will be used to fund investment and trade policy reforms, and help accelerate economic recovery. The World Bank’s Director for Indonesia and Timor Leste Satu Kahkonen said major … Read more

Coronavirus strikes harder in regions with high levels of particulate matter in the air, researchers conclude

Saturday, May 2, 2020, 1:47 PM EINDHOVEN – The coronavirus strikes harder in regions where a lot of particulate matter is present in the air. Researcher Bo Andrée concludes this in a study for the World Bank. He advises that further investigation is needed quickly. In his study, Andrée compared data on particulate matter in … Read more

Corona pandemic: recession gives the world an even bigger catastrophe

FAt least 80,000 people worldwide have died of Covid-19, the disease that is caused by the novel corona virus. That is the status of April 7th, and there will surely be many thousands more in the coming weeks, despite the radical measures that are in effect almost everywhere in the world. However, far more people … Read more

Covid-19: the return of the welfare state?

Grandstand. The partial confinement of Europe has revived the idea that capitalism is definitely a very fragile system and that the welfare state is back. In fact, the flaw in our economic system revealed by the tragedy of the coronavirus is unfortunately simple: if an infected person is able to infect several others in a … Read more