THE BALL – Is FC Porto a fair national roller hockey champion? Know the results of the poll (Poll)

FC Porto beat Benfica 3-2 in the fifth and decisive game of the play-off final, at Dragão Arena, and is the new national roller hockey champion (for the 24th time), succeeding Sporting. Do you think this is a fair champion? When voting is closed, see the final result below. Thank you to everyone who participated … Read more

The smallest camper in the world costs like a Panda, is super cool and will change your life

Few motor vehicles are smaller than the Honda N-Van Compo. And the best part is that we are talking about a camper. Indeed, there is more, than a four-bed camper. Yet it measures just 3.40 meters, which is 25 cm less than a Fiat Panda. A motorhome of this size is rightly referred to as … Read more

World Screen relanza – LATIN TV

World Screen has completely redesigned its flagship video portal, WorldScreenings.comoffering a host of improvements and a sleek new look. Additionally, World Screen has introduced four new specialized screening destinations:,, y Inspired by the success of our trade magazines, websites and newsletters, these destinations will provide procurement executives with an environment specifically … Read more

Russia, China Angry at NATO, which raises world alarm in danger

Thursday, 30 June 2022 – 17:17 WIB VIVA – Moscow and Beijing rebuke NATO on Thursday 30 June 2022 after declaring Russia as a direct threat and said China poses a serious challenge to global stability. The Western military alliance concluded a summit in Madrid where there was a strong warning recommendation that the world … Read more

Before the British Grand Prix.. 8 exciting information about the Formula 1 World Championship

Silverstone will host the tenth round of the 22 seasons this season, the Formula 1 World Championship, which is the British Grand Prix. The lap length is 5,891 km, with a total distance of 306,198 km over 52 laps. The race winner in the 2021 edition was Britain’s Lewis Hamilton with Mercedes. The race starts … Read more

Plum beer or gelato? Mochi or ball ice cream? Guide to the world of ice cream – Interesting

The choice can sometimes be too wide, so “Narvesen” offers a brief insight into the diverse world of ice creams. Plombira ice cream. A classic! Everyone has managed to taste this ice cream at least once in their life. It’s simple but delicious – it’s mostly made with eggs, heavy cream, sugar and condensed milk … Read more

These are 3 countries that could attack Russia first in World War 3

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The war that took place in Ukraine due to the Russian attack on the country has brought the threat of World War 3 to the fore. The reason is, outside the countries that are in direct conflict, a number of countries have also raised their voices, even providing military assistance, including … Read more

Dead Star Empty Detected in Milky Way Galaxy’s Interstellar Gas, Like What? page all – The dead will leave the void, as is the case in the case of massive stars. Recent analysis of thin gas drifting between stars in Milkyway Galaxyrevealing a trail of bubbles expanding into space as a massive star becomes supernova at the end of his life. According to scientists, these traces record the … Read more

A BOLA – Court rejects injunction and Nicolía fails title game (Roller Hockey)

The Southern Administrative Court dismissed the injunction brought by Benfica and Carlos Nicolía will even miss the fifth and decisive game of the final of the national roller hockey championship, against FC Porto, on Wednesday night (20:00, broadcast on THE TV BALL). The Argentine hockey player was shown the red card in game 4, at … Read more

Blizzard Entertainment Acquires “Spellbreak” Developer Proletariat, Strengthens “World of Warcraft” Team R&D Capabilities

the message statesBlizzard Entertainment has acquired Proletariat, the developer of the battle royale multiplayer online game “Spellbreak”, to strengthen the research and development capabilities of the “World of Warcraft” team, thereby helping to promote the expected launch this year.“World of Warcraft” 9th expansion “Dragon Rise”Development work. Blizzard Entertainment Acquires “Spellbreak” Developer Proletariat, Strengthens “World of … Read more