Antonino Spinalbese’s gaffe at GF Vip, appoint the ex Belen in place of Giaele: I was wrong

Big Brother Vip 2022/2023 Antonino Spinalbese’s gaffe to Big Brother Vip: the competitor let slip the name of Belen Rodriguez, his former partner, instead of that of Giaele De Donà. Realizing the mistake, you immediately shut your mouth and said: “Nothing, I made a mistake.” Turn on notifications to receive updates on Big Brother Vip … Read more

Municipalities massively wrong with energy surcharge 2023

Unclear communication According to the Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG), municipalities mistakenly inform their residents incorrectly because the government has communicated very unclearly about when municipalities were allowed to pay out. It was always in line with the expectation that it would be possible from January. “It came as an unpleasant surprise that this was … Read more

“For me you got the wrong guy!”

Since then, their recalls from the Laval Rocket, Rafaël Harvey-Pinard and Alex Belzile have had great times with the big club. The former head coach of the Montreal Canadiens Michel Therrien sees their arrival as “a breath of fresh air” for the CH. Obviously, the opportunity presented to his two players would not be possible … Read more

Nosebleed|Frequent nosebleed equals cancer?The doctor revealed that he did one wrong step to stop the nosebleed and needed first aid (with hemostasis method) | Headline Daily

Is frequent nosebleed equal to cancer?The doctor revealed that he did one wrong step to stop the nosebleed and needed first aid In winter, the weather is dry, the air humidity is low, coupled with the use of heaters, the nasal mucosa is dry and the blood vessels in the nose become fragile, which is … Read more

Rugby Union – Top 14: after USAP’s victory against Stade Français, Patrick Arlettaz assures that the Catalans played “without fear of doing wrong”

This Saturday, January 28, USAP won, in Aimé-Grial, 31-24, after a successful performance. Obviously proud of his troops after these last complicated weeks, manager Patrick Arlettaz is delighted to see that this cut has, perhaps, removed some headwinds. Victory was expected. And the way in which the Catalans have beaten the pawn at the Stade … Read more

The wrong judgments and hasty actions of Libra: the horoscope for Thursday 26 January

Today’s Blackbeard horoscope, Thursday 26 January Aries. 21/3 – 20/4 The Moon in the sign that withstands Mercury’s attack well and a confrontation with the boss by adopting a direct, courageous and assertive behavior. Everyone would like something from you, maybe some expectations will be disappointed, but certainly not your fault. Tour. 21/4 – 20/5 … Read more

Belgian woman (38) goes to Turkey for liposuction but it all goes wrong | News

LOOK. Images show gigantic bruises after liposuction on a Belgian woman Our compatriot’s story is extensively covered in Turkish media. Helveh A. (38) moved to Turkey with her family in April 2021. She took the opportunity to perform a liposuction on the buttocks in a private clinic with plastic surgeon IA. This was followed by … Read more

We’ve been consuming pistachios wrong for years! Increases its benefit and taste 5 times

4. CAN SUPPORT WEIGHT MANAGEMENT Pistachios can be a useful addition to a weight management program and, in addition to having a lower calorie and fat content than many other nuts, they also have a low net metabolizable energy content. This means that we are not digesting and absorbing all of its calories. Since they … Read more