“I didn’t want to offend him, because of a wrong translation” – Corriere.it

from Daniele Sparisci and Sport Editorial Team But an apology may not be enough for the three-time world champion, and father of Verstappen’s girlfriend, to avoid being banned from racing, a measure that F1 is considering «I apologize with all my heart, to all the people who have felt hurt, especially with Lewis Hamilton who … Read more

Wrong Yes Wrong, “Ra Usah Kakean Alesan”

SOLOKOMPAS.com – Mayor Solo Gibran Rakabuming Raka responded to the viral incident of contract employees who made illegal levies (extortion) at the Tirtonadi Terminal in Solo, Central Java. It is known, a video of alleged extortion by a contract employee with the initials BP has gone viral on TikTok social media on the @ngatnafas account. … Read more

Asker mayor with concert mistake – traveled to the wrong continent – VG

PARIS: Lene Conradi and her husband Jacob on a trip to the city of love last weekend. Photo: Private When Asker mayor Lene Conradi and her husband went to Paris to see Billy Joel perform, things did not go quite as they had hoped. Published: Updated yesterday 11:20 – It’s a bit embarrassing the whole … Read more

Crash in A7, Giuseppe Garavaglia’s father: “He was calm, I wasn’t chasing him. The wrong way? In my opinion he had an illness, a moment of confusion “

Giuseppe Maria Garavaglia’s car destroyed in the impact The father of the man who died causing the accident in A7 in which the 35-year-old Matilda Hidri also lost her life speaks Marco Menduni June 29, 2022 Milano – «I am absolutely convinced: my son did not want to commit suicide. In my opinion he had … Read more

If you hit the wrong target of an electronic ticket, what should you do? page all

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Currently, it is not uncommon for car or motorcycle drivers to get electronic ticket or electronic traffic law enforcement (MEAT) even though it does not violate traffic rules. For example, the incident that happened to residents in Malang City, East Java, who complained about the existence of a stray electronic ticket because … Read more

Municipal Catanzaro, Wanda Ferro: “Something went wrong, now the risk is a blocked city”

There is no doubt that between the first and second round there was a transfer of votes, which we will have to analyze, in some neighborhoods of the city of Catanzaro then there was a huge drop, we must reflect “. He tells Adnkronos Wanda Ferrodeputy of Fdi and candidate for mayor for Giorgia Meloni’s … Read more

Honda cleans up the squad, don’t make the wrong choice again

HONDA RACING CORPORATION Repsol Honda racer Pol Espargaro rides behind Takaaki Nakagami of the satellite team LCR Honda during the German MotoGP race at the Sachsenring, Germany, June 19, 2022. Both are widely rumored to be leaving at the end of this season. BOLASPORT.COM – Honda widely rumored will make major changes in the lineup … Read more

“Did we get the calculations wrong?” The distressing doubt about sanctions after 4 months of war (by C. Paudice)

It all lies in understanding what the objectives are to be achieved with the sanctions. If the intent is to do whatever damage to Russia, then it can be safely said to have been achieved. If it is to deal a blow to the Moscow economy greater than the side effects that those who apply … Read more

Thomas Ceccon awarded with bronze at the World Cup, then the turnaround: Sorry, we were wrong

Resounding epilogue for the 50-meter backstroke test at the World Swimming Championships in Budapest, with Ceccon’s bronze medal becoming a real case. The swimming world championship for the Italian team ends with a bang. The successes of the last day of competitions allowed the Azzurri to record the record of medals, as many as 9, … Read more

Selling at Shopee, Wrong JNE, Seller who Lost Millions of Rupiah

Dear Consumer Media, I thank you in advance for being platform this and for all my fellow readers. As a seller at Shopee, I feel very disadvantaged because there is no protection for seller on Shopee. In February 2022, I sent a package order via JNE Trucking, with receipt number: JT61468306260 (1 fan, 3 packs). … Read more