Wrong Eating Habits and Their Impact on the Brain

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – As one of the most complex organs, brain It has an important role in controlling the whole body. Therefore, brain health is very important to maintain so that body functions can run properly. According to the World Federation of Neurology, brain health affects the ability to communicate, make informed decisions, and lead … Read more

«Freedom is avoiding the lockdown. Those who follow social media are wrong »- Corriere.it

from Adriana logroscino The president of Liguria for the “widest possible” extension of the green pass. “If Salvini is opposed by political calculation, he is wrong: the Italians want security” A few weeks ago he had proposed the compulsory vaccination for over 50s. Now, with respect to the extension of the green pass, he invites … Read more

the graves of Salah Abdeslam’s brother and two other jihadists made identifiable for a few days

Posted on Monday, September 13, 2021 at 1:22 p.m. Three of the Belgian terrorists of the Paris attacks, including Brahim Abdeslam, brother of Salah, were buried in the multi-denominational cemetery located in Evere. Anonymized, the graves were made identifiable for a few days, reports RTBF. The Paris bombings trial is in the news of all … Read more

Coronavirus: something is wrong in Hungary, the virologist talks about strange things

Over the past week, the number of hospitalized and ventilated patients has grown faster and at a faster rate than the number of new coronavirus cases, although the reverse should be the case. “I don’t know an explanation for this phenomenon, just that I didn’t expect it either, it’s a surprise to me and in … Read more

The wrong questions in the medicine tests and the minister Mass | Massimo Gramellini’s Coffee

The test of admission to Medicine written with i feet it is now part of the Italian tradition. TO September I’m there harvest, the Grand Prix of Monza and the nested bestialities in the questionnaire for aspirants medici. Also this year between requests there were four submitted to the candidates wrong and at least others … Read more

Sad, Feels Wrong Choose Husband Because It Is Considered Ugly, This Woman Chooses To Get Pregnant With An Ex-Girlfriend To Have 4 Children

Sosok.ID – A woman in Ghana revealed, she has a child from an ex-boyfriend because the husband is ugly. Netizens in West Africa were excited about the story of a woman who married a successful and loving man. Even so, her husband has a shortcoming in the form of his unattractive appearance. At first, the … Read more

Child protection knocked to neglect your child – it really was wrong, but it wasn’t

But there was a surprise. One day Kayleigh-hez child protection knocked out with a report that they were neglecting their child, George-ot. Such an appointment can be quite uncomfortable, especially if there is no basis. The guardian woman explained to Kayleigh – who then shared the story on TikTokja – that the complainant said They … Read more

3 Criteria for BLT PKL Recipients IDR 1.2 Million, Don’t Get It Wrong Yes : Okezone Economy

JAKARTA – BLT pkl and stalls amounting to IDR 1.2 million began to be distributed to traders. It’s just that not all traders get this assistance. Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto said, specifically for cash assistance for street vendors to warteg, the mechanism was regulated through general technical guidelines, with assistance from the … Read more

A grandfather made a wrong transfer of almost IDR 1 billion, the recipient insists he doesn’t want to return the money

Gordon Layton, 88, of Bundaberg, Queensland, mistakenly transferred $71,400 to the wrong person, not the company that moved the house to his block of land. (Source: NINE/Daily Mail) QUEENSLAND, KOMPAS.TV – Bad luck befell Gordon Layton (88) from Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia. He is at risk of losing his pension of 71,400 US dollars, or about … Read more

Medan PPKM Level 4, Bobby Says There Was Wrong Data Input to North Sumatra

Medan, CNN Indonesia — Mayor of Medan, Bobby Nasution said the category of Enforcement of Restrictions on Community Activities (PPKM) in Medan is still at Level 4, aka not officially down to Level 3. “Yesterday, the Coordinating Minister (Airlangga) said that we had entered Level 3. But officially the status of Medan is still level … Read more