Perfect Dark, Everwild and Fable could be a long way from launch

The players of Xbox are asking themselves this question: When will they be able to enjoy exclusive new games, such as Perfect Dark, Everwild or the new Fable? Apparently, they will have to do an exercise in patience because these games seem like they have a long way to go before debuting in the Xbox … Read more

How to remotely play your Xbox Series X/S games on your mobile phone? | T Kebang

Microsoft provided the function of streaming games to Windows 10 PC as early as the Xbox One period, but at that time the official only provided streaming within the local network. If you want to remotely control the Xbox One console from the external network, you must apply for a fixed IP and settings The … Read more

Outriders crossover play between PlayStation, Xbox and PC is now available again

People Can Fly is working on fixing the issue where items disappear from inventory. After a week and a half on the market, it is clear that the launch of Outriders, the new cooperative shooter of People Can Fly Y Square Enix, has had lights and shadows. The reception by the players has been positive … Read more

Sonic Colors remaster is coming to PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

News For: Samuel Moreno | 10-04-21 Yesterday we learned of a possible remastering of Sonic Colors. All thanks to a German dubbing company that would have worked on the game. This attracted a lot of attention because the original version only had voices in English and a dubbing in Japanese. It would be with Sonic … Read more

Three big Xbox games could only come to “the next console”

Fable—Perfect Dark—Everwild. Between them, these games have managed to shine bright lights in the eyes of Xbox gamers. They are hands down among the most anticipated titles to come to Xbox Series X / S. However, for a few hours, a rumor has circulated around them. According to Christopher Dring, head of GamesIndustry, the games … Read more

Mass Effect Legendary Edition ya es Gold en PS4, Xbox One y PC

BioWare announces that development for the game is complete and it will be out on May 14. If you are looking forward to putting yourself in the shoes of Shepard and relive the mythical original trilogy from saga Mass Effect, you can already prepare the space trip, because BioWare has everything ready. The developer of … Read more