Foreign media start to focus on Zhang Gaoli’s fate | Peng Shuai | Xi Jinping | Beijing Winter Olympics

[Epoch Times November 25, 2021](Comprehensive report by Epoch Times reporter Xu Jian) ​​With the Chinese tennis starPeng Shuai“Frequent appearance”, the actor of the incident-the former deputy prime minister of the Communist Party of China accused of sexual assault by Peng ShuaiZhang GaoliBut has remained silent.Recently, the international media has turned the focus to Zhang Gaoli, … Read more

Xi Jinping Beats Taiwan Company, Sentences & Fines

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – China warns Taiwanese companies about activities supporting the island’s independence. An official statement was even issued by China’s body in charge of Taiwan, the Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO). “Beijing will never allow people to support Taiwan independence and damage cross-strait relations to make money on the mainland,” said TAP spokesman Zhu … Read more

7 ‘Crazy’ Xi Jinping Policies for Zero-Covid in China

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — President China Xi Jinping implementing a number of ‘crazy’ policies that are quite radical to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic in the country. China is the country that first discovered the corona virus infection. As a result of this pandemic, China has closed its country from international visits. This Bamboo Curtain … Read more

Xi Jinping Calls Israeli President Alludes to Iran, Why?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – President China Xi Jinping suddenly communicated via telephone with Israeli President Isaac Herzog, Wednesday (11/17/2021). This is the first time Beijing has done so in the country’s history. China and Israel have had diplomatic relations since 1992, 44 years after the Jewish state was created. But the call, which Herzog’s office … Read more

Chinese Citizens Start Stressing to Frustrate Under Covid Lockdown

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Inhabitant China reported more and more frequently complaining of stress and frustration with handling policies Covid-19 very strict government. For almost two years, the Chinese government has implemented a zero-case Covid-19 strategy to contain the pandemic. The Covid-19 zero case strategy consists of border closures, international travel bans, regional closures (lockdown) … Read more

the historic resolution that raises the strength of the Chinese leader

Jose Miguel Gaspar November 13, 2021 at 5:41 pm The “thought” of Xi Jinping, the 7th and current President of the People’s Republic of China, is the “quintessence of Chinese culture and soul” and “the entire party, the entire army and people of all ethnic groups must unite together around the Central Committee of the … Read more

Xi Jinping dan Vladimir Putin

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Coal prices moved down in last week’s trading. Thus, the price of the black stone even dropped for four consecutive weeks. Over the past week, the price of coal on the ICE Newcastle (Australia) market decreased by 4.13% on a point-to-point. In weekend trading, the price of this commodity closed at … Read more

Exhilarating Exhibition of Xi Jinping-Winnie The Pooh Pictures, China is Furious!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Shanghai-born artist Badiucao holds a provocative art exhibition against Chinese President Xi Jinping’s government. This immediately angered Chinese officials. Yet for the opposition artist, who has lived in exile in Australia since 2009, the quarrels and anger from the Chinese side came as little surprise to him. “It’s almost impossible (to) … Read more

Biden & Xi Jinping will meet on Monday, what do you want to discuss?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – US President Joe Biden postponed a virtual meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping that was supposed to take place Monday (11/15/2021). The virtual meeting will take place in the evening Washington time or Tuesday at Beijing time. It is known that relations between the world’s two largest economies have recently deteriorated. … Read more

Big Tiger – Dahlan Iskan

By Dahlan Iskan Saturday, November 13, 2021 – 07:00 WIB Chinese President Xi Jinping. Photo: Reuters – If only, at that time, to obey his wife’s wishes, what would he be? He chose divorce. Or his wife who chose a divorce. So many years later the star Xi Jinping already in the sky. Xi … Read more