Found 3000 year old Egyptian city

After several years of searching, archaeologists have found the “lost golden city” in Egypt. The famous Egyptologist Zahi Hawass states that the city is located in the legendary Valley of the Kings, where a number of tombs for pharaohs and other powerful figures from ancient Egypt have previously been found. The city had disappeared under … Read more

More homes for sale now than at the same time last year: – Larger family homes are sold at once

Over the past year, house prices in Oslo have risen by as much as 15.6 per cent, but the recent March figures from Eiendom Norge show that seasonally adjusted prices fell by 0.8 per cent in the capital. – The price of homes sold in March this year was 8.5 percent higher than the same … Read more

Parents of the Year Convicted of Assault: Moldy Lunch and Bucket for Need | Abroad

YPRES / HEUVELLAND – “Finally, we are believed!” The relief for Maxime (23) and Justine (24) is great now that their foster parents have been convicted. Those parents were previously named ‘parents of the year’ in a popular Belgian magazine, while Muriele V. and Marijn V. were accused of years of abuse by their own … Read more

Malta will attract tourists for pocket money this year

The government’s program was introduced by Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo. The biggest contribution, up to 200 euros (approximately 5,200 crowns) per person, will be given to tourists who book at least a three-day stay in a five-star hotel. The government program also envisages a contribution of 150 euros (3900 crowns) for tourists staying in a … Read more

A year Pagebluk Covid-19. What Can We Learn? – All Pages

Stenly Pontolawokang On April 17, 2020, health workers in the Sangihe Islands recovered their energy before removing the bodies due to Covid-19. Dew-filled glasses are one of the things that they often face, behind the personal protective equipment they wear. Read the full story in the article “A Set of Calamities”. This story was written … Read more

Tropical cyclone Seroja might hit Indonesia every year, but it has not been included in the disaster cluster

Seroja tropical cyclone hit the East Nusa Tenggara region and the surrounding waters on April 4 have caused typhoons, flash floods, and landslides in a number of districts there. At least, until April 8, cyclones or strong tornadoes it indirectly causes 163 people died and tens of thousands of homes and buildings were severely damaged. … Read more

More than 5,000 tons of extraterrestrial dust from comets and asteroids fall to Earth each year

Published: 9 abr 2021 18:51 GMT After 20 years, scientists have concluded that space dust particles that reach our planet from comets and asteroids constitute the main source of cosmic material on Earth. A team of specialists led by Jean Duprat, from the French National Center for Scientific Research, has discovered after two decades of … Read more

Have discovered 3000 year old city

The famous Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass announced Thursday that his team of archaeologists has discovered what he describes as “the lost golden city” in Luxor. According to Hawass, the city, known as Athens, is the largest ancient city discovered in Egypt. It must be 3000 years old. “Many missions have searched the city without finding … Read more