A magistrate from Panama leads the international observation mission in the Guatemalan elections

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The president of the Electoral Tribunal of Panama (THE), Alfredo Juncahas traveled to Guatemala as head of mission observation international union of the Inter-American Union of Electoral Organizations (Uniore) in the second round of the presidential elections in Guatemala next Sunday.

Upon his arrival in Guatemala, Judge Juncá told the electoral authorities and the Guatemalan people that “they are not alone” and that “the Latin American electoral organizations have their eyes on the second round of elections in Guatemala,” reported this Friday the Electoral Tribunal (TE) of Panama.

The technical mission of the In unity “It will assess through an observation process and will render a report on the details of this second electoral round, to safeguard democracy together with the Guatemalans, which is the ultimate good of our peoples,” said the official letter.

The substitute Panamanian magistrate, Yara Yvette Campowill also attend the Guatemalan elections on behalf of the mission of the Association of Electoral Magistrates of the Americas (AMEA), said the TE.

The Guatemalan people will go to the polls this Sunday to cast their vote in the second round of the electoral process to decide who will be their next president, the former first lady Sandra Torres Casanova or the academic Bernardo Arévalo de León.

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