A recovered Emilio de Justo and the pulse of Ginés camouflage the debacle of Zalduendo in Bilbao

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The bullfighting map had, musically speaking, two referential places for the quality of its bands: Seville and Bilbao. They were part of his identity, inseparable from his personality. The debate on the loss of the municipal music band, which is not a debate, but a cry for Vista Alegrehas been enlivened by the substitutive brass band and its repertoire -from Don’t leave Navarre a The jack of the bulls de Zaragoza have been heard these days between pieces, in truth, more bullfighters-. His entries in the tercio de banderillas have multiplied the mourning. The absence of the dulzainas have left that site.

Bilbao City Council -the same person who has removed bullfighting from the official Aste Nagusia program- has plotted the trick with the aggravating factors of premeditation and treachery. The argument that at the time of the bulls they awarded the municipal musicians other activities seems, according to what they say, to have fallen under its own weight when looking for programming. Let’s agree that by 2024 With a couple of dulzaineros, on behalf of the private company MBF, we could save ourselves the murga of the pinwheels. And so not having to choose between silence or death.

Clear that the problem of this Friday did not reside in the ornamental question of the music, but in the essential one of the bulls. From the Zalduendo bullfight, specifically, owned by the Baillères family and, therefore, also by the BMF company that governs the fate of Bilbao. The zalduendos came in stairs, in the container of an unequal group, far from the word category and of the irreproachable level of these days. Until the penultimate and last bulls there was no news of the type that defined the late Fernando Domecq, as great a breeder as an amateur, or vice versa: order matters in the equation, and the concept of bullfighting makes the concept of bravery in the breeder. The serious thing is that the zalduendada inside was also rotten, so disheveled and loose. The reader who sees the three-eared marker will think, from the outset, another story. But the truth is that three bulls -2nd, 5th and 6th- supported their noble condition with pins. And Emilio de Justo, Ginés and President Matías insisted -not without the support of a desperate public in favor of the work- to camouflage what pointed to a catastrophe.

sounded The Cordobés and its spell when Emilio de Justo got the president to order to play, well in Bilbao, in case you don’t know, it’s the box that leads, let’s say, the baton. It was in the third batch of consolidation of the bull, the only cinqueño, applauded for his pronghorn appearance, shaken with flesh and open face, power counted as humiliation, but with a certain will to follow the crutch. EdJ raised things with his head -giving him room, at his level, gently- in a long task until he managed to draw estimable naturals, especially the most confrontational ones, who took advantage of the trip playing with the middle distance. His huge chest passes always add up. In the last round, which would be the penultimate, he returned to the right hand, where he had already acquired the same confidence from the zalduendo. The task was done, but De Justo, already with the real sword, wanted to rush feet together and with his left. He guessed the notice. The lunge shot the ear.

The square of this sad and gray afternoon had practically emptied with the public taking refuge from the rain by the time the fifth bull jumped. Emilio de Justo confirmed two things: that he is a bullfighter with infinite luck in the draws -within the way that was going- and that he is physically much better recovered. Looser and more flexible, I mean. And, therefore, he also bullfights him. The neck already came from before the injury, to compensate for the lack of waist. His concept -like every bullfighter who has his mirror in Joselito- rests on his kidneys. He was very good, both in the treatment and in the touch and the form, with a bull of greater integrity and background (in its precise measure). He passed again, yes, the task of laps. And he killed again to the letter. Another ear to camouflage the debacle.

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