The COVID-19 update in the global Motorcycle Infotainment System market is expected to grow at a healthy CAGR in 2021-2026

The Investigation Report of Global Market Motorcycle Infotainment System presents an exceptional insight for the study of global and regional industry. Provides a detailed description of various business aspects, such as the effects of business analysis impact of COVID-19, global market developments, recent technological changes, market shares, growth and new innovations. Furthermore, through data exploration … Read more

all the curiosities of the most fashionable actor 23/01/2021

Arón Piper is German and has three names One of the curiosities that most often draws people’s attention is the nationality of the actor. Because Arón Piper, Contrary to what many people might think, it is not Spanish. He’s German. Although his mother is Spanish, his father is German. And although little Arón spent the … Read more

Elena Irureta: “I prefer to take risks and seek my life as an actress, I don’t like having a permanent job”

After receiving the Forqu award for her role as Bittori in ‘Patria’, Elena Irureta feels fortunate to have starred in this series, already sold to 62 screenings Donostia – Elena Irureta, Bittori and Homeland, has recently won the Forqué award, one of the most recognized in the world of film and television. His character in … Read more

The Theater Museum will restore Dalí’s designs

The National Museum of the Almagro Theater, dependent on the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (Inaem), will invest 40,000 euros in the restoration, cataloging and digitization of 394 textile pieces that constitute two collections of theatrical clothing acquired through the modality of donation, among which are Salvador Dalí’s designs for Don Juan Tenorio. … Read more

The highest grossing actors in the history of Spanish cinema

CLARA LAGO, THE MOST BOXING ACTRESS IN SPANISH CINEMA The Madrid actress Clara Lake, 30, is the highest grossing actress in the history of Spanish cinema. He began his career at just 10 years old, voicing Bea in the movie “Terca vida.” He later made his big screen debut thanks to “Carol’s trip “, a … Read more

Will we continue to watch traditional television in 5 years? • Audiovisual production

As you have seen in recent years, consumers are opting for the consumption of streaming content and are putting aside traditional television. This 2020, television consumption has had a rebound due to the global pandemic and the increased time we’ve spent at home. But even so, it is far from recovering the audience numbers it … Read more

The conflict between Meghan Markle and her dad will now have a documentary

Their relationship has not been easy, especially after she became Duchess of Sussex Apparently the controversy haunts Meghan Markle since he became a member of the royal family and then with his resignation to the royal titles, along with the principe Harry. But without a doubt, one of the controversies that have haunted her the … Read more

Mega Construxt Pokemon, Pokemon Battle for Cons

An exciting competition takes to the skies as you build a battle between these two popular flying-type Pokémon!First, get ready for battle by building a 7.5 ” Dragonite and pounce for a flying or dragon-type attack! Then take over the air with a 6.3 cm Togetic and defend yourself with its shield-like battle effect! Then … Read more

Divisions between residents of El Laguito What happens? | THE UNIVERSAL

Since last year, there have been problems within the neighborhood by who has the power to represent it. Although it is the work of the Community Action Board, a group of residents decided to speak out to express their disagreement with what the JAC represents and to work for the resolution of other problems. BOCALA … Read more

The photos of Camila Sodi that caused euphoria on Instagram: in a bikini and with a youthful image

(Photo: Instagram by Camila Sodi)Camila Sodi She has always been authentic and free in her social networks, so she did not fear show one of your funniest moments of this beginning of 2021 with a tiny bikini That left very little to the imagination. The actress enjoyed a sunny afternoon surrounded by great mountains, but … Read more