Effort of Ureña, ease of Marín and delivery of Valadez at the start of San Sebastián

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A hard performance by Paco Ureña, who was rewarded with two ears at the cost of a dry but slight mishap, the ease of Ginés Marín and the dedication of the Mexican Leo Valadez, both with a trophy in their balance, were the highlights of the bullfight. that opened today the San Sebastián bullfighting fair.

The three swords were well above five of the six bulls of a running of the bulls in Fuente Ymbro that had so much mobility and duration in the last third as a lack of authentic dedication and bravery, since they were used little, with little greed or, on occasions, they developed a defensive attitude that did not make it easy to cut off so many ears.

The best, and the only one, because it ended up going further with nobility and good sound, was the first of the afternoon. And, although he lost his oars in the first stages and at the start of the crutch task, the man from Fuente Ymbro recovered with a good background of bravery and tirelessly attacked until the end of Paco Ureña’s unequal movement.

Lorca’s bullfighter put a lot of effort into catching up with the animal, although he did not always succeed, perhaps because he went too far with an attack that seemed to ask for more room and softness. He therefore lacked more specificity in a task than even so, and after a low lunge, he very generously rewarded himself with an ear.

More meaning and weight was obtained by the Murcian from the disgraced fourth, who never finished breaking with enough travel, and with which Ureña engaged in another long effort to steal the passes, not without tension, until the one from Fuente Ymbro, shorter and shorter, he ended up lifting her feet off the ground in a spectacular somersault.

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