Feijóo, after seeing the King: "My distance for a government would be only four deputies from an absolute majority"

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Alberto Núñez Feijóo showed this Tuesday before Philip VI his willingness to accept the commission to attempt his investiture in the Congress of Deputies. The leader of PP He announced that in the event that he was appointed, as it has finally been, a round of contacts would begin with the representatives of the parliamentary groups starting next Monday or once they are already constituted, since the president of the Lower House, Francina Armengolhas extended this period until this Friday.

The winner of the last elections has presented as credentials in the Palacio de la Zarzuela the 172 votes guaranteed by the 33 deputies of Vox and the sole representatives of Canarian Coalition and of UPN and he has insisted on the “endorsement” of being the candidate of the party with the most electoral support. Likewise, he defends that, although the PSOE “persist in ignoring it”, the verdict of the polls also evidenced the “desire” to “overcome a stage of misrule and instability”.

“Leaving this desire to turn the page orphaned would be irresponsible and I believe that the Spanish people do not deserve it,” Feijóo argued at a press conference after the meeting with the King and before learning of the monarch’s decision. “Should the commission take place, I intend to represent at the inauguration an immense majority that wishes to preserve the democratic dignity for which so many have fought and on which our common future depends so much,” he stressed.

If he managed to cross the door of La Moncloa, the PP leader sets among his basic pillars the defense of the Constitution and “scrupulous respect” for judicial sentences and procedures, implicitly alluding to the possibility that Pedro Sanchez grant the pro-independence parties more benefits for those involved in the illegal 1-0 referendum in Catalonia as they demand in exchange for their parliamentary support. The candidate for re-election as president has also expressed this Tuesday his predisposition to attend an investiture, although he does not have all the necessary support either.

“My distance for a government would be only four deputies from an absolute majority; the PSOE, after losing, is at a distance from an amnesty, from an independence referendum and from making official the inequality of the Spaniards”, he stressed, in turn, Feijóo. “I will strive to serve as a spokesperson for those who want a stable government, concerned with governing rather than surviving, and that is not contingent on any personal ambition,” he added.

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