Javier Milei, the hard-right libertarian conquering Argentina with easy solutions to difficult problems

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“To dollarize! Let’s go!”. The young woman in her twenties shouted her joy on Sunday night in front of the bunker of Javier Milei, the surprising winner of the primary elections for the presidential elections in Argentina. A libertarian who leads the country’s hard right with an undeniably effective formula: easy solutions to difficult problems.

“I invite Argentines to join the liberal revolution, which is going to make Argentina once again a world power in 35 years. Long live fucking freedom!” Said Milei on the night of the triumph after promising not only the end of Kirchnerism, but of the “parasitic caste, stupid (thief), useless that sinks this country.”

The dollarization of the economy, a proposal that no other candidate dared to raise, is the key to the popularity of mercy. In a country with 130% annual inflation in which the currency, the peso, is pure wallpaper, the promise that everyone will earn in dollars is a very powerful weapon.

“I want to get those who are out, this is not enough,” another supporter enthuses on the night of the Victory of Mercywhile a third synthesizes the reason for his vote for the candidate of La Libertad Avanza (LLA), a group that did not exist three years ago: “He says it very clearly: or you can expect different results with the same as always.”

After the Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory Primaries (PASO) of this last Sunday, The next step is the general elections on October 22, in which it is difficult to define the president: most likely it will be decided in the November 19 count. Will Milei be in that definition? The primary results indicate yes: he won 16 of the 24 constituencies.

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