Man arrested for trying to break into royal stables at Buckingham Palace

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The Police of London has arrested, during the night from Friday to Saturday, a man who was trying to break into the royal stables on the grounds of the Buckingham Palace. “At 01:25 (0025 GMT) on Saturday 16 September, officers from Buckingham Palace detained an individual who was climbing the wall to enter the royal stables,” Scotland Yard said in a statement.

This “25-year-old man was arrested by officers outside the royal stables. At no time did the man enter Buckingham Palace or the palace gardens,” police said. He was arrested for “trespassing” and taken into custody at a London police station, where he is still being held, he said.

Despite the reinforced security around the place, attempted intrusions at Buckingham Palace, the royal residence in the heart of London, as in the Windsor Castlelocated west of the capital, are not exceptional.

The most spectacular dates back to 1982, in Buckingham, when a thirty-year-old, Michael Faganmanaged to force his way into the bedroom of the queen who was in bed.

In 2021, a man suffering from mental problems was seen climbing the grounds of Royal Mews and shortly afterwards walking back to the street. He was quickly arrested with cocaine and a kitchen knife on him.

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