Stoltenberg affirms that NATO maintains its position on the territorial integrity of Ukraine

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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg reiterated this Thursday that the Alliance’s position on the war in Ukraine and the territorial integrity of this country has not changed and assured that the path to peace is military support.

Stoltenberg’s chief of staff, Stian Jensenhad hinted in a debate at a political forum in Norway on Tuesday that a possible solution to the conflict was for Ukraine to “cede” territory in exchange for NATO membership.

Jenssen himself rectified those statements a day later, considering them an “error” and stating that he “should not have done them”, while a NATO spokesman told EFE in Brussels that the position of the Alliance is “clear” and that it supports “the sovereignty and territorial integrity” of that country.

“It is Ukraine and only Ukraine that can decide when the conditions for a negotiation are in place and that can decide at a negotiating table what is an acceptable solution. Our task is to support them“Stoltenberg said this Thursday in the week of Arendal, the same political forum in which Jenssen, a Norwegian like him, had spoken two days before.

Stoltenberg defended that to achieve a “lasting and just” peace, the path is “without any doubt” military support for the regime of Volodímir Zelenski.

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