PHOTO AND VIDEO ⟩ Ostapenko tried her hand in the creative field

In the short stories of the “Instagram” account, you can see how the athletes paint. Among these tennis players are Maksims Kressi, Karolīna Garcija, Magada Linete, Marija Sakari and also the Latvian tennis star Aļona Ostapenko. The Latvian tennis player, as well as all the other athletes, evaluated her performance with a smile. Jelena OstaPaintko … Read more

Blenheim teen strikes gold at Canadian Indoor Track and Field Championship

By Millar Hill March 20, 2023 2:27pm A young teen from Blenheim is returning home as a national track and field gold medal champ. Emma Negri won two gold medals and broke two meet records at the Canadian Indoor Track and Field Championships, which wrapped up on Sunday in Saint John, New Brunswick. “It feels kind … Read more

“Zemgale”/LLU’s victory over Riga “Dinamo” ends with an impressive fight on the hockey field

Last season’s “Optibet” Hockey League (OHL) champion Jelgava “Zemgale”/LLU celebrated their victory in the fourth match of the OHL semi-final series on Sunday and secured a place in the final. “Zemgale”/LLU beat Riga “Dinamo” with a score of 10:3 (4:0, 4:1, 2:2) and won the series up to four with 4-0. Five “Dinamo” players received … Read more

Six out of 10 Italians without dental care: social dentistry reappears. In the field young graduates, private dentists and industry

Italia by Barbara Gobbi Worsening picture after Covid, with families spending 14% less in 2022 than in 2018 and over 18 million people with untreated caries 4′ of reading With six out of 10 Italians not going to the dentist, mostly because it costs too much, and 95% of dental care managed by private practices … Read more

Kaïs Saied arouses the anger of the Libyans by demanding the sharing of the production of the oil field of Al Boury

After his “hateful and racist” remarks towards sub-Saharans, Tunisian President Kaïs Saied is once again at the origin of a new controversy. This time, these remarks aroused the anger of his Libyan neighbor. Traveling to the headquarters of the Tunisian Petroleum Activities Company (Etap), the Tunisian president simply asked that the production of the Libyan … Read more

Bengaluru FC is also in the field against the mistake of the Indian Super League referee

20 March 2023, 02:00 AM IST Madgaon:Finally Bengaluru FC against the referees’ mistakes in Indian Super League football. Owner Parth Jindal is also present. A.T.K. In the final against Mohun Bagan, Jindal reacted against the referee’s decision to award the second penalty through social media. ‘There is a need to implement war technology in the … Read more

Bengaluru FC is also in the field against ISL refereeing

Bengaluru: Bengaluru FC against wrong refereeing in Indian Super League final. Bengaluru found that many wrong decisions in the final against ATK contributed to the team’s defeat. Club owner Parth Jindal came forward with a response to the issue. He called for ‘War’ technology to be introduced in the Indian Super League. Because decisions made … Read more

[Field material]The best price to buy RTX 40 Notebook 12th generation intel with 4050 and get it

After the launch of the mobile intel 13th generation CPU and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series GPU, I believe many users will consider this new combination. After all, if you want to spend money to buy a new machine, you will naturally choose a Notebook with the latest hardware specifications. However, if you have a … Read more

In Russia, repression in the field of LGBT is increasing; Rhymes are also felt in Latvia / Article

In Russia, repression in the field of LGTB is increasing; the rhymes are also felt in Latvia Repression in the LGBT field is increasing in Russia Salesman Yegors, who works in the Russian-language literature bookstore “Novaya Riga” opposite the Latvian National Art Museum, remembers that the book “Summer with a pioneer’s necklace” was quickly sold … Read more

King Power donated an artificial grass football field in Chiang Rai to fulfill the dream of being a professional footballer.

‘King Power’ visits Chiang Rai area to continue the concept of “THE POWER OF POSSIBILITIES Life doesn’t stop searching for possibilities. Fulfilling the dreams of Thai youth #KingPowerThaiPower, the power of Thai people #ThePowerofPossibilities #Life never stops searching for possibilities #SportPower opportunity and commitment You can do what you think is impossible!! Just like the … Read more