2020 Green Marketing Market Size, Industry Statistics, Global Trend Assessment, Geographical Segmentation, Analysis of Business Challenges and Investment Opportunities to 2025

Global Green Marketing Market Research Report 2020-2025 Anticipates Brief Analysis Of Green Marketing Market Size, Share, Trends, Growth, Cost Structure, Global Market Competition Landscape, Market Drivers, Challenges And Opportunities, Capacity , revenue and forecast to 2025. The market research guarantees that it consists of a general market scenario with prevailing and future growth prospects, among … Read more

The Economic Council of the CDU eV criticizes the plans of the EU Commission to oblige banks to give more “green” loans through capital adequacy

EU Brussels Berlin, November 26th, 2020. The Economic Council of the CDU eV criticizes the plans of the EU Commission to oblige banks to issue more “green” loans in order to promote the “Green Deal”. “Politicians have a large number of suitable political instruments in their arsenal to promote climate protection. However, the interventions in … Read more

The financial sector promotes ‘green’ loans to individuals

Spanish banks, a complete signatory to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), have in recent years accelerated their commitments to the environment, both internally and externally, to guarantee the transition towards a sustainable economy. In addition, the financial sector has another role in this mission, channeling resources to serve as the engine of change. However, … Read more

Ryan Reynolds wants to be Green Lantern again in the Justice League

It is not clear if they will make Justice League 2, but if it becomes a reality, actor Ryan Reynolds wants to sign up as Green Lantern. They are currently shooting new scenes for the Zack Snyder version of Justice League that will premiere on HBO Max. In addition, new rumors are emerging that they … Read more

Metropolitan Green Belt – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Metropolitan Green Belt O Metropolitan Green Belt London is a legally established demarcation in the surroundings of that city in England. It comprises parts of Greater London and the six metropolitan counties (Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent and Surrey), as well as parts of two of the three districts of the small county of … Read more

Although he gave the green light for the transition, Trump does not accept defeat and tries to perpetuate himself in power

As indicated by the current president, the green light towards the transition is not synonymous with having accepted electoral defeat: “We continue to advance at full speed and we will never give in to false ballots or to Dominion (the company he accuses of an alleged fraud in the vote count, which, however, was never … Read more

Ryan Reynolds could play Green Lantern again for the DCEU

The DC Extended Universe seems to be back on track after the release of ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ for the platform of HBO Max, since this miniseries could become something much bigger, as rumors have arisen that two more films of the team could arise and that Snyder could take charge of these new deliveries … Read more

Deadpool 3 has Disney green light and will remain R-rated

The company and Ryan Reynolds hired the Molyneaux sisters to write the film’s third installment, which seemed incompatible with the House of Mouse’s family friendly policy. The universal Mexico. Since Disney acquired Fox there was no news about the future of Deadpool. The adult rating of the series seemed incompatible with the “family friendly” policy … Read more