Green Pass, questionnaires and swabs: here’s where and how we can go abroad on vacation

Country you go, rules (anti Covid) you find. The government has expanded the number of countries in which Italians can travel for tourism and the restrictive measures for travelers who have stayed or passed through Brazil, India, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka in the fourteen days prior to entering Italy have been extended until 30 August. … Read more

The “green mafia” benefits from the Recovery Plan

The document was rewritten in favor of the RES-power plants In speed, they haven’t even changed their motives It is easy to see whose interests are protected in the revised version The “green mafia” is the big winner of the revisions in the Recovery Plan made by the caretaker government. This is clearly seen by … Read more

one year after the Mayenne bashing, why the department is the only one in the West in the green

It was the first French department to make the mask mandatory outdoors in certain municipalities, from mid-July 2020: in the face of the fourth wave of coronavirus, Mayenne is now one of the last in France not to see the incidence rate soar, to 49. If it approaches the alert threshold, at 50 cases per … Read more

“The dream of power is taking shape” ▷ Diego Fusaro demolishes green passes, lockdowns and restrictions

The model of struggle al Covid-19 initiated the definition of a new relationship between the individual and power. The tools of the lockdown he was born in green pass they allowed on the basis of a justification medical-scientific, the definition of unprecedented standards of control of individual behavior. Reflection on the perimeter of constitutional freedoms … Read more

Green Pass on electronic health record: via in Emilia-Romagna

In Emilia-Romagna the Green Pass lands on the Electronic Health Record. Lepida has made the adjustments required in the national specifications for the receipt of the Dgc (Digital Green Certificate) in the Health Record of the patients in the region and has completed the tests with the national infrastructure. From 25 July the national level … Read more

In the next 10 years, Ghent will have to compete with green fringe … (Ghent)

Ghent / Sint-Martens-Latem / De Pinte / Merelbeke / Melle / Lochristi / Destelbergen – Not many people from Ghent will be added in the next ten years. In the green suburbs, on the other hand, the population will grow, with Melle leading the way. By 2030 there will be ten percent more Mellenaars, according … Read more

Italy says yes to the UK green pass, but the five-day quarantine on arrival remains

The Ministry of Health has issued a circular on the equivalence of vaccination and healing certifications issued by third States, i.e. outside the EU, with the necessary requirements. But which are the third countries whose vaccination certifications are recognized the same validity as for the green Covid-19 certification (EU digital Covid certificate) issued by the … Read more

New York startup gets green light to test brain-machine interface in the United States

Synchron, a New York-based brain-machine interface company, has been given the green light from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to test its implant on human subjects in the United States, revealed Bloomberg this July 28, 2021. This is a huge step forward towards the introduction of these futuristic devices believed to be able to … Read more

De Luca: “Without the Green Pass, closed again at the end of August”. Vaccines are underway in coastal towns

From covid to justice reform. The governor of Campania Vincenzo De Luca takes stock in the usual Facebook live stream on Friday. And the first lunge is about the holidays. “Without the Green Pass, at the end of August, after the August and Ferragostan troubles, we risk having to close everything again. The Green Pass … Read more