The Danish CIP is structured in Morocco to mark out its green hydrogen project

The four main and majority partners of Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP). From left to right: Christina Grumstrup Sørensen, Jakob Baruël Poulsen, Torsten Lodberg Smed and Christian T. Skakkebæk. Credit: Thomas Lekfeldt CIP’s ambitions in Moroccan green hydrogen are materializing. After raising more than 3 billion euros for his fund in Copenhagen, the Dane has, according … Read more

Africa can produce 50 million tonnes of green hydrogen per year cost-competitive with oil: report

(Ecofin Agency) – By harnessing its enormous solar potential, the continent could produce green hydrogen at low cost and on a large scale to meet local demand and become a major player in the global decarbonized energy market. Africa has the capacity to produce 50 million tonnes of green hydrogen each year by 2035 at … Read more

What is endive used for? The 5 main benefits of this green leaf

Endive is a common vegetable found in most supermarkets across the country. Unfortunately, it can be a little daunting because most people aren’t quite sure how to use it and instead opt for more familiar leafy greens like arugula, romaine, or spinach. However, getting out of your comfort zone and trying this tasty vegetable can … Read more

A group of deputies from the Green Party announces its support for Marcelo Ebrard for the 2024 presidential elections

Deputies of the Green Party, express their support for Marcelo Ebrard in the race for the 2024 presidential elections, this Monday.Courtesy A group of at least 16 deputies out of the 41 from the Green Party announced this Monday their support for Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard for the 2024 presidential elections. This is the … Read more

:: OSEL.CZ :: – Artificial intelligence discovered 8 strange cosmic signals in data from Green Bank

Artificial intelligence discovers 8 strange cosmic signals in data from Green Bank Eight promising signals from the Green Bank data package. Credit: SETI Institute. If you thought there were too many artificial intelligences everywhere, this was just the beginning. The real fun is yet to come. As the recent case of credible abstracts of scientific … Read more

Green Genius for 7.5 million EUR will create accumulators for solar parks and industry | Business

Accumulator technology will make it possible to integrate even 30 percent of electricity into limited-bandwidth electricity networks. more renewable resources without upgrading power grids, the company said. “After the implementation of the project, the first electricity accumulators will appear, integrated in industrial companies and solar parks, which will be able to really use all the … Read more

Gulf News | Earth is on a date with the green comet after 50,000 years

Planet Earth will be on a date with an astronomical event that has not occurred in 50,000 years, and it may be the last Which can be followed by the current inhabitants of the Earth, according to a report by the “Washington Post” newspaper. American, highlighted the re-emergence of the “green comet”. According to the … Read more

‘The best comet of 2023’; the Government of San Nicolás invites you to learn more about the ‘Green Comet’

With the purpose of guiding the citizens of St nicolas about the sighting of cometa C/2023 E3 (ZTF)the municipal government together with the Cultural City of San Nicolás and the Astronomical Society of MonterreyThey organized an event with Paul Lonnie Pacheco Raileyto talk about “The best comet of 2023”. Within the talk there will be … Read more

Green comet getting closer to Earth – Here’s how to watch it tonight

Home page Knowledge Created: 1/30/2023 5:04 am Von: Tanya Banner Split Green comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) can be seen in the sky with binoculars throughout the night. Now he’s getting closer and closer to Earth. Update from Wednesday, January 18, 2023: Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) reached perihelion on January 12, its closest approach to the … Read more