The situation is getting more terrifying, these 5 European countries have ‘screamed’ the crisis

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Countries in Europe are currently facing an energy crisis. This was revealed by the Head of the International Energy Agency (IEA) Fatih Birol to Mr The mirror requoted by Reuters. According to him, the country in the region is threatened by a shortage of fuel stocks in the summer of this … Read more

Russia is again surprised: in the entire history of the war in Ukraine – an unprecedented attack

According to Russian officials, the oil drilling rig was struck Monday morning at 8.37 p.m. local time, about 70 kilometers from the annexed Crimean peninsula. Three oilmen were seriously injured in the blow to one of the three gas extraction platforms targeted by Ukraine at the same time, and seven more are missing. Russian Senator … Read more

LIVE | Putin ally: London to be bombed first in World War III | Abroad

05:41Abroad LIVE | Russians: Severodonetsk civilian evacuation halted after shelling The Russian invasion of Ukraine has now been going on for nearly four months, but fierce fighting continues. Russian troops on Saturday halted the evacuation of civilians hiding at a chemical plant in the Ukrainian city of Severodonetsk. Follow the latest developments in Ukraine…

These are the 3 Allies of the Ottoman Turks in the First World War

loading… The Ottomans joined the Central Powers with Germany, Austria-Hungary and Bulgaria in World War I. Photo/TRT World JAKARTA – Ottoman Turkey become one of the main contributors in World War I . The Ottomans joined the Central Powers with their allies. Ottoman army fighting in the Balkans and Middle East . Historically, World War … Read more

LIVE | Putin ally: London to be bombed first in World War III | Abroad

Olaf Scholz leader against will and thanks In Europe and NATO, the German role is becoming more dominant. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Chancellor Olaf Scholz promised to boost the Defense budget by a record EUR 100 billion. “Former victims of Germany want the country to take over,” analyzes the renowned …

Russia is holding the world hostage

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock accused Russia of using “hunger as a weapon of war” and holding “the whole world hostage”. Food crisis Baerbock told reporters in Berlin that Friday’s “Unification for Global Food Security” summit will address the supply shortages caused by the war in Ukraine, while aiming to “stabilize food supplies around the … Read more

The war in Ukraine. The Russians mined Ukrainian ports in the Black Sea. I want to lead to a food crisis | News from the world

American intelligence claims that the Russians have begun a coordinated action to cut off a section of the sea coast Blackwhich is controlled by Ukraine. – The United States has information that the Black Sea fleet has orders to effectively block Ukrainian ports in Odessa and Ochakiv – said one of the intelligence representatives, quoted … Read more

The war in Ukraine – Nazis everywhere

COMMENTS For both Russia and Ukraine, today’s war is a continuation of World War II. Because while Russia is fighting against “Nazis”, the Ukrainians are fighting against occupiers, much like 80 years ago. ARE THE Nazis ?: Ukrainians fetch water after their houses are bombed. Are they Nazis, or victims of Nazis? Photo: AP / … Read more

A small piece of Russia gives the Ukraine war a new dimension. Lithuania is the new target of Putin’s anger.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, many have feared that the war would spread. Kaliningrad shows that it may be about to happen. Russia is no longer allowed to ship a number of products to Kaliningrad via Lithuania. Here stood freight cars in Kaliningrad on 21 June. Photo: Vitaly Nevar, Reuters / NTB Newsletter Get the overview … Read more