The UN commissioner for human rights denounces the treatment "degrading" the deposed president in Niger

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The UN high commissioner for human rights, Volker Türk, expressed today “extremely concerned” about the conditions in which the ousted Nigerien president, Mohamed Bazoumand his family, who according to him could be subjected to human rights abuses.

“Credible information that I have received indicates that the conditions of his detention could be considered inhuman and degrading treatment, in violation of international human rights law,” Türk said in a statement, in relation to the captivity of Bazoum, his wife and their son. .

The three have been held in an area of ​​the Niamey Presidential Palace since the coup d’état on July 26 that brought a military junta to power. Türk claimed to have received information according to which theThe president and his family do not have access to electricity, drinking water or medicine.”Those responsible for the detention of the president and the rest of the detainees must guarantee full respect and protection of their human rights,” added the high commissioner.

A former adviser to the ousted president, who requested anonymity, explained to EFE that Bazoum, with his wife and son, live on “dry food” and added that days ago his personal doctor was prevented from accessing the presidential residence.

The same source, who denounced the “inhumane conditions” of the detention of Bazoum and his family, pointed out that the deposed president’s entourage was able to alert the international community about his situation.

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