Vox imposes the law of silence before the reorganization of its group in Congress

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The law of silence has been imposed on Vox. The management, aware of the void left by Ivan Espinosa de los Monteros and the risk of the domino effect that the exit of Juan Luis Steegmanna maneuver towards secrecy, the minimum of self-criticism and the pointing out of the media to thus seal the internal crisis that has plagued the party in recent days and that threatens to affect the dynamics of the group in Congress with less than a week to go. its start-up.

The Vox leadership had been aware for weeks of Iván Espinosa de los Monteros’ desire to leave the political front line. He prepared the ground for the day after, but the reaction both within and within the party was quite different from what happened a year ago with Macarena People. So, Vox in its entirety closed ranks with his dome; Now, former leaders of the formation, critical members and those close to Espinosa de los Monteros regret his departure and question the course set by Santiago Abascal and its hard core.

Until now, the goodbye of Espinosa de los Monteros has brought as a great consequence the resignation of the doctor Juan Luis Steegmann, who was the one who was going to occupy his seat in Congress, but within Bambú there is still concern about whether other deputies close to the former parliamentary spokesman decide to step aside in the coming days, on the eve of the start of the legislature, which is next Thursday.

In order to calm the waters, the leadership asserted yesterday that it had chosen a replacement for Espinosa de los Monteros as spokesperson for the Lower House, but the party keeps his identity a secret for now and avoids giving clues about when or how it will reveal it. . The general secretary of Vox, Ignacio Garrigasaid in an interview on RNE that it is “clear” who will be the new voice of the formation in the parliamentary sphere and recognized the restructuring that Vox is now opening up to, but denied that the brand is considering holding a congress for the refoundation and even that there is an internal storm in the corridors of Bamboo.

“Vox is at its best,” Garriga came to assure, who recovered the victimizing strategy used on other occasions by the party to blame the evils of the formation on the media. He accused the press of orchestrating “science-fiction stories” and building “conspiracy theories” in recent days about the departure of Espinosa de los Monteros, which the party strictly limits to “family reasons” while clearing up the “crude lies” launched by the media for interests that Garriga did not come to specify. All in order to deny the commotion generated by the goodbye of one of his main electoral assets and to guarantee that Vox “is in good health.”

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